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  1. 1 hour ago, MTO said:

    Love that picture! Poor little guy!

    He was in in first place , but that German short hair showed and screwed him out laps to sleep ? on. , my favorite beds, my dog life has been ?since she arrived. 

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  2. On 6/3/2018 at 9:03 AM, DOCTOR EVIL said:

    Lets not forget that John Deere Insurance kept the lights on at Deere for most of the 1980's, I even had Deere car insurance until they stopped doing personal lines of insurance.  All the lawn mowers they made back then kept Horicon profitable too.  A Deere marketing manager I was taking MBA classes with at St. Ambrose University in Davenport in 1977 said Deere was 80% ag and 20% construction equipment, and in 10 years they would be 80% construction and 20% ag.  Their plan actually was to beat CAT at Cat's game.  They have made big strides in gaining construction market share.  And they are #1 in forestry equipment by buying the producers of equipment.

    Far as treating employees fairly,  ask anyone at Deere how the new hires since 1997 paychecks compare to pre-1997 employees. Not many of the pre'97 employees left,  their pensions pay them $100,000+ per year, Deere tried to take retiree health care away couple years ago and retirees took Deere to court. The two biggest goals of labor unions is equal pay for equal work and protecting employee seniority, but Deere managed to get long time union workers to short-change new hires with substantially lower wages for less outsourcing.  Deere actually had a longer strike in 1987 that the big IH strike of '79/'80. IH strike was 5 months and a week, Deere was 6 months.  It started as a selective work stoppage at 3 plants by the UAW,  then Deere shuttered the rest of their plants.  Even though I spent most of my work life drawing a salary,  I firmly believe in union labor, equal pay, published seniority lists, equal opportunities for employee training, job advancement,  employee benefits, retirement pensions, etc.  From what I hear, Deere's union is afraid to challange the company on anything. Waste of employees two hours of wages per month union dues.

    Knowing who your customers are is critical 

  3. 10 hours ago, SAM86 said:

    Yeah I didn't care about the drywall when I was painting, it has several damaged spots and has to come down anyway so I can insulate the walls. I just got the ceiling up, insulated and looking propper so now the "test spots" are starting to annoy me. Plus one of the overhead doors decided to commit suicide a week ir so ago so those are on the to-do list as well.


    Ods6 Nice projects ,glad you taken the time to save the os , do you have the fenders for the bigger tractor ods6?

    any way good  for you ??

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  4. On 9/8/2018 at 8:05 AM, SAM86 said:

    August this year we got word of a local farm auction with equipment we knew the history of sold previously from a firends farm auction. One piece was a WD6 that had been overhauled with a complete new top end and all headwork. 

    We were able to buy it and it came with a new radiator to boot. I needed another radiator as I stole the one off the ODS6 for the OS6. 

    Been doing the engine swap over the last month with help fom my brother. Had to replace the rear main seal due to badly warped retainers. Changed all fluids and filters.

    Started it for the first time yesterday, rack was stuck closed in the pump and had a bad miss in one cylinder. with a little patients we freed up the rack and a balve adjustment cured the miss. To surprise this is probably the smoothest of the gas start diesels we have. 

    Took it out for my maiden ride yesterday. Still lots of tinkering to do. Have to make the exhaust so I can put the hood on.





    I like the wall color paint ,the spray gun patterns 

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  5. This bumblebee, he-is  a chihuahua ,I don’t consider him a dog ?      I fact we have not hit it off . 

    Only good thing is he bites the neighborhood kids ,they don’t like to come over and play. ?????

    he barks the entire time if anyone comes over to visit , we have to put him in a bedroom ugh ? 


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  6. 9 hours ago, RustyNumbat said:

    So I'm degreasing larger and larger parts for my Fordson Major project, how do people degrease large parts? My technique is a squirt bottle filled with degreaser diluted with water, scrubbing, spraying, scrubbing more, spraying, ragging then rinsing. However as the parts get larger how on earth do you do this in a way that catches all the residue so you can dispose of it somewhere environmentally responsibly? So far I've been using a big plastic tub with parts either held or suspended on a saw horse over it, which I then go and tip out the dregs on a firebreak somewhere on the property where nothing that grows is wanted. But now I have to work out what to do with the draw bar attachment which is a yard in length! Perhaps I need to get creative and suspend it and do one fork at at time so it can all drip down into the catcher...


    And I don't even want to think about how I'll do the engine and underside of the tractor, probably just take it to where I don't mind the runoff and do it there...


    I realise many old timers are fine with just washing all directly into their drainage, but my shed shares the home block with the house, dogs, kids and gardens so I'm keen to keep the place fairly runoff free....


    Here's a photo update if anyone is interested 


    Good question, could lay a tarp down cover it with newspaper to absorption the grease dry it and burn it for fire ? starting in chilly days .not sure the burning is environmentally correct 

    we use to steam clean our machines . 

    Also we used a dry ice blaster , that was the best cause it just left the grease in a solid you could sweep it up easy . No fuss no mess 

  7. This is what I got from a NOS  ih cultivators part . I took it to Sherman Williams , they scanned it  .it within 95 % . It close enough for me , 

    see the plow photo . 

    The other is the work sheet from Sherman Williams .

    Ag specialties coating in Iowa has it in quarts or gallons 

    good luck ? 




  8. On 1/15/2019 at 12:15 PM, Steves46m said:

    Hello all

    I just wanted to upload some pictures of the rebuild I did on the Magneto for my M. I don't know how old the coil is and any input to that would be a big help but looking at the cracks on the insulation I think it must have gotten a little warm at one time and seeing that that wire wore through the insulation that was surprising. otherwise it was a pretty simple rebuild the metal bar inside the coil came out easily I cleaned the bar up it slipped into my new coil right on. I got my supplies from brillman in Virginia I've dealt with them before, and they as well as their parts are first class I reinstalled the Magneto back on the tractor and have an excellent Spark!

    Just curious as to how old you guys think that original coil might be? the insulation on this new coil is much more like plastic and that old insulation is nothing like the new one.

    The only thing I didn't reinstall was that thick paper-like material between the coil and the magnets because the wire coming out of the coil on my new coil is in a different place than the original coil the paper didn't line up and because of the snug fit it was hard getting everything to line up and the paper always moved out of the way so I left them out I'm not sure what they are supposed to do.





    My coil is rotated to 1 or 2 o’clock for contact to cap ? 

  9. I soak mine in gunk gallon cleaner ,comes submerge basket.  cost about 30 ?

    Do it in a warm garage ,place to work better . Set it on something that vibrates,  if you have it, for a cheap ultrasound clean, agitation 

    not knowing how rusty 

    i all ways put new bushing in throttle  shaft for  the maximum  increase in vacuum. I say it a must do ,you will really see how good you can get the old carburetor will work by doing it. 

    The idle circuit on most carburetor have very small hole that require attention to there design and require to be cleaned. Get the model number and look at the circuit to make sure it clean a must do or you’ll never get to run well . 

    And make sure all gasket surface will seal. 


    Depending on carburetor model s that about all I can suggest without seeing it. 

    Have fun . 

    Make sure the float doesn’t have any holes in it. That a disaster. 

    Set the float so it will set just a little deeper  in bowl cause new gasoline  density is different ,as 1950 gasoline .i seen this on my Farmall c zenith and carter will not shut off fuel at needle valve .

    good luck 


  10. On 1/3/2019 at 6:42 AM, RustyNumbat said:

    I've got a new(ish) radiator core to put into my Fordson e27N, only problem is now I look at the header tank it seems old man time and corrosion has made the existing bolt holes rather fraught with peril. Though of re-tapping them, but honestly they're a little too fragile for comfort. The "structural" holes for the sides of the radiator seem to be okay, it's just the front and rear ones for holding the core in place.


    That being said, could anyone advise me on if it'd be a good idea to drill out a whole row of new holes for much smaller bolts on the front and rear in order to mount the radiator core. There's also strips of metal the full width that will help hold the core on, as well as a good helping of silicone or gasket glue or something. Just wondering if anyone has ever done similar before in this situation, swapping out a bunch of large spaced out bolts for twice as many small ones. I've only got about .4 of an inch of solid cast to drill and thread the new bolt holes into, so these hypothetical bolts would indeed be quite small.


    Here's an image how it currently stands.



    Looks like mine , I just hit it with Milwaukee wire brush. Clean out inside with hand wire brushes. Painted inside with glyptol. 

    Tim@ Fordson house a said to seal gaskets together with permatex . 

    Look close has the tapped 1/4-28 threads erode away on front o casting ? Are you able to sand blast eroded holes and braze build it back up shape file it back and retap ?

    this is where a vertical milling machine is handy ????


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