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  1. When working on a 70 year old machine ,you find issues that you know are going to a acid reflex. The frog which attachment is for fertilizer unit. Was filled with dirt and rust which was expand sheet metal side wings. I’m going use it . So I wanted to clean it paint it and seal it cause it will just happen all over again. Well they broke. Thunder what am I going to do. There aren’t any of these anywhere,anymore , viz. So I asked . We felt braze was the best repair for this cast . Why they welded these at factory was a wonder to me . Just aided in the cracks in my opinion.

    show what we did to fix ours .

    request ! If you have these frogs please don’t through them away,someone like me can use them .









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  2. Took the C and the painted up C221 corn planter over to the 200 Geauga County Fair Yesterday . Parked it next my Fordson F. 
    The 1948 Farmall C replaced the Fordson as farms tractor when the Fordson through a connecting rod . Never heard the Fordson run until January last year about seventy three years dormant. 
    My son Matt helped mount the C221 planter on the C . I asked for help , I could not lift the front cultivators off the C .Then the C221 is a extremely hazardous with all the pinch points that go with the lift levers. I had to say this is to much ,I need help .

    I don’t know how Dad did it by himself, but he did it . 





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  3. On 8/28/2022 at 6:47 PM, Steve C. said:

    Didn't know what you were talking about, so looked it up.  Cool old rig.

    I'd have been a few months old when those came out.

    We had a 56 Pardard Clipper , Fast Car , first street race I was ever in in Kent Ohio , going to grandmas ,Dad blew off a 59 Chevy with 348 between the lights . They didn’t try us again at the next light . To bad I loved it . 







  4. Serrated sections are  top or bottom ? 
    Serrated Ledgers? 

    This what I did with my Foot New Idea 
    Interesting , my new idea sayes to have knives parallel to ledger . Which I did do a lot of work to achieve that , I didn’t bend ledger up ,we machine the guard so they clamped perfect ( close as .02 with feeler gage ) . Pitched the rock guards down one notch from level . ( I thought that moving forward the stock would pull the sections down on ledgers). Can mow anything except vetch in second gear on the Farmall c . 


    This is what  through me off ,I don’t know what I’m doing .When I talked to Webb ,he told me to pitch the cutter bar , section up . To me I thought that would lift the sections off the ledgers . For New Idea , I need to call them back cause that still baffles me may be the under serrated section .


    i know you get them right and you can mow way later at night with heavy dew which never happens. 

    Tried not to deviate 

  5. Just now, vtfireman85 said:


    In my mom’s family stuff that was stored in boxes in dads garage for years i found the corner of a piece of note paper that instructed in hand written cursive to “spray raid down the vacuum hose for 10-15 seconds with it running to make sure you got them” with very little context otherwise. I will presume since they had dogs, cats and wall to wall that it was fleas. 

    Don’t need that fancy store bought fiddle faddle  ,old fashioned shop floor dust , with grease , brake fluid . You spray that in there might get a bomb if it get into that arc of the brushes. 💣 

  6. I suggest a inexpensive shop vacuum. Postion hose over the hole and suck them up. Just have to listen to the vacuum a few hours . Take the wife out on a day date ,if it’s annoying.

    Lazy man’s idea 

  7. I’m a rookie corn planter guy , just know one side of this planter was crushing seed. What I remember. These samples only thing I have to go on. 3324A was the plate in the planter at the time 60 years ago when this would happen .
    (lastest issue I see is left side chain from wheel is binding ,why don’t know but that may be the cause .

    Is this 3324A the best option for new hybrid corn today ?

    3324A was in the hoppers ,dark in one and lighter in the other. This seed is 60 years old . Is new seed changed ? Assume it has .

    Hope Absent Farmer doesn’t mind but a lot of information in yours that I can look thru I haven’t seen before 





  8. Been preparing to paint the planter . Every time I think it ready for top coat I find some more clay and grease compounded so tightly bonded to the surface , got to wire brush out once I discover that miss,  as I prime ,I leave that area . Come back an cleaned it out and prime the area . Thunder !

    pressure washer will not remove it, got to dig and scrape it off some how . Collected in places the nozzle can’t reach it. Ugh !

    Completely wore out the small wire brush I did the  majority removal with. 

    Sherman Williams sayes 90 percent of the paint job is in the preparation! Boy they got that right! 

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