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  1. All simple projects are three to five days . plan on it and you won’t be upset like the guy in photo . Especially in Northeast Ohio , plan minimum of 10 hours of disassemble. That’s why they are the most sought after mechanics for their ingenuity and experience in solving problems in an environment of corrosion.
  2. This why i got Tractor Fever . Look at this heritage tractor that was At RPRU. I had to post this because it such an amazing tractor . Sorry I didn’t have a photo of the data fact sheet about it but just look at the pictures ,you don’t need a fact sheet anyway . Priceless one of my favorite memories of 2022
  3. Contrary! I don’t think you have enough tractors or equipment for them ! Why do you want more ? Cause it obviously you don’t have enough ! Not enough is not enough. ,too little is to little , ok Dont make me repeat this !
  4. I’m taking the Fordson F and the Farmall C to the display at show . Took the Fordson over yesterday and the Farmall C today. The show is outside Seagertown Pa. Exit 154 west on 198 right there off exit practically go into the driveway. beside Farm tractors gas and steam they got , oil well engine ,hit and miss , antique construction equipment working, working saw mill powered by donating display tractors such as Farmall 450 or John Deere R ( whoever wants to display power it ) . Tractor pull . Parade
  5. Yep three days to change vent valve and heater core
  6. Good for you ,you inspired some young people to ask some questions
  7. check the simple stuff first Running old fuel You got clean fuel filters . you got clean air filter got any fuel leaks in line ? Caution don’t put your hand on the pump fittings or line when it’s running. take a thermo infrared thermometer and read exhaust out put on each cylinder high idle an and low record reading for each . check with Ed Guenther at heritage diesel
  8. God rest his soul. i was sad to here he had Parkinson’s my father also suffered with it also. sorry for your loss and condolences to your family
  9. Look at Brillman here in Virginia they have copper core wires for M s , yes magneto ,they suggest original copper core. if the spark on your mag jumps 1/2 inch it’s a hot one . very good story , press ahead
  10. I’ve been told ihc did not sell a steering cultivators attachment for a C ,not found in books yet . C did have a C-151 steering disc plow ,but it doesn’t match my unit but does attach there .I’m going to take it off and see if it has a part numbers ? Could it be an aftermarket for new idea?
  11. Looks like results fracking waste on the roads over the course of its life. Will you pass inspection if you weld new sections ? That’s a shame ! Don’t how to advise ,check pa. Inspection before you try to repair . No way is that truck going to pass inspection is it ?
  12. Too much pitting from corrosion from what I see on lip of rim to be consider possible tubeless. . Can you get them to someone that does powder coating? Might fill in pits from corrosion. Might
  13. Please look at my attachment to the tricycle pedestal of the 48 Farmall C. I’ve never seen it in operation . Had the tractor 73 years ,and I’m finally curious what it was used for . I asked Doug Brennan at Messicks what it was for. He’s thinks it’s for steering a disc plow . I did some research , only thing I found was the C-151 disc plow . But not satisfied that’s the rest of the applications. So I’m asking here. . I’m amazed by the amount of attachments that one can find for an IHC tractors . Please add a comment if your familiar it’s application. Only thing we used it for that I’m familiar with is to slip the enclosed model A driveshaft tub over it and push hay wagon up the bank into the hay barn . Thanks
  14. suggestion Check out zieglers in canton,Ohio for hard to get ,and customize ,they make front square headed Farmall C 1/2 i20 fine special order at not to bad a price here’s the links https://www.zieglerbolt.com good luck
  15. Thank you you did a famalltasic job ! I appreciated the nice job on our heritage C with cultivators at 29 minutes , thanks very much !
  16. Any body get a photo His tractor ? Old Far! Amazing story ! He’s 87 from Massachusetts. He wanted to come and bring his tractor. He felt this was his last chance to do rpru, ithink how it goes. someone from Massachusetts loaded him and brought him 16 hours both ways to be At rpru. Hey you can’t beat that story ,I’m touched and impressed with the kindness of impacts of rpru. Probably a lot more but this is a good one. if you know more please I post more
  17. Thank you for the parade photo of our family 1948 Farmall C . That was an excellent photo ,can I use it to show the family ?
  18. Nice pictures you took of our heritage 1948 Farmall C with cultivators and side dresser. thanks
  19. I’m bringing the 48 Farmall C as is if I can get the cultivators up high enough to be loaded on trailer, be at the heritage exhibit. Stop over and tell me what you think. Been in family since November of 48 . Sorry if I get a little emotional about talking about it but my butt is formed around a silver seat . pre view photo
  20. A tip or suggestion. The Cracker Barrel restaurant in Richmond,Indiana I 70 will let you park your rv over night on the lot in back . They said it was a benefit perk for eating the meal there. We stopped there on the way back from Kansas City. The Check out inform us in the discussion as we checked out. i don’t remember how the topic came up . Just remember a huge rv in the parking lot with a little white guard dog watching us as we walked back to the Holiday inn .
  21. What kind of foam insert for differential oil reduction do they use ?
  22. I’m not an expert head gasketer. But I question this? , the steel sealer ring in my opinion should seal the head to the sleeve. Again my opinion the pressure of combustion is going to go down the sleeve counter bore entering into the water jacket . Am I wrong? Also metal side of the head gasket goes down to block .graphite up . They tell me at Fel pro to use light coat of copper sealer on the metal side only.
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