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  1. Vacuum Tube broke in Old Cleveland Coliseum 1976 ,pretty thick in there to . saw the red rooster crow ,and banter bros. Art Affons name a few .
  2. Suggest an observation and recording of the weeds that thrive on the plot ,and where , will give you a good indication of soil conditions . Might want to do a scatter graph of where they are majority are located , that way you not wasting effort on treatments. Also a benchmark for the future . The other is the water absorption , in the rental section of plot the water should remain on surface ,or run off , saying compaction. A core sample of compacted soil in a five gallon bucket of water should dissolve into mud at the bottom , rather than hold together absorbing some water remaining somewhat the same as the original core sample. Some easy ways to know if your improvement is working is simple measurements. Good luck hope you get to your objectives . Don’t get frustrated it takes awhile .
  3. Spent most of the day with wire brushes,screwdrivers,putty knife cleaning grease and Ohio yellow clay off the planters. Got the easy stuff with the power washer . But the clay mixed with grease even the power washer just bounced off of it like Kevlar. Would work till the sweat would burn my eyes, then go in the house and cool off . Checked the heat index on the weather station ,thunder! It was 108 . lucked out thunder storm blow in ,rained hard wash all the rusty dust off frame . Came out did little more ,came in for shower, home made ice cream and lemon mirage pie ,done for the day tomorrow maybe ,just maybe put some rusty metal primer on the easy spots. ain’t projects like just what you need to feed tractor fever just hopefully the humidity will go below 65 so I can paint
  4. Good fertilizer units is a serious plus on your ac , cost to repair or replacement , I look at tractor house ,a vendor has a set of planter newest than mine ,their asking 4 k I think it was in Illinois,anyway ! And it was without the fertilizer units ! good luck
  5. Well I may make a decision after wire brushing the rust off the hoppers ,but I like to keep it as original and possible. Just because I like , . I might look for some galvanized steel at air gas in Painesville cut off bottom below funnel section leave an inch and roll in a sleeve to replace the bottom . Anybody done that ?
  6. Please do me a favor does that book have a C272 cotton,corn planter ? Please look !
  7. Good advice I think the shaft will have a groove worn into the shaft from seal contacted . Replaced seal will only last a short time and leak reappears again because seal can’t handle the wear from the original seal . Just an observation from repairs to hydraulic pumps on Farmall C. Plus all the wear and tear on pump shaft bearings . Probably out of tolerance also . i recommend you follow Ed advice . good luck with your tractor ,I like them a lot ,we almost bought one but the guy wanted way more for it than we could afford , happy you got one. Interesting post more about what you find.
  8. Yep check the push rods for straight on accurate flat surface if you got one , something flat . Flush to clean out rocker tube ,check for excessive wear on rocker to shaft Look for wear on the radius of rocker arm . I use a dremel sanding drum and carefully followed the radius till wear is removed. If you don’t you will never get the lash correct. Make a gage or borrow one to check radius ,hold rocker arm up to light to see light shine through giving you highs and low spots , go slow take your time ,not a race , grind just enough to just clean away the wear. Did you number the push rods where they came from to put them back? If not start with number one top dead center. Adjusting clearance cold to .014. Go to 3 ,4 and two . recheck valve lash with them , hot engine . what I did ,tried not to forget anything suggest you torque nuts on hold down to 30 35 ft pounds cause your going take the rocker assembly off to retorque head bolts . Do that and retorque rocker assembly and reset valve lash to correct settings My procedure is to recheck head bolts retorque in 30 days . if your head gasket is steel on both sides coat both side with permatex head gasket sealer just enough to coat it completely not to much as creating excessive buildup . don’t forget which side goes up or down it can be covered with sealer ,don’t get distracted putting the gasket on , or your going to do it all over again in a few years maybe . I’ve done it on a C ,don’t and can’t believe what I was think ing at the time but I made the mistake . I think Mahle says direction note is confusing , read it back to us ! I think it say, “put this side away from (???) “ Call them back and ask them what they mean ?
  9. That’s a really informative book you got. I haven’t seen one . Im sure that it’s something like what you telling me , as remember it was only one side ,left or right can’t remember . Fortunately there are some kernel of seed in the hopper after all these years to measure or compare with the seed plate numbers . Got the fertilizer hoppers apart time for a break and regroup .
  10. Good for you ,! you tried ! I called Mahle once ! They were no help ! Like they were afraid to say anything. No help on to sealer to. Use , no help on re torque very luck with Fel pro techs talked three of them all very help full oh your head gasket is directional so find the very hard to see the note .don’t coat with to much before the install mark it which way it goes, so sealer doesn’t cover it up. if need need help retorque procedure ask we can suggest how to do it , I got my way others may be a lot better ,we’ll see Or ask for Doug at messicks ,che's a tech ,an old letter series tractor tech from way back ,hes my go to guy on the Farmalls
  11. Some of the Fertilizer unit don’t want to come apart . And so fragile so so fragile!
  12. I had to struggle to get little(heavy) attachment out of the the barn with out getting me or my son hurt. But we did it. Exhausted and sucking in big wind ,my son made chuckle. He said as we were in the loading area ,” ( I THOUGHT I WAS IN GOOD SHAPE ,! ) I felt better after that statement. We loaded it to take to my house for restoration to operate again . I’m interested in it looking nice to use and to take to shows ,it is going get to work again So I’ll need your help ,been 60 years since I last saw it run . One of the big issues was it was cracking seed kernels under the one seed hopper ( which one don’t remember) . Why I never found out ,why! as a teenager probably didn’t care , but I care now now, want to be right . The planter? , not a C220 ,that’s the check row Don’t know the difference between 221 and 222yet . If you do tell me , I just stated reading the Ihc manual. Also have a binding of the drive chain identifying photo also . one thing also is to figure out how put some kind dolly under the frame to keep this these sections from falling on us. Thunder must have tip on me moving it ten times , enough of that , not getting hurt to plant corn ,I’m not as strong as I use to be by a lot . Thats my start of this journey.
  13. Found my childhood toy disc in the barn . Wonder if you fellows know what it is ,( information) any ?
  14. You said your using the bolts that came out . I would make sure that tha bolts don’t bottom out in the block instead of torque to head isn’t correct . I see h Engine had studs ( two sizes item 11 and 12 on description ) original. Measure the head of bolt to block make sure it will pull head down correctly to seal torque gasket , don’t want that problem .
  15. Suggestion called the head gasket mfg ,tech help and give them the number of the head gasket and ask a lot of questions ,take notes as to the procedure . What sealer to use and where , mine on the C is steel and graphite so they only recommend sealer on the steel , so I use that recommendation. Not to much sealer they say . See what the say ,post it cause if it different helps everyone. i know the procedure for a Farmall C but yours may differently
  16. In that ( bolts ) I suggest that you use a four flute bottom tap to clean out thread in block , use vacuum to clear out cru sty ,then flush out the dirts with brake clean ,revaccuum it. With the shaved head threads are entering into new purchase locations for torque , the tap act as no gage go gage to make sure your going to torque it up to true reading . and not bottom out ,cause the bolt aren’t going back into the original blind tapped holes are they ? Do the same with manifold nuts and bolts also don’t want any vacuum leaks after all this hard work and money . do you have any questions about head gasket retorque ? Even though I done it a few times , I reason the experience changes from Engine to Engine what good the last time the situation changes .
  17. Suggest you run a four flute clean out tap the correct thread thru all the head nuts, also run a clean out thread die down all the the studs . Clean with solvent like n on cholrinated brake clean .Oil with 30 weight . that will give you the best torque readings for accuracy . Last thing you want is a reading of seventy foot pounds when it’s only forty five , see what I saying crusty carbon will give you a false ready , you will bottom on rust and carbon build up.
  18. I’d say you did pretty well . Got all your engine block ,pre assembly prep work completed ? You have any questions now the time to ask .
  19. I resent the statement about government and tree huggers , you obviously want try and intimidate me , so I respectful ask for and apologize
  20. I would have everything that was done for sure and more , steel inserts for valve seats ,and a three angle grind on valves for better breathing . But that my standard procedure . I forgot to ask this gas or diesel . . gGoing to have some more blow by from increased compression,. What I’m forecasting as a result .
  21. Answer is no , get nitrogen free from the air and don’t need herbicide or insecticide with crop rotation on 4 to 6+year rotation. they are going on land longer , two to three crops in a season sometimes. Their soil can absorb more water . If you walk out into there plowed ground even looks different. Sponge .
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