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  1. I have trouble getting the deep well socket to purchase on the 7/8 hex of the plug on my C s . Frustration of slipping off with socket slipping off when installing ,removing. Ugh . Bought cheap 3/8 great neck deep well 7/8 socket and had my son under cut it from 1.18 to 1..09 and .055 length . edit ,forgot to mention we face off the socket lead in radius for a sharp purchase on hex ,giving nothing for the slip off , which is easy done. Amen !
  2. I use it on the C to install vacuum gage to tune the idle , and check for best magneto timing . like to be over 20 hg .
  3. I put the nitrous thru the air cleaner .
  4. So far just bench testing push pull switch , ok . But I got so many other things I’m doing it gets to muck I m going tear into the magneto
  5. My new Husqvarna (2020) snow thrower is going disintegrated from lack of use. Oh well, the lord will provide
  6. 560Dennis

    A first

    County of Ashtabula,had Ford NAA s with sickle bar center mounted . Like to ride my bike along side them as they went by . something to do ! good memories
  7. Well if theres , fuel then there’s nothing (right fuel mixture) getting sucked in higher rpm( sound right? ) , do a compression test or leak down , (backfiring is lean )check the spark plugs for lean Try this, vacuum test with gauge or spraying starting fluid around the intake or manifold to see leakage ,the rpm change. my suggestion ,good luck , hope you get it resolved
  8. Doesn’t it sound like fuel flow ,starve at higher rpm
  9. I think if got hot the seal blew out of the water pump because of pressure . i d take it back and have them do a leak down test on it , it should not do what you described . Something very wrong going on there.
  10. Not sure , I’ve never been able achieve simple modifications , I’ve achieved it costing 4 times what it would cost though. Id talk to a performance shop that does it to get the real scoop.
  11. That’s the hot set up ! tell us about it as they develop
  12. first thing i think about is the landscape water drainage , your building needs to be 1 foot of two feet above the grade or code. If that’s skipped then you just wasted your money.
  13. Well wanted to replace the defective C push pull switch to the control box. Been in and out a lot , created a muddy sloppy walk way ,had to throw down some straw to keep the muddy boots from tracking into the garage. The push pull switch had corroded so bad the crimping to the insulation disc had super glue let go . Put in a new switch from brillman s, today. Fingers very cold . In and out to warm them up. Sun out doesn’t do anything to , wind just cuts .
  14. Tell me more? ,tell me more ? a super C !
  15. He’s a link to Mikes https://www.carburetor-parts.com/2100-carburetor-parts They have kits to rebuild it . should you decide to
  16. Kinenetico doesn't use salt . Never had one , I had one ,first one was gear driven was better that the solid state one failed out of warranty . Ran a whole house filter also . That saves the water heater . Must have !
  17. A while I have the farm C here . I’m doing the elCharging ,lights ,elstarting maintenance. I think I’d like to practice ,become familiar with the leak down testing. Please advise with any suggestions.
  18. Gave the starter couple shots of 2x rustolem glossy clear , it looked so nice . Should hold off the rust a few days in Ohio
  19. Changed the rubber seat cushions in the seat of the Farmall C .that was a tussle . Went to o Buckeye Auto electric to pick the Farmall C starter I dropped off Wednesday. Took in the Generator to be redone .
  20. How it going ,? looks okay from photos ,no substitute for measuring though! No guessing in Tractor advice
  21. Just a guess ,hytran for the transmission and hydraulic
  22. Just a small deck a 6volt from farm family and home last week on sale. 640 use to get duralast fro m aZ but I see they are 540 now and a little more .
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