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  1. Just a small deck a 6volt from farm family and home last week on sale. 640 use to get duralast fro m aZ but I see they are 540 now and a little more .
  2. 560 had two types of pto . One was an over running clutch. Can’t remember the other . Which one is yours? I’d drain it ,.it’s really dirty ,flush it out with oil . it doesn’t take much fluid .
  3. If it has originals , the date code on the Delco Remy starter or generator will get you close to the date of manufacture . my 1948 s are two months prior to manufacture
  4. lol I say to myself ,if I like the sport, participation is where the fun is. I personally don’t emphasize winning ( getting beat is future victory’s, just continuing the improvement , I focus mainly on Gription! There’s my tip to everyone. oh and stone boat pulling is the faster route to successful set up. Have fun and pull with as many clubs as you can to improve.
  5. Don’t pay much attention to them ! I think information is of very marginal value. I look over three of them in the past . For example . Tractor pullers won’t share any facts on setup . In fact some deliberately mislead .
  6. which has the greatest impact on society? The diesel mfg. or the bug makers ?
  7. Who knows how long they were doing that !before he took over ? he ask them how you been doing this ? They apologize , no comment ! Anyways that what he told me
  8. I use a paint stick and paint the Date on the Oil filter , air filter ,and the wheels I number with the Forney welder paint pen to be sure they did the rotation ,filters . Engineer for tv 5 was in charge of the fleet video trucks , they did that to them at their dealership .Heccaught them . they apologized
  9. My opinion that is for removing the casting core sprue.
  10. Welcome , just a suggestion ,come to red power round up in Iowa next June , meet and great us
  11. Turn the bed over then easy fix
  12. I guess ! Best one is the family that boiled the water out of the radiator on their Fordson trying to start it .
  13. Good for dirt track late models
  14. Farmall C ,working on the Delco generator three brushes with the cut out. Didn't charge. Don’t know how long it’s been that way .Put a new 4 position switch in control box , rewired for lights ,lights work , still no charge. I tried to motor test on generator, nothing , maybe didn’t it grounded . Any way took it apart , did three test on the armature. All passed . I bought a kit going to change bearings and brushes anyway , sand paper the commutator cleaner . Put back to gether next week and try it again .I m restricting to 35 pounds for awhile .So no hurry we’ll get it. Say if any one knows how to bench motor testing the 3 brush generator, post me the steps please. And and generators tips thank you
  15. They sure push the porn ! If you want to see anything like subject Farmall . First comes up some advertising , get your porn
  16. I bought a woods with the tractor . I like it ,used it with the tiller to make swales at this house to get the water to drain away from the house. And swale for backyard to drain it so it wasn’t a mud hole till July . Highly recommend the ones with rippers . Also made a special longer ripper to lay invisible fence wires around the yard for dog coral . very valuable tool
  17. I haven’t work on this Farmall C spark plugs in many years. I flooded it.after power washing it yesterday . So wanted to take the plugs out to whirl it to dry it out. And check for spark .i I got two out. But the other two 2 and 4 are so tight . 2 I got out but thought I was going to strip it. 4 I left in there ,thought it would bust. There’s another day let’s me think about this awhile rather rush to a bust. I spayed brake clean in and around the plug. To clean it out of years of crude. Any tips on how you might start to remove this last plug ? Feels like a welded dissimilar metal spark plug in an Aluminum head but it’s not , Just surprised me , holding off collecting thoughts , yikes !
  18. Nah ! Lord gave me an excellent body , not going to screw with it . Do enough to mess up eating pizza 🍕
  19. Suggest try this , I don’t think so , very simple , return to under God for a start , other stuff will fall away . Was reading Romans for example
  20. Got it all back together . Tried to start it. . Would not turn over , tu hen did but stopped smelled sulfur. Went Farm Family and home ,and got a 6 volt deck a put it in . Started it , no low charge ,no high charge , polerzied it . Still nothing lights worked power washer it . Going test the generator tomorrow maybe
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