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  1. 8 minutes ago, IHFarmer07 said:

    Lol, that’s fine!! I don’t travel far so I don’t get beat bad! 

    I personally learned getting beat bad is victory on the way home. Cause I review and review that episode of sixty second event in front of all those people ,I make a mental after action reports on the embarrassing 60 second event, so it  isn’t as bad next time! 
    Glad you don’t do this ,cause it’s dangerous driving home at 2 am in the morning cause not focusing on driving safety! I’m in reviewing the event. 
    I’m finished Have fun 

  2. Been have good success with c clamp ? straightening the fenders where I can’t hammer and dolly .  Actually it works pretty good less hammered marks.  Got a lot over the years bends to attempt to take out . The radius I going buy pipe and clamp some how and heat up with torches to move it easier, hoping not to burn though ,?‍♂️


  3. 10 hours ago, ray54 said:

    I have welded several of the bars with the sections riveted or bolted on. I was told to move the broken piece to the end away from head,and move head to the broken end. Much less power to move a few sections as almost all the knife from the head. Never had any trouble with them.


    To weld the main bar would be much more difficult with the flexing it does when raised.

    Thanks Ray that’s great information, ours weld break is out like you mention. Can be done and it last over 65 years and it went though the heavy crown vetch so what more can testify ( IT WILL CUT )

  4. On 9/5/2020 at 6:43 AM, bberger said:

    Hi Dennis.  I have the exact same model all in working order except my cutter bar broke in half.  Any idea on where to buy a new one?  

    We welded  this one , now I don’t know the details, because this was 65 years ago , so the 2 or 3 outside sections Broke at the rivet and it was welded to repair . It’s still working , ok some thing to consider 

  5. On 9/11/2020 at 11:47 AM, Tonyinca said:


    Next phase of restoration is the pick up reel . 
    we saved this for while baler is being painted we continue on final component.

    took two reels apart . The one from this baler showed less wear but more abuse

    so we are going with this balers original PU reel .

    i have new stripper bars , having drive slip clutch refaced and waiting on new clutch pads made for it. Have new teeth.

    having new bushings made for teeth bars and drive shaft. 
    found a new cam for rollers 

    NOW ! Here is what I got !,smashed tin work 

    going to need to become a sheet metal worker real soon . 
    green One is blasted & primed we think we can cut better tin pieces from donor and weld them on here and work them over and look decent . If we can overcome that challenge , then next will be getting this thing all together , then the big one will Be , Will  it actually bale hay ? Lo

    Btw , was able to source these 13 new strippers from CNH , Linder eq here in Tulare found them at A IH dealer in Indiana along  with the cam , cam not here yet .
    few pics









    Tony do you sandblasted And prime sheet metal? Then hammer and dolly ? 

  6. On 8/27/2020 at 1:06 AM, Tonyinca said:


     quite a day ! 
    started out changing out the flywheel , 

    took the good off to go to paint , and installed another flywheel so David can use it to cycle plunger while painting . 
    took right side tension channels off for better blasting and easier painting it off and hanging

    Finally started the original pick up reel, Not user friendly taking it apart for sure

    so many hubs to get off center drive shaft . Had to run to town for a new pulley puller kit . 
    Lot of heating and pulling . 
    going to take two reels apart to make one

    going to need some sheet Metal made and some machining of drive shaft Bushing and housing  along with Devine intervention  finding five new roller bearings for cam track following and another drive sprocket clutch needing facing and new clutch pads.

    few pics











    Forged Blue Point adjustable wrench ! That’s a first one I’ve seen ,never heard of Blue Point.  Official tool of Skunk ? works area 71, haha

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  7. Working on the coil box . Bought one to refurbish from Tony’s neighbor out in California . It was in good shape. I did break ( thunder) one of the terminals getting screw contacts out ,used epoxy to glue most of the pieces back . It an early sow bean plastic Henry came up with took a picture ,no replacement for these babies . Fordson Two types boxes are little Than model T ,don’t know what only ceramic insulation used longer bolt through firewall. 
    Copper plated carriage bolts I had were rusty So Duane Helman told me to take them out and clean ,he said he had a tractor that would not idle . He cleaned them and it ran fine after. So I’m going to do whatever he recommends. But my bolts looked like chocolates ?

    Duane recommendation to get and Anderson timer from Snyder’s antique auto parts in new Springfield Ohio  . so I email don and he had two styles,these are the ones I got . They were $2.95 +$10.95 shipping ?‍♂️????, anyway I got to keep moving ahead on it. 
    I got Brent Mize ,the coil doctor to calibrate the two good Buzz ? coils I had and I got two cores from him ,so they are ready to buzz ,can’t wait to here that . 









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  8. On 8/16/2020 at 5:25 AM, Michael Halsall said:

    Does anyone know the serial number break or approximate date when the first Farmall Super C tractor was built with FAST-HITCH?

    I believe it was some-time in 1953 and it was IH's first attempt at marketing their Fast-Hitch system before releasing it on all 100 Series Farmall models in late 1954.

    Apparently Farmall Super C tractors with Fast-Hitch are now quite collectable!


    Regards from Michael H. in Australia ?

    What’s happening with your super c  project

  9. On 8/10/2020 at 4:54 PM, Tonyinca said:

     I had thought that perhaps not every nut and bolt would need coming off , however, one thing leads to another and just about everything has come apart and the bad part is that every time a bolt comes off its pretty well eaten with rust in middle  and also every connecting or touching piece has to be either blasted of heavy wire brushed to remove rust and scale then primer .

       Been frustrating this week because I had eye surgery and Doc said off two weeks, No bending or lifting, and I am chomping at the bit to go get few more parts ready for painter , but  they require laying underneath and lifting , Also,I cant blast or wire brush because I still have stitches in till Thursday don't want to risk infection from rust dust . lol.

      Hoping John can keep things going on Wednesday.


    Do what the doc sayes , two weeks can go fast doing other stuff. Two weeks is nothing . Six month from now you won’t remember the two weeks 

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  10. 8 hours ago, Tonyinca said:

      Started out my first found was a cali. baler from Placerville Ca.

        It was mostly all there but bale chamber and sprockets were wore to the bone . The old fella that owned it kept it running with a welder and home made repairs.

        Seeing I had some serious parts problems I placed an add in a Equipment Magazine named " AG SOURCE" put a picture of mine and asking if a donor out there.

       Several months after the two month add ran out I got the only phone call from a young Lady in Diamond Valley Nevada, said Her 91 year old hay growing father had two that he had rescued from a scrap yard in Utah 20 years prior setting in his bone yard.

       She sent pictures and I bought both.  So, to answer your question ; THREE to make one . I believe I have every part except one ; A brake bracket for drive pulley , none of the  three had it but I remember it enough from my 11 years running ours  that I can have it made .

      I decided to abandon the cali baler and I am, restoring what appeared to be the better of the NV balers.

       WE go after the best parts on the other two. trying to keep one mostly in tack as a template. However, not following any of their adjustments because all there knotter systems were heavily damaged , including gear box also  All three had stuck ruined engines but the cali engine which we are using was full of dirt from mud dabbers. Motor cleaned up with .30 over , all new valves and seats but heads were good..

        I keep thinking we are there , but going back together we come across items that were not obvious in needing repair, so we have slight set backs as we proceed .

        We still have the pickup reel to dismantle and its going to need welding and machine work but we are saving for last. While baler is being painted.


    I’m amazed 

    You just can’t say enough about restorer efforts. It truly gets down to every nut and bolt. And determine to get every nut and bolt right 

    I was thinking there enough parts to make another baler , but I’m expensive wrong ??


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  11. 14 hours ago, Alan Borchers said:

    I have just recently reconditioned an ih 1066, sn 7143. I purchased it in 1979. It has a reman engine with  around 2000 hrs., A mechanical diode ta, a shifting kit, led lights, and a new radiator.  During the paint process I realized that this was the 43rd 1066 off the production line. I will have photos soon. What could this be worth. It has done almost every job imaginable around our farm.


    Nice one Alan 

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