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  1. I use cheap throw away Home Depot ,eBay 2 1/2 brush ,is the correct brush . Magic silver ,shake and stirred Good luck blue paper towel for runs on tires . Carry on ?
  2. Congratulations ? get on it and work it hard , many photos are appreciated ❗️
  3. As for me I’ve only seen or did belting with the Farmall C. work : Farmall C buzz saw ,hammer mill, thrasher machine , I attempted the starting of the Super C with the C but I was a trick to get the clutch release without the belt coming off . Need two people to synchronize clutch I was thinking I might have to belt up the C to the Fordson for first time starting but ! I don’t have a belt ?
  4. Had to get the cutting torch out to heat up hand crank . I was practicing , just a few rotations to move pistons find number one. Notice the crank was very close to bottom tank. 1/2 inch , so with heat and me pulling on it I got it out to an inch . ??‍♂️ I need a (design ) crank carrier, to get it up so it won’t catch and bend or break something. noted , the tractor turns a lot easier in cold garage, maybe aluminum pistons ,and no oil in crankcase, ( waiting to load warm oil ( room temperature) oil the day of starting ) .?‍♂️ Takes 2 1/4 gallons of 30 weight , a lot of cold oil , so waiting to put that much in .
  5. That’s a 35 percent restricted in flow , I don’t think on a hot day that’s enough .
  6. Throttle control for my tractor needed fabrication. Many of these parts don’t exist . You have to make them , so that’s what we did. From throttle control arm (under steering wheel ) used 1/4CRS to the 5/16 control arm ,5/16 control rod to mixer, all fabricated or adaption of control arm. Used a shat collar and roll pin in the cup to control rotation of the butterfly valve shaft. New cup was made from steel billet . The model was generated fro 3D printer and copied . 3D model is in photo ?cup inside view ,❗️
  7. Needed to have easy accessible choke control rod . I can’t find to many examples ,so I made my own from how I feel it might have looked like . The starter is the hand crank . So instead of moving to the side or dash made it close to the crank to quickly adjustment of cold starting . Used a bolt from the radiator to a home made bracket, to hold the control rod . 3/16 rod cold roll ,formed with mapp gas touch around a impact socket ,hack sawed to length.
  8. I always try a part number search on tractor house ?‍♂️?
  9. I use gl1 in my differential, It will work better with the bronze bushings in there. Gl4 has high sulphur, for hypoid gear, the sulphur will fret off bronze every time it starts up. Learned the hard way, after a year ,drained it out and changed to gl1 .
  10. Might be for a A ?. Mount them up , I’m not an expert ,learning with you , more photos as you go ,good luck
  11. I have a correction, yes they are different fan belts due to water pump. I was referring to the generator belt is different on the early models ,it’s shorter . I forgot where in the serial numbers it was . ?‍♂️
  12. Casting numbers by the oil filter also c113 or c123 above the distributor
  13. Early Supers have a different fan belt length ,?‍♂️Don’t remember 27 -28- ?‍♂️ You have early, I think so that’s one thing less the fan pulley are larger diameter ?‍♂️ , gas tank is different, than a C
  14. Went to four stores before I found it at TCS . $14.99 ,last one they had . I guess there’s a shortage . Wanted to make a choke rod for the Fordson , Ran out on the throttle control rods. Thought I’d goes get some at hemley hardware , out. Well spent a restoration afternoon just looking ? fo4 a tank of mapp gas. That’s y , I don’t get upset, when they ask what takes so long to restore a tractor. 85 percent of the time is looking for stuff.
  15. Nice one ,I’d rock in it
  16. Ive never look at the magneto impluser before , thanks for bringing that up about the wear , This magneto (tractor ) got used a lot . Do you replace (fatigue) springs to minimize the early release you mention. I ask ,I’ve not read the blue ribbon book on magneto in several years , just trying get some insight
  17. Not really if I follow the ❓cranks rotates engine one direction only by design ,problem arise if timing of combustion make it easy for the engine to rotate backwards after ignition . When this happens the hand crank remains engaged as if rotating ,holding it in the driving driven direction, the hand crank is held there with tremendous force in reverse of design ?‍♂️?ouch
  18. Ya , stripped down the 2020 Christmas tree ,get ready to 2021 !
  19. I,ll have to look at the original Bill of sale for the Farmall C in 1948 ,there was a mower listed , I wonder if this the model mower on that bos? I asked my older brother , he said ,”what mower”? So ?‍♂️Another mystery thanks for posting got me thinking what happen to it again , ?‍♂️May Never know,
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trgKeCFmi3M johnny rings meets doc holiday
  21. I’ve been injured before cranking Farmall C s, remember that and I do utmost best to keep the Farmalls starting operational . I try to keep battery ,cables and starters in this best possible condition. But ! I got a painful reminder in the right forearm , Monday. Now I have another close call , to not get frustrated and cut corners get in hurried to get the tractor started. Especially a visit to the ER ,these days. Not worth the reward. So I post this for your edification and amusement,
  22. Thank you for the beautiful photos , it’s a promotion to thought ?
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