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  1. On 11/6/2020 at 5:47 AM, Piero said:

    What i notice here seems to corroborate what you say 560Dennis.... as i'm finding that some parts that were looser immediately after the dunking are now harder to move.  Makes me nervous.... !?   If it'd be spring or summer still, that wouldn't be a problem, but with winter at the doorsteps i'll just have to hope for the best !!!

    Keep your steam up as the the old timers say ️Don’t give up , it a blessing in disguise ? You will be enriched with the educational experience , always be positive about it . I find it’s good to set back and think for a day or two when a dilemma arises( in my case it may be a month with my Fordson) . Of course we will try to answer you.
    hug the wife for us ?‍♂️? It’s only a Farmall M ⬅️

  2. 19 hours ago, mike newman said:

    ...interesting.....lucky operator.....that could have been far worse than a stuck engine....

    .......the RPM's the engine is turning at , at the moment of immersion is  critical !!!....for example in a third world country where I worked , the exuberance of the local "drivers'  following a exceptionally  heavy rainstorm, destroyed three engines , in  3 ton  Nissan/Toyota   work trucks.. Some of the rods were so badly 'bent' , that they had to be hammered out of the blocks...In event all the engines were scrapped....

    So, the old "M"  might have been turning over at maybe  1000  RPM....at the time of immersion....but as Lance suggested, the electrics  would have quit...about a part   second or so before the air cleaner top took water.......if the rotary slasher was still engaged at that point, that ''inertia'' would have kept the engine turning ..untill...it ingested that water in #2 cylinder......The fan blades...made of American  steel, would not have time or inertia to ''curl' into the radiator.  .thus destroying it....as do the bloody plastic fan blades...

    I would doubt that a big end bearing would be the issue.....if by chance it proves to be that.....it would suggest the bearing and journal had long since lost that first flush of youth.....just  my opinion....

    I guess you are only going to find the real issue..upon pulling it down......I know that is obvious, but it is hard to second  guess the real issue,,, My son and a grandson were  being bloody stupid with neighbours   3 ton  Mazda  'tipper''...went through our river crossing without checking the aircleaner/intake etc  As it was set low on the passenger side of the cab....that little exercise  cost 5K....:angry:...  I actually got the thing running....sort of....after a lot of vitriol /effort   and time....that was good enough to drive onto a 'salvage vehicle.   On pulling the engine down....one of the pistons had part of the top and the skirt broken......Engine scrapped.                                                                                                                     ...good luck !!

    We have fun with river crossing where I live......:)



    Tractor Rescue 002.jpg

    Mike ️“Pouring it on”?

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  3. 7 hours ago, Tonyinca said:

    You know , I am amazed at what I see and hear as it pertains to rust repairs on these binders 

    my Dad had his IH pick up 7 years and beat the **** out of it but don’t remember a hint of rust on any of his pickups , I realize we are in Cali . But fast forward in this case 55 years and my RedKid same age a native Arizona all of life and this current project Herbie ,Central Ca all of it life and yet both had severe enough rust on floor pans , passenger rocker panel , both lower corners of windshield , and dash vents 

    pretty much same on both other then Herbie needed another hood because hinge pads were beyond repair from rust.

    I follow these trucks on several IH truck blogs and they are severely plagued  by rust . Yet metal and frame are Heavy gauge . 
    I H must of put no effort into rust protection thinking heavy metal was enough. 
    of coarse at 55 years of age I think all makes are suffering rust and corrosion, although I might say my IH baler project is about same age and it’s very heavy metal yet the corrosion build up at any junction of two pieces touching is more then I have ever seen on other old equipment .


    All the more important that your preservation continues . 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Tonyinca said:

    It’s was bought new here in Fresno and it spent its life being Herb’s daily driver and chase parts for his blacksmith business . Grandson drove it a few years in central calif .

    yet , there was rust cancer on passenger floor , less on drivers side but still need attention . Dash had rust damage at corners’ and vent areas.
    hood hinge mounts were rust damage beyond repair , had to buy another hood.

    so even in this dry environment it still had considerable rust damage 


    I remember the Scouts and tavellalls that were sold at Jenks ih in West Springfield pa. They were very beautiful vehicles ,and  I did desire one ,but dare not spend the high cost for one ,my reward would be they were totally rusted  out in two years ! ?‍♂️Pitty ,always remember that !

    only thing left was the frame and the roof in this climate.

    shame , I don’t get it how they used inferior steel or skimped on the rust prevention for customers. Must have been a down fall for them . I sure stayed away .

    my thoughts 

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  5. I’d remove the spark plug and attach a wet dry vacuum to each cylinder . Attached to air cleaner. Attached t to exhaust . 
    put some marvel mysteries oil in cylinders . Hand crank After your sure all water is out. Hand crank with valve cover off ,make sure clearness is right  watch valve move up and down oil them.

    drain water ouT of Governor. 
    take your time you willGet  IT going just don’t rush , hand crank I’ll you sure it’s free, can’t assume anything 

    vacuum magneto spray contact cleaner on points 

    drain generator .and starter

    sorry got in late but posting anyway 


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  6. 4 hours ago, Frank H said:

    It runs great now but a bunch of loose ends now.  I had a Chinese marvel schebler carb knockoff laying around that works well,  but i ordered a rebuild kit for the original zenith carburetor and will get that on eventually.  The governor is sluggish and doesn't rev out, plus it gets to surging under load so I got a spring for a super c and a new gasket.  I imagine it's all sticky inside.  Also,  won't start with the crank or 6v battery,  but fires right up when tugged so I guess the impulse is sticky.  Sitting is worse than running for sure. 

    It’s all the little bitty things that make these tractors come alive , keep ? looking 

  7. 10 hours ago, hillman said:

    thats awesome! nice to see someone spend a 100s of hrs to preserve something different  I had one of those along with an Oliver but I was storing them at a friends so they went down the road. I regret it:mellow:


    Nice what model Oliver was it?

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