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  1. 46 minutes ago, MinnesotaFarmall said:

    I'll have to if I ever get around to it. I don't have a dyno so finding one who isn't hundred an hour shop rate plus the other expenses of intake gaskets etc. 

    well I know cost is important , not everyone has these resources . Put on and try it at pull you , I d would try to keep everything the same carb , see if it makes a difference. You definitely hear the report from the exhaust will have a crack to it. 
    I had this thought from mini engine days exhaustion only needs to be an 1/8 inch bigger  than the exhaust valve. And smaller exhaust means the exhaust gas has to move faster to escape ,if the exhaust pipe is time correct to the pulse of each stroke you’ll get much higher scavenger vacuum , more suction on intake , with cam timings should be worth a try anyway. Take a look at torque tubes the put on the 1/8 mile dragsters 

    just a suggestion 

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  2. 1 hour ago, bitty said:

    I guess I won't be looking for that tractor if there's snakes nearby..... 

    snakes don’t hurt ya ,they make you hurt yourself !  Jerk it out of there ,let’s get the show on the road !

    let me take you to Mississippi on treasure hunts like this , spend a day cutting kudzu off it  to see it, come back the next day and it cover again . That’s  an adventure. 

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  3. 19 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Measuring at the moment. Now that the pistons are milled to zero deck the piston rocks 0.012” below the deck and 0.012” above the deck.  At zero deck quench will be 0.39” with the fel-pro 1027 gaskets. Probably use some just to check piston to valve quick as I don’t want to remove valve springs to put test springs on and these big blocks have lots of room at this cam and piston dome level. It’s also a bit of a known combination with this cam and head. Theres likely over 1/4” piston to valve or more but a quick check never hurts. 


    What you don’t measure you don’t control , use to get me every time. 

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  4. 3 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Engine brush kit I ordered didn’t come in so I’m abusing an old rifle cleaning kit... man for being ranked twice this junk yard block is still dirty. The forward oil gallery from the main to the cam journal was full of crap. Got everything scrubbed through now, about ready to pressure wash and oil it down. 





    Praise the lord you got that crud out there. Imagine if you didn’t persevere and go thru the exercise to make sure those passages were clear .bravo 

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  5. I wondered how the feeder for the Baltimore orioles feeder tipped over and the grape jelly got spill . Well the squirrel couldn’t get up the other feeder poles. So he went up to get the grape jelly. Because I put copious amounts of axle grease on them ( cardinal other birds seed in feeder ,like some peanuts ) .

    But didn’t put any grease on the Orioles feeder pole. 
    Well, I put copious amounts of grease on the orioles pole . 
    Love to watch the squirrel smash his tail balls on the frame , ground. He owes me for wasting jelly .

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  6. 16 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    Guess I’m committed now, going to counter bore the crack away and machine up a stepped, threaded insert to repair this and bring it back to 3/8”NC as it should be. 

    They installed the sign this morning. Booked the road closed from 6am to midnight. They left the yard where we built it at 6:30 and the road was open by 9am. Fit like a glove. 



    Please photo the counter bore fix

  7. Only fencers I remember were the international weed chopper . No one walked though those . Unless it was a coon hunter . 
    Think they were recalled ,but I’ve seen them on eBay once in a great while. Huge capacitors!
    My theory is if cattle,  livestock  are going through fences they don’t have enough to eat or drink. Nothing works in that case .

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