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  1. Got another one on clams .

    I went local grocery store here. And got 8 or nine middle neck for lunch treat. 
    brought them home and clean them with nylon brush to get the sand off , I know they say they are washed you don’t have to bs. 
    I didn’t soak them in salt water , like food channeled said was in a hurry . 
    I put them in a pan outside on the side burner of the grill . 
    Soon as the water got warm most of them belched out this sulfur smelling black dirts that turn the water dirty and it stinks . thunder ,I took them back to the store and got my money back , yuck ! I ve been very hesitant to buy any .

  2. 22 minutes ago, Lazy WP said:

    Me too. Just curious what they taste like. 

    Was at a scout camppout . Couple of scouts found them in Conneaut creek. Put them in hot water and tried them .quickly spit them out. 
    sorry don’t remember what they said . Was laughing so hard ,didn’t get much sleep. Funny what make kids laugh watching someone else in distress. 
    60  plus years ago 

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  3. I was driving around Madison area, most of the soybean fields have been harvested. Not that many ruts in low areas .

    I can never catch the guy that does the fields on 528 . Got a giant Ih with the biggest header I’ve ever seen locally. 

    how about you guys ? Fields harvested ?

  4. 2 hours ago, Steve C. said:

    I remember lots of super stockers back in the day who ran those flimsy plastic seats to save a few pounds.  A puller from Blockton, Iowa, as I recall, got killed when his 1066 started bouncing and broke the seat mounting off.  No fenders.  He was a big old boy and went right under a 30.5 / 32.  Glad I didn't see it.

    Notice that the Pride of the Farm 966 is pulling in Hi 2.  It took a good running Deere to run 7th gear in those days.

    And they were the good old days for sure.

    Isn’t that ,I think a very sad story !

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