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  1. On 1/11/2020 at 12:06 PM, DT Fan said:

    Good call on the new manifold. Don't know what it is about that series of motors but seems like a high percentage of them have rotten manifolds on them. I've had 2, the CA i have now and an IB that is the only tractor I've ever sold. Both manifolds were shot. Here's a pic from the day I changed mine. Also one of the old one, the 'ear' where the generator mounts was broken off and the muffler mounts also.



    Also same zenith carburetor as the Farmall C , have remember that . Also like the pipe plug in intake fro vacuum gage tuning carburetor .??
    What’s suppose to go where the two broken bolts or studs are on exhaust manifold? 
    I think you can get them out with som heat and easy out. 
    keep going looking great ! 


  2. 1 hour ago, IHhogfarmer said:

    Well a good reading for education for me. Thanks for the walk through. 

    Is that a cultivator or another attachment on your C? 

    Yes the cultivators are original with this C


    6 minutes ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    I can't wait to hear how it works!

    I expect that there be some fiddling with the adjustments. Bare with me on this one I’m reading the I T manual now !

    I had to Adjust the carburetor governing control rod and inch to get the pin to line up with throttle wide open. Wow ? that much slop in the governor all over , broken springs , parts ware. 
    I also need a governor control rod clip 350727r1 to take up the lost motion it as I moves to increase the engine speed . If it ain’t one thing it’s six. 


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  3. Wanted to take up all the free axial motion of the control valve lever with something. So while at the hardware store I got , 1/2 nylon 40cents washer for outside lever shaft . A 1/2 inch wave spring washer 99 cents. And bronze thrust bearing for $1.05  This prevent the lever from moving the retainer lever off the governors stop. 
    I got little over 5 bucks in this ,cause you can no longer get time seven a spring washers .

    i think you can fix the wear on all the governors,with a little braze , ,new available parts. And off the shelves hardware store parts. 
    I also think with a map gas torch although I didn’t, a bottle of map gas and a small file set recreate the oem parts. 

    I would recommend that you can save these old governors with some effort. Good luck ? 



  4. Been working on this awhile brazing up wear points. These parts are not available, so why try to fix them. 
    This what I thought about for awhile. Because the spring failed ,it was wearing into rockshaft lever off to the side not giving a very stable purchase. I went to the hardware store and got a thinners rivet that fit into the bumper spring and red loctited in . I saw where one of the other governor has a flat head machine screw in it,. So I copied it cause I thought it was a idea. 
    let me know what you think? 
    I hope this helps when your redoing your govener. Maybe ?‍♂️




  5. Did some deburring on the clutch  today ,nice out.

    Found out the clutch plate are dished so you got to put them back in that way. I put a tie wrap around them but took it off , had to recheck them with a straight edge .

    Also they needed to driven clutches need to peen to avoid non release . still working on that. A lot to these projects you don’t think of when you start off . 







  6. Brazed up the wear in the rockshaft lever and the valve lever. I must missed the wear on valve lever where the return spring wore . out of acetylene , just fill it must have leaked ugh ! 
    I had to hand and dumper the blends on rockshaft to as close as it could get to match the 5/32 radius. ?‍♂️ Way way better than before. 
    get all this wear spots fixed and this Governor should make the C come alive.As much wear as I’m finding ,it a wonder that the Governor would work at all. 





  7. On 12/22/2019 at 9:17 PM, Old-F20 said:

    Havent been doing too much on the Cane as Ive been asked to remodel the kids bathroom.........

    Did get the axle pivot hole made round again though. Originally a 1.125" hole now its out to 1.380" . They had let it wear that far.....
    Should bore the axle out  and make a new pin this weekend


    Bridge ports in the shop?what’s next a mag drill

  8. Got it all apart and the I’m surprised with all the worn out parts it ran so good . Still glad I opened it up to look. Photos might be of help as to all the wear. 

    This needs 

    a. New shaft 

    b. Braze up wear on the lever 

    c. New shaft bronze bushing. 
    d. 2 bh-68 melded bearing ,

    e. New springs 

    f. New trust bearing 

    g. New felt dust seal .

    h. New bronze bushing for the speed control lever. 














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  9. On 12/17/2019 at 6:56 PM, U-C said:

    Another Swiss company makes double action knifes using there own designed knife bars. Wepfer Technics have been making them for many years now too and improving there designs. 

    ya can get them in this version or as an option a windrow maker or even a conditioner. Them front mount mowers usually are around 3 meters or 3.2 meters  

    What runs those hydraulic motor or pto ? 

  10. On 12/19/2019 at 6:37 AM, bitty said:

    I have a kosch parts mower that was belly mounted on the H I have. Free for someone who can use it

    I called Kosch ,they told me to ask you what is the distance from rear pull to the bell housing ? 54 inches or 64 inches He said the h would if mount on c , mower would hit front tires on C also. He’s Hs had a hydraulic cylinder lift that the used, I got the rock shaft. 
    Gordan also said the Farmall C would be equipped with duals In Nebraska so they could mow though prairie grass bogs for flotation ,ughCould not use heavy tractor , I’ve seen Farmall c in Michigan I think with dual s now I have an idea why ! 

  11. 4 hours ago, sandhiller said:

    Too bad we're not closer. I have two sets of Kosch mounted double 7's. (belly bar and back bar). One set is on an M and the other set is just hangin' around. Not sure of the Model # though. I just use the belly bar on the M for mowing around the place. Them old Kosch's are still good mowers although the new pitmanless are really nice. 

    Careful I might knock on your door. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, sugarmaker said:


    Glad you found your vaporizer.

    Wooden parts in a old antique carb? Never heard of such a thing? As you say they must have been desperate to get a tractor functioning! And if the parts were close to being the right shape, maybe it did run pretty well? You know gas is not that smart, to tell if its wood or steel!




    Actually that wood needle valve still has an excellent fit , if I can’t find one I’ll use it . 
    ya depression engineering at it best . And it worked 

  13. Working on the 234 Holley Float assembly . I discover that I have a masterpiece of ingenuity, of most likely Great Depression influences motivation. Looking close at the construction of the nozzle cap ,and the needle sleeve. They are made of wood. They are hand ? made and I’m confident that they must have worked . The float was missing when I got the vaporizer, it maybe been made of wood , don’t know .

    I got the vaporizer from a local fellow ,he said he got it In Canada ?? . So I better get more details when I visit him to get the replacement  float. 
    I never notice the valve , I thought it was just stripped , but when it came out. I just had to take the time to marvel at the determination of the farmer ?‍? to get this tractor operating. Looks like the valve retainer was made with a pocket knife
    l wish I knew more  about who did this . 
    please comment . You ever thought or seen anything like it?‍♂️











  14. Sad ?Day ,Daughter in Fort Leavenworth Kansas texted us last night , they lost Bailey yesterday to old age . He was a good dog , I will miss him very much . Always remember his way of greeting us when we arrive for a visit . And the long walks in the morning around post ,he use to carry his leash in his mouth .Special yep ?? 


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  15. 4 hours ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Pematex ,It worked ,idles and accelerated good . Has never idle till today and constantly adjusting main jet , didn’t touch it today. 
    Now it sounds like the valves are leaking , I’m pretty frustrated with it , have to wait till the leaves are ,down not going to do another thing. If she blows she blows . ????


    looks like he’ll but it carburetors now by golly

  16. Well I tried to save this carburetor , but putting in a lathe and taking a cut off the upper body is time consuming to make a fixture and get the Venturi running on center make the cut. And I don’t think permatex #2 will fill the gap , maybe I should try it. ?‍♂️
    I wonder how many Briggs went to the Scrap yard cause of this ?

    it even says in the chiltons to check this first . Of course I didn’t read it till it was to late .?

    I hate giving up and buying a Chinese carburetor ?

    I’ve honestly have to say that it’s been my experience I have more trouble with Briggs engines 

    I rate the like this Un reliable listed first 










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