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  1. Put a new battery in the 560 diesel. After I replaced the copper line seals on the fuel injector lines. I climb up into the control room. Push the starte button. Nothing ! Thunder! 
    Down to Autozone again ,get a marine rv battery group 27 . Back to farm m. Installed . Hit the starter button , started crank so fast, it scared me. 
    Thunder Battery only lasted 8 years , thunder !

    Well next, going to hook the 560 to the baler and see what’s wrong with it. Stay tuned 

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  2. Got them installed . Preparation took most time ,cleaning crud around back side. Didn’t have an air nozzle ,so the brake cleaner can nozzle was effective. I got a small telescope mirror to see the back side. I started side  the hard one on back side. Banjo bolt won’t come out unless you pull the line up to clear the engine casting . Was wearing a every-ready head light to eliminate the back better. I did drop the back bolt down into the chassis cradle . Used a small telescope magnet to find it , Cleaned with brake fluid and shop towels. 
    I thighen the bolt tight with 9/16 craftsman box wrench till it felt there was move give and stopped. 

    so this what  you need to do this job,  best I can say after doing it yesterday ,don’t think I forgot much .

    12+new seal's #367984R1 WASHER

    2 can of cheap brake cleaner (air nozzles)

    shop towels 

    9/16 combination box open end wrench 

    everyready head light flash light , sunlight , shop light , got to be able to see what your doing. 

    telescopic small magnet 

    Telescopic small mirror 

    drip pan to catch the crud . 

    have someone close by for you ask  to do something for you . 

    Don’t do this job when your tried or in a hurry ,cause  don’t have time for the re-dos .

    Hardest thing is backside banjo bolt maneuver and sliding inner over bolt . Finding the thread to pump 





  3. I got leaks around these washers ,At least that’s what I think is the issue. Bought new copper washers  from Messicks to replace . Here’s the links to washers 84&86. https://www.messicks.com/cas/143098
    So the hex head is 9/16 on the banjo bolts. 
    I did this once before long time ago. Kind wondering how to get the dirt out of the back sides . Toothbrush and brake cleaner.? Forgot how tight  to thighen ,remembered be careful not to over thighen and break bolt  ? And I got extra washer cause the inside washers on back side fall out ,ugh !

    ugh ! 

  4. Interesting about plums . I heard this is going to be a good year for flowering plants. So your plums are  proving it .

  5. thing about weeds they will out grow all the other seeded plants by 10 to 20 percent . This has been going for a long time. 
    you got cope, figure out-way to out do that genetic superiority. the way I understand it. 

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  6. 44 minutes ago, MT Matt said:

    Ate a lot of fish growing up, still have at least one big fish fry each fall with friends. I’m catholic too, same feeling growing up. 😂. I grew up in Minnesota so ate a lot of bluegills and pike, easy to catch. Dad scaled the panfish so nothing was wasted. Or he didn’t catch on to filleting fish.  Lol Bluegills were pretty easy to peel in half to pull out the bones after cooking. 

    I should not moan so much on second thoughts about what I said  , I had something to eat .

  7. 2 hours ago, Chester5732 said:

    Probably bought it off from Marty Prill.  I hope u came out on the winning end. 

    I lost money as soon as I started to drive up there 🤷‍♂️

  8. We were practicing Catholic ,so Fridays were horribly depressing to me going up. Had to eat rice , milk and cinnamon was a high lite .

    Second thought if I may ,yellow perch was a highlight. 

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  9. Tell you a story about nice guy that works for PBR. 
    Last summer on the way to Red Power Round in Grand Island. 
    Jean and I  pulled into a rest stop where the truck and trailer could park . As we approached the sidewalk . Younger man was waiting there. He said watcha got there?  Reply ,” Heritage Farmall C with C221 corn planter. 
    We told him the story about the tractor. We were going to Red Power !

    wish I could go he said. But I got a meeting in Chicago with an important customer !
    He said ,I have a gas 560 . Nice ! We talked some about it. and another project with a back hoe . 

    I got to ,me to !  But before we go can we talk again about the 560 and you projects . he said sure !  Can I have your email. 
    sure ! I’ll give you my Card. ,

    He said I’m **** ,I’m the vice president of marketing for PBR ! 
    Since then I’ve keep in touch maybe twice a year to asking how things are going. 

    You meet the nicest People with a Farmall C 

    I try to buy PBR when ever I can .


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  10. Had the boys out on the Farmall C for a photo shoot for the Steiner tractor photo contest . They picked them standing by the C to enter. 
    They author the content about what their  tractor does on the farm for contest story information. 
    We are entertaining as 1371 contestants. They know they are up against some tough competition, but agreed we should try .





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