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  1. I just finished this 2 years after I got the sign. 

    You see this sign came off the grocery store my great aunt had on m-78 east Lansing road near Durrand ,Mi. 

    Place was called the Centerville store in the 1940,s  . It has been demolished . 

    I got the sign from the man that has the property now. 

    I said I'll clean it up as best I can without destroying it and build a frame from some scrap wood ,and my sons buddy from work dad work in a glass shop. Cut the glass. Figured What the hay it a entry level sign . 

    I like it ! 

    What do you think ? 


  2. I just ordered a radiator for the Fordson ,from Fordson house. As I under ,they get them from a place in Chicago that makes custom radiators , called Fordson house and ask for Tim . 

    Before I order my radiator I took it to Erie,P a.

    I took my radiator off the Fordson to Canfield radiator in Erie ,pa. To see if they could fix it. Danny told me that my radiator was almost a hundred years old and it was surely going to stress fracture and it was not going to perform ,better to get a new core. His Supplier is in Cleveland . They might be able to make it also , you can call Canfield Raditor in Erie and ask for Danny .  they have been in Business for a long long time any very accomadated and very take there time to get details of my core. He also mention another core supplier in Philadelphia. 

    I hope this help you with some people in the radiator business to ask questions . 

    I don't think I would get a used one cause of the copper becomes  brittle with age , to much trouble and cost .

    good luck ,nice machine ,



  3. On June 6, 2018 at 9:11 PM, new1206 said:

    Going to try straight 2 stroke and see how that goes, don't think this one has ran in years but will keep cranking it to get things lubed up. Take the valve cover off tomorrow to see how the valves are and lube them up as well. 

    Don't have spark right now, think i need a new rotor, hoping mag is still good. pulled the plugs they actually look really good. 

    Going to do a top to bottom rebuild but would like to get it running before all that happens.



    Just a suggestion , when you get it running . Take the 1/8 pipe plug out of the intake manifold and rig up a vacuum gage to it . Start it up . If the needle is steady and from 18 to 22 in of hg. That engine is fine. Don't waste the money on a rebuild to replace it for .003 of ring wear. Neighbor had a 40's M he took into to be rebuilt in 1960 . It didn't need it . They made them that good. 

    One thing I stress is a very minimal wear to throttle shaft . After you measure the vacuum . Take heavy gease put around throtle shaft to seal it and repeat the vacuum test. See how much the vacuum increases . The grease will temporarily seal the air leakage if any around the throtle shaft and give you better data of the vacuum test .

  4. On June 5, 2018 at 10:12 AM, sandhiller said:

    Yes tipsy with the narrow front. Can it be done yes, I've done it, also tipped it over once. Didn't hurt anything but could have been a real bad deal if my clothes would have snagged on something when I jumped. . I wouldn't recommend it especially if you don't know who might use it. I used mine to unload hay off a flatbed trailer stacked two high. Pick up just enough to back up and get the bale to the ground as soon as it cleared the trailer. Never was comfortable with it but needed a loader tractor on both ends. I've always had an M or SM for a loader tractor around and still do. Done a ton of work with them. If you really want to make a loader tractor out of it I strongly recommend finding a wide front end. Good luck and be safe.

    M's are extremely fast tractor . Make sure you have the front wheel bearings and all of th backlash ( sloppy) out of the steering. 

    I went into a death walk shimmy with an M in high, never forgot it. I lived to tell you to be real careful ! Don't want to see anything happen to you or your family , no jokeing around 

  5. I had a Massey Harris combine , sat for two years could not get it to start with starter.  Chrysler six in it ,would not start no compression , shot some oil in it ,and it fire fired up , , I was so frustrated , that I never tried using oil top side to renew compression . 

  6. 16 minutes ago, new1206 said:

    what mixture do i use for 2 stroke oil and the 30 weight?

    1/2 and 1/2?





    16 minutes ago, new1206 said:

    what mixture do i use for 2 stroke oil and the 30 weight?

    1/2 and 1/2?



    What ever you want , not specific , you could use straight 2 stroke , I had some of both , , I have a clean cheap oil can with a 1/8 I d clear fuel  line hooked to it and I pull the plugs out and stick the oil can hose into the cylinder and squirt it around. Then hand crank it over to distribute the oil . Let it soak , couple of hours , I hand crank it during the soak time 3 or four times .  you can also empty the oil can ,put some 40 to one two stoke mix in that can and squirt one shot from the oil can into the cylinder and put the plug in . 

    Oh also while your cranking by hand have the valve cover off and watch the valves make sure ther moving. I also shoot some oil on all of it so it's not a dry start. 

    Take the drain plug out of the carb and make sure you get old gas out out and put in fresh gas. 

    It's going to start if you have spark , try some new plugs to ,   its going to start ! Take time don't need to rush , charge the battery too !


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