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  1. On 12/3/2020 at 5:45 AM, bob_carr said:

    We had a 55W on the dairy farm in Indiana.  Your photos give me the first looks  since the 1960s.  Thank you for posting them.

    I loved the sound when it pulled hard. 

    My dad had a custom baling operation that always seemed to have my older brother on the M and me on the wagon. 

    Good bale stackers are at a premium . And running backs hate to get hit by them ! Ask them ,haha 

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  2. If it didn’t I put one in there, Mike the shaft ,fix and bore out put bushing in there with grease groove to the match the grease hole, you can even put buy bushing with grooves already , all kinds a ways to fix it but the whole is going to need a good looking over and it winter so take your time ,fixer up. 
    that shafts will need some building up and turned down also .

  3. On 11/6/2020 at 5:47 AM, Piero said:

    What i notice here seems to corroborate what you say 560Dennis.... as i'm finding that some parts that were looser immediately after the dunking are now harder to move.  Makes me nervous.... !?   If it'd be spring or summer still, that wouldn't be a problem, but with winter at the doorsteps i'll just have to hope for the best !!!

    Keep your steam up as the the old timers say ️Don’t give up , it a blessing in disguise ? You will be enriched with the educational experience , always be positive about it . I find it’s good to set back and think for a day or two when a dilemma arises( in my case it may be a month with my Fordson) . Of course we will try to answer you.
    hug the wife for us ?‍♂️? It’s only a Farmall M ⬅️

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