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  1. I’m a rookie corn planter guy , just know one side of this planter was crushing seed. What I remember. These samples only thing I have to go on. 3324A was the plate in the planter at the time 60 years ago when this would happen .
    (lastest issue I see is left side chain from wheel is binding ,why don’t know but that may be the cause .

    Is this 3324A the best option for new hybrid corn today ?

    3324A was in the hoppers ,dark in one and lighter in the other. This seed is 60 years old . Is new seed changed ? Assume it has .

    Hope Absent Farmer doesn’t mind but a lot of information in yours that I can look thru I haven’t seen before 





  2. Been preparing to paint the planter . Every time I think it ready for top coat I find some more clay and grease compounded so tightly bonded to the surface , got to wire brush out once I discover that miss,  as I prime ,I leave that area . Come back an cleaned it out and prime the area . Thunder !

    pressure washer will not remove it, got to dig and scrape it off some how . Collected in places the nozzle can’t reach it. Ugh !

    Completely wore out the small wire brush I did the  majority removal with. 

    Sherman Williams sayes 90 percent of the paint job is in the preparation! Boy they got that right! 

  3. 1 hour ago, snoshoe said:

    I certainly understand. The older we get the harder it is to do things and the longer it takes. The newer style is the way to go. Haven't seen quality reproduction of the old style in 20 years. May I suggest using channel locks to hold retainer compressed and impact screwdriver to tighten screw.

    I appreciate the help . Decided to work Corn Planter instead today .  Got the super c going , so my son can use it . I’ll be back!


  4. I redid the starter for the super c , putting new bendix on it. I tried it last night. Pulled trigger and it just spins. Won’t engage. I took it off and noticed the gear didn’t look right , so put the old starter back on . 
    I have to did into my records see where I got it. First thing that got me was the front of teeth has a burr on them . No wonder it engage ring gear . 
    I had a bad evening thinking why didn’t I see that before I put it on. Ugh! 
    I,ve not had to good of luck with bendix, the improve design I can’t tight the set screw, so I went to the old style for a sure thing ,now this. 
    what I get for not comparing the new with old one . Was several months ago so don’t recall the details . 
    Anyway that s what happen last night, ugh ! Another redo for not measuring it .

  5. 22 hours ago, Absent Minded Farmer said:

    That's a remnant patent decal. Whether it would have had a single number or have been more comprehensive, I'm not sure. Every once & a while, IH would list the decals in the kit. There might have been a bulletin from the Paint & Product committee, pertaining to the numbers listed on it. There were usually updates for the patent decals, so the ones listed may not be  the same throughout the production history of the planter or other machines.


    I’ll show it to Maple Hunter decal ,maybe she made them ! 
    This a good way to also to dig into the bulletins to find out what the C221 have for decals ,thanks 

  6. Got Champion 25 s in the Fordson F from advanced auto. Starts with hand crank 4 half turns with full choke. Just like my 89 year old mentor ( sharp,good mechanic  from butler,pa. )said it would. Running buzz coils ,flywheel wheel magnets 6volts ac on hand crank .

  7. That a humdinger of a bend . I would think it should have broke if cast iron.  I don’t think it will straighten with torch ,to much area . Even two torches 
    I’ve bought two forty pound bags of charcoal and burying part in in middle of pile .lite it and waited for red hot. Your going to need alot of help holding and bending it . Your need to make a gage to be sure it fits the track . Practice what your going to do ,when it’s red hot no time for ,let’s try this ,  won’t get a second chance ,have the rose bud torches to be sure in case the bending areas cool below red hot , got to keep it hot . Do not try to bend if it cools ,starts over heat it .

    as far as testing metal I use spark test to see if it’s cast ,or forged .

    good luck 

  8. Soaked the boot of the planter in the electrolysis barrel to lossen up rust and dirt that popped  the weld . Walking in uncharted territory with tools to get the rust and dirt out to the boot. Dirt left in there split the weld. I’m going to have to mill out pin to get it all out of there . Got to go easy cause I can’t crack that fertilizer tube, aren’t any of those anywhere. 



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  9. About three hours of electrolysis at 6  volts setting 5 amp on meter , I measured almost 4 volts on wires maybe 20 watts plus .

    you can compare the change from before and after .

    i did use wire brush by hand to clean off paint ,but when it did that exposed bare metal from 73 years after came out of tank.
    anyway I think while doing something else I can remove some rust with a lot of rust .

    there soft black corrosion residue that needs to scrub of ,power wash or wire brush or steel wool .

    i do it outside cause give off hydrogen, I don’t go anywhere unplug it . I don’t use 12 volt uses 13 to 15 amps wires get hot. 





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  10. 8 hours ago, acem said:

    They have grown grapes for the wineries up the mountain from my place since just after the Civil War. They use several methods but no sheep.

    The deer often eat the grapes. They can wipe out a 20 acre vineyard in days when they move in.

    Thx for posting.

    The research center has hig fences around it to keep deep out .

    But most of the all of the vineyards hear don’t have high fences , assume they do lose some 

  11. 8 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Do they use the sheep for weedeating?

    Yep ! But pull them out just before the budding in spring . Return in fall after harvest 
    one fellow out of southern Ohio has a shorter breed that he uses . Then rotation in and out as he needs ,have to not allow them to blot on to much high energy , doesn’t allow it to be gazed to low  Said he winter seeds clover along his fence rows 

    can’t remember if they think they will eat thistle but not if it gets to high , dandelion, planteen

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