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  1. We were practicing Catholic ,so Fridays were horribly depressing to me going up. Had to eat rice , milk and cinnamon was a high lite .

    Second thought if I may ,yellow perch was a highlight. 

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  2. Tell you a story about nice guy that works for PBR. 
    Last summer on the way to Red Power Round in Grand Island. 
    Jean and I  pulled into a rest stop where the truck and trailer could park . As we approached the sidewalk . Younger man was waiting there. He said watcha got there?  Reply ,” Heritage Farmall C with C221 corn planter. 
    We told him the story about the tractor. We were going to Red Power !

    wish I could go he said. But I got a meeting in Chicago with an important customer !
    He said ,I have a gas 560 . Nice ! We talked some about it. and another project with a back hoe . 

    I got to ,me to !  But before we go can we talk again about the 560 and you projects . he said sure !  Can I have your email. 
    sure ! I’ll give you my Card. ,

    He said I’m **** ,I’m the vice president of marketing for PBR ! 
    Since then I’ve keep in touch maybe twice a year to asking how things are going. 

    You meet the nicest People with a Farmall C 

    I try to buy PBR when ever I can .


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  3. Had the boys out on the Farmall C for a photo shoot for the Steiner tractor photo contest . They picked them standing by the C to enter. 
    They author the content about what their  tractor does on the farm for contest story information. 
    We are entertaining as 1371 contestants. They know they are up against some tough competition, but agreed we should try .





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  4. Like to Go buy a  place on 166 that a guy usally has 2 or 3+red belly’s or feggies out front for sale. But this time I went by ,my word !,he has a gigantic 2+2 with a cab duallies. It not restored ,looks original worked hard and put away wet. Ya know what I’m trying describe?
    What on earth is he doing with that ? How did he get there? 
    I’m just saying a conversation piece ,to me. One place I 👀at tractors , cause I love it. 

    one thing is for certain and that is 🤷‍♂️change. 

  5. I just use a (1) marine rv battery  group 29 about 900 amp ithink ( big) in my 560 ,been in there 6 years . Keep it charging on with the solar charger while it not in use . These rv batteries are inexpensive and built for the bounce around .
    I don’t know what your starter use ? 300 amps, never had and issue with this set up .

  6. Went to the hardware store yesterday . And I got my poppy’s from a nice couple .
    My dad use to say to me you got to have your Poppy , 

    I didn’t understand what it was all about ,but it was fun to enjoy the event , he was all emotional and excited to get one for me. 



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  7. 17 hours ago, stronger800 said:

    I’m not a hunter or a marksman,  but if something needs to be shot, I have a Japanese Howa .270 that I feel is ridiculously accurate when compared to what I hear my buddies that are more “into” the sport talk about how they shoot.   I won it in raffle.  Buddy told me it we be a good  farm gun that I could use for about anything. Like as a shovel or hammer.   Then I took about twice as many cans off the top of the fence post as he did with his fancy Remington 

    Why is that guns won in a raffle shoot better ? 
    Im going off the subject again ,!


  8. Did once on the cub engine of the 50 T baler . It was in the engine manuals to clean carbon so many hours. . Followed it as should young man . 
    put back together and started it up . Water was coming out of the head between 2 and three . I was almost in tears ,I tried to hard to do the right thing and this was my reward. I went to my father regretted every step. Told what had happened. 
    He said let’s go take a look. 
    Said to me forget it you tried to do it right can’t fault you. Going to show you something i learned in the depression. He took a wrench and tighten the head bolts around 2 and 3 till the leak stopped. Said that how we did in the Depression. That engine never leak after that . 

    well that one of the most memorable moments I had with my father .

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