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  1. On 8/27/2022 at 4:20 PM, Josh from CA said:

         The day after my last post I went to fire the F30 up again to see if it would want to move under it's own power and i was quickly stopped as I came to find that it had made a milkshake out of the oil. I suspect the sleeve o-rings as that appears to be a common problem with these engines. 

         As soon as I found that I said tear-down time!

         The radiator came out and head came off and all the the parts in the way of both of those major parts. The sleeves are in suprising great condition with barely any ridge at the top of the cylinder at all. They are possibly new from when it got restored/painted in the 70s?, 80s?. The cooling system is going to be in need of some major attention. it is VERY rusty and to some extent falling apart but I believe its repairable. Being that I don't know the weight of this engine (assuming it's a lot based on the size) I will be taking it down as far as I can go just to make it simpler weight wise. That being said I was able to go as far as when i was ready to pull the flywheel and saw that it was held on by one, singular 3½ nut. I was extremely lucky and happen to know someone who works as a mechanic at the local Peterbuilt dealer and he was willing to help me out by letting me barrow his 3½ socket. 







    I’m suggesting you remove soft plugs , before engine wash ( boil out what ever they call it ) . I didn’t do that to the Fordson and regret every time I turned engine over on engin stand .

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  2. 22 minutes ago, timbo1946 said:

    I have two trees in my yard that were only about 1” in diameter when I graded my yard 34 years ago. Didn’t know what they were then and still don’t. Every time I mow I wonder, then forget to try to find out. Well tonight I took a few pictures, and could use a little help figuring out what they are. 

    They sure have grown since we have had the place. This one is about 18 to 20” in diameter, the other slightly smaller. The other tree was hit by lightning, and I thought I would loose it, but it has come back and is reasonably healthy 




    I’ll say In the Ash family? 🤷‍♂️

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  3. Want it to pull with ? Flow tested ? How you using it ? 
    i would suggest get a kit from mikes and rebuild it yourself if it’s just a field recreation tractor. No rocket science to it , clean it replace floating valve and adjust float to properly. Your good .

    do a vacuum test before to remove it. Document the results .

    do vacuum test after ,to make sure you have improved. 

    New carburetor is not worth it in my opinion 

  4. That ,friend is a Fordson model F produced In Detroit,Michigan from 1917 to 1928 by the the Henry Ford and son [Fordson) tractor company and Ford motor company . Early ones had less rear wheel spokes . You can find (maybe the serial numbers on engine between the intake and exhaust manifold of engine  , That’s if it has original engine ,most don’t ,because these tractors were used till they quit. 
    My good friend Edwin Walker had six of them with cranes on back to lift out and repair pumps in oil fields around Warren ,Pennsylvania. 
    you may be looking at something similar ,I don’t know , an about those wheels There isn’t a stock Fordson anywhere accept in Ford museum,that I know of , so many innovative options where used on these tractors ,who knows .

    They use to drive them inside a Gleaner combine and power the semi self propelled combine for example. 
    my friend Duane has one that powers a Minneapolis Moline corn picker. 
    Fordson did not make equipment Ford left that Oliver ,MM and just about everybody’s brother . 
    To me Fordson Expansion beyond the agricultural markets is fascinating what all they did with them. 
    thanks for posting 

    could write enough books about them and still not cover the use things they were used for. 

  5. On 7/25/2022 at 12:48 PM, 1965Dennis said:

    We have a doe and 2 fawns that like the grass in our back yard. Soon, they will be tasting the apples on the trees there too. Have not seen any bucks yet. Too many bean fields close here. 

    Life is good with twins , land of plenty 

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