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  1. Change the oil in Farmall C touch control today . Repaired the damage to the filter screen. Ordered some 100 x100 mesh from McMaster Carr for 9 bucks . Cut it and wrapped damage screen and secure with stainless safety wire.
  2. Happy Birthday to you all today ! Call the fire department before to lite the cake candle s give them a chance to get there.
  3. Sorry to here sad news rip 🪦
  4. I have a question about the transmission that has four legs out of the top poking out of the tunnel. Not familiar with it .
  5. good question ,only one I know that can answer that is Arron Wenger in New Holland ,pa . He a wheel dealer, I got my Farmall C rims from . good luck
  6. neighbor has one in his bounder rv . It thought was a diesel when I asked him. He did not say anything bad about it (ford v10 ) just was going to do maintenance before he goes to Florida. On the way there now . only thing I can say .
  7. Does that k241 Kohler oil have an internal resistance?
  8. I got a mm cylinder won’t lift it high enough and goes way to deep
  9. Do you have the cylinder ? What size is it ?
  10. Suggest, ( never had this issue , so suggest checking ) What condition are the filters in ?
  11. As usual got myself into a revolting development. I was going to make (replace missing )a governor control rod clip on the Farmall C . This will take the lost motion out of the throttle of lever as I advance to the high idle. This is top of c touch control cylinder block. Well the new bolt I thought was goin to fit would not go . So took the tank off and got into the thunder why ? See the photo. I’m thinking that if I just drill a hole into thru broken bolt I can get some penetration oil in behind and with some heat it will left hand drill and back out. Thunder ! Dull five drills total. What is this bolt make of ? Every time in these old ihc bolts I get into an issue . Happen before . I bought a 9/64 carbide drill at the hardware store and carefully drilled it thru . Shot wd 40 back in the ,heat it with the torch . Still could not get a hs Steel drill to drill through . Went to the tool supply bought this set drills the salesman suggested for doing this type of work . I did go through ,but chip the carbide drill when it grabbed ,ugh ! since the original dill hole was of center noe I can’t get the easy out to grab it to turn it out. Going get a small chisel to break up the treads pieces ,I think. If not going to pull the whole unit out and put on the bed of vertical mill and do it the right way , my advice is do not ever use a carbide drill with a hand drill it will grab and break off in sticking to the bolt . It did not happen to me but I was fortunate,this time.
  12. Was a white deer herd in western New York . Don’t know if they still there , any left . They weren’t albino if I remember correctly
  13. Just a suggestion ,balence the tires . I know they say we don’t balence trailer tires , We’ll your going to balence mine .
  14. Beautius Maximus! I got 3 -16 just like it. I marveled the heavy duty of that plow compare to any others. Thanks for posting The 560 would love to pull that for sure. doe it have the super chief points ,I can’t tell
  15. Might be a second gear shift spring broke. Happen to me , many years ago , changed the spring. Drove it many years afterwards. it’s hold in second till pressure over comes the spring it to shift into 3 rd Not familiar with your transmission , so just a suggestion to look into .
  16. Nice , post photos of projects
  17. Suggest checking the float for leaks. Put float refrigerator for couple of hours . Take it out and submerge it in a pan of warm ( not hot) to look for air bubbles .
  18. Adjusted the valve lash . Installed vacuum gauge into the 1/8 port on the intake. Adjusted the idle screw to the highest vacuum reading (steady 20 inches) . Move the magneto to get the best number about 21 locked it down. Went inside had some soup and a Pepsi to celebrate. I got Carter on this C from a spare Super C . Love it , pull the starter trigger and it’s t running ,hardly ever have to choke it. Temperature I’d 40 degrees ,not bad.
  19. If the lead acid battery was frozen then it went south . (safety ) don’t try to start with or charge a frozen lead acid battery . I never do it but you would need to do a specific gravity test on the electrolytes of the cells each fall ,charge it and remove cables. Most manufacturers have storage recommendations . Cant recall the AGM batteries recommended , look it up and post it help me and others . Dont know the optima story , use fail after one season if left hooked up if I remember correctly . Anybody have more tales on them , Just remember customers coming in the spring that there classic car’s optima battery was shot, ,got it last year.
  20. My brother had an electric golf cart in Phoenix, was constantly complaining about the batteries not taking a charge to 100 percent. Glad he got ride of it. I don’t have to listen to the same story over and over.
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