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  1. Working on the 234 Holley Float assembly . I discover that I have a masterpiece of ingenuity, of most likely Great Depression influences motivation. Looking close at the construction of the nozzle cap ,and the needle sleeve. They are made of wood. They are hand ? made and I’m confident that they must have worked . The float was missing when I got the vaporizer, it maybe been made of wood , don’t know .

    I got the vaporizer from a local fellow ,he said he got it In Canada ?? . So I better get more details when I visit him to get the replacement  float. 
    I never notice the valve , I thought it was just stripped , but when it came out. I just had to take the time to marvel at the determination of the farmer ?‍? to get this tractor operating. Looks like the valve retainer was made with a pocket knife
    l wish I knew more  about who did this . 
    please comment . You ever thought or seen anything like it?‍♂️











  2. Sad ?Day ,Daughter in Fort Leavenworth Kansas texted us last night , they lost Bailey yesterday to old age . He was a good dog , I will miss him very much . Always remember his way of greeting us when we arrive for a visit . And the long walks in the morning around post ,he use to carry his leash in his mouth .Special yep ?? 


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  3. 4 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Pematex ,It worked ,idles and accelerated good . Has never idle till today and constantly adjusting main jet , didn’t touch it today. 
    Now it sounds like the valves are leaking , I’m pretty frustrated with it , have to wait till the leaves are ,down not going to do another thing. If she blows she blows . ????


    looks like he’ll but it carburetors now by golly

  4. Well I tried to save this carburetor , but putting in a lathe and taking a cut off the upper body is time consuming to make a fixture and get the Venturi running on center make the cut. And I don’t think permatex #2 will fill the gap , maybe I should try it. ?‍♂️
    I wonder how many Briggs went to the Scrap yard cause of this ?

    it even says in the chiltons to check this first . Of course I didn’t read it till it was to late .?

    I hate giving up and buying a Chinese carburetor ?

    I’ve honestly have to say that it’s been my experience I have more trouble with Briggs engines 

    I rate the like this Un reliable listed first 










  5. If need someone rebuild that pump check Ed out on face book Guenther Heritage Diesel , he did my 560 . Or message him on here,

    I felt it was better to has someone that had done them before do it for me cause I didn’t want to redo the pump . Diesel shops in northeast Ohio never seen one . Granted I didn’t interview all of them but I was very uncomfortable about selecting them .

    theres your dinner ? 

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  6. Good for you . Kurt , I have one my dad got Back in the thirties. On his the carriage lead screw engagement jaws we’re worn out. I had to,braze jaws with  gear grade ,then make a amce toolbar and recut new jaws in reverse with a special fixture to hold the jaws  , if you get what I’m saying because I don’t think the jaws are available. That was gosh  forty years ago ,now. ,So check that out. 
    I’ll look and see if I have a nine inch bench lathe books 
    post a picture to let me see what you need . 
    also I’d go to the home machinist wed site 

  7. 21 minutes ago, 560Dennis said:

    Over sized pistons were 4.0375  were stock . Mine had these in it before it broke a rod. My engine  was shot. 

    no have not got it together , recovering  from surgery and moved , just getting back to the project . Have to overhaul clutch assembly , and  put engine on the  transmission . 
    Talk to Sue at Wisco she will work with you get what you need. I can’t say where to have your shop finish  bores at and what rings to use , my engine builder takes finished piston a and finish bores to size needed. I just know as I turning it over it feels as it should. . No data ,it just the feel . It good to go .


    On 10/29/2019 at 7:02 PM, AngrySailor said:

    I just had to try and post as a guest and ask, have you run this engine yet? I honestly think that 0.002" is NO WHERE near enough clearance for this engine.  With no oil pump or filter you need room to allow oil in and for debris to pass.  I recall the Fordson manual for crankcase inspection stating to remove the oil pan, lay on the ground under the tractor and wiggle the crank up and down as the test procedure.  Then, if it moved MORE than 1/8" remove shims... now that's way too much for a new engine but... Does your machine shop deal with old equipment because 0.002" is on the tight side even for say a 350 chevy with pressure oiling and filtration... If it were mine I would shoot for at least 0.010" -0.015" and keep the rod clearance to the higher side compared to the mains. JMHO, and nice work otherwise.

    thanks for your comments . 
    http://hartsmachineservice.com/home.html   They did the rods for me , my engine builder Gardner performance spec the clearance. 


  8. On 8/23/2019 at 7:17 AM, James R Williams said:


    I'm restoring a 1921 Fordson F.  Engine block is at machine shop, expect 30 thousand over, to clean cylinders up. Being told I well need costume made pistons. How well did the Wisco piston perform in your Fordson F ?

    Over sized pistons were 4.0375  were stock . Mine had these in it before it broke a rod. My engine  was shot. 

    no have not got it together , recovering  from surgery and moved , just getting back to the project . Have to overhaul clutch assembly , and  put engine on the  transmission . 
    Talk to Sue at Wisco she will work with you get what you need. I can’t say where to have your shop finish  bores at and what rings to use , my engine builder takes finished piston a and finish bores to size needed. I just know as I turning it over it feels as it should. . No data ,it just the feel . It good to go .

  9. 1 hour ago, Tonyinca said:

    Was getting concerned , hitting road blocks on auger and drive belt 

    well finally found a OEM match for auger belt price about what I thought it would be .However, drive belt was a different case 

    needed 16 groves of certain size and 159” long . 
    finally found a source belt make is Jason made in E U . Matches OEM to a T ,   900.00+ with shipping & tax . 
    needless to say I was little taken back as I only paid 400.00 for the baler. Lol lol

    wanting to restore to original got to pay the piper.

    now to chase down extended link chains and sprockets . 
    hitting road blocks on rubber bumpers and plastic sheaves for bale weight cable ,Looks like Mc Master -Carr is my best bet.

    pic of the precious belts 





    I would give Bearing Distributors a try on Belt . At least a call. They use to have a belt shop in Columbus that could make all kinds of endless belts for us , me ,even on high presses from Switzerland at a huge savings ,for that took a designed preload .they are as wide as that belt I see. 

  10. 6 hours ago, Mc48m said:

    I have a Farmall m with 4 inch fire crater pistons I replaced the distributor with one that's supposed to be 22° advance set it on 22°  wide open throttle took it too a farm stock pull it fell on its face it's set on 39° now seems to pull alot better but I bought what I thought was a rocket governor off eBay but it's a 2 weight gov with a verticle rod with heim joints with this governor at wide open throttle no load it surges for a while and finally smooths out or if it won't I let the throttle down just a little it will quit this is alot to take in but if anyone could help me out id greatly appreciate it.

    Sorry?️think i that’s way  to much advance . How many rpms ? 


  11. I’ve used it o mow 35 acres so far. I can’t say it was painless or flawless. But every time out it got dialed in . 

    Mowing in Second gear with the Farmall C wide open. Went though some heavy wet low spots . And it mows late into evening ,I quit when I see the tires getting wet. All the work into it not going prove I can bust it. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Wes806 said:

    I just got one gave to me its all complete except fhe PTO shaft that it came out with. The guy that gave it to me put a PTO shaft from a hay teather on it. Any information on this that you can remember it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Sure ! 

    I’m not sure what your missing ,I’m not home to get the book out. To pin point the missing . I be unsure of what you have will work ?

  13. I have Dads old desk , not much but I like it cause it was his. The corner legs supporting blocks were badly in need of repair. At some time the repairs never truly work from the abuse in moves from loads by legs being slide around ,anyway. 

    Took it apart ,was able to fix one block by gluing with gorilla ? glue and clamping the one inch thick block . But the 5/8 was to splintered. 

    I ask a friend if he had any wood the sizes I needed cause I knew if I went to the lumberyard they wouldn’t. 

    Sure enough , he had the inch thickness , just just had to cut the lengths. 

    The 5/8 thickness he had to plane down. 

    I feel very fortunate to have a talented friend with the skills to create. Truly blessed. 

    Can any identify the finish for me

    Does anyone know is this old fashioned hide glue or will Elmer’s heavy duty wood glue work. 









  14. 2 hours ago, MT Matt said:

    Gentlemen, I believe I have a problem.  Although I’m nowhere near Iowa, I appear to have a bumper crop of corn!  I picked and processed a wheel barrow full and need bigger side boards!


    I was wondering if the Autowagon was done hauling watermelons and could stop by to take a few ears off my hands. Maybe swing by Gary’s house to drop a few ears of sweet corn and then just spread the wealth along the way back south.  I still have three rows to pick!


    And since we need a little IH red from a Montana farm, I’ll have to brag a little about our local “Cub Patrol”. Three of us own Cubs of various years here in town. One had the idea to ride in the Sanders County parade on Labor Day. Well we won first place in the motorized division!



    There was a small cash award but we promptly ate that up by getting hamburgers afterwards. ? 

    And since the club is ever growing, another friend of ours, Charlie who is 80 years young, had to join in on the fun. We went to an auction sale last weekend and he snatched up a Cub of his own. 


    So the four of us rolled through the local St. Regis homecoming parade on Thursday to support the school. 


    Sorry I didn’t get the whole crew in a picture but we had a great time!

    I’m up at an early hour in anticipation of another auction sale. Three of us are headed to Wisdom, MT in a few hours to a sale with numerous letter series Farmalls. Some have been restored plus there are a few “uglies” and a pile of parts tractors. I’m short a C Farmall and maybe I can bring one home with me to complete the collection. I’ll give a report back tomorrow!

    Sweet corn ? how come the raccoon ? didn’t decimate it ? 

    You could as a suggestion road it at the tractor show , nice treat for the guest . Put out a tip bucket 

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