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  1. Model Four  2-12 I (designed to work with any tractor )I used  at plowing match. In July .  After wards  I painted it to take to shows close and plow where show have the exhibition set up to plow . 

    after (and during) the match the kind fellows  there helped me out by suggesting, telling things to correct. After fifty  more years of neglect ,there’s plenty to do. Furrows side is cutting about 18 inches ( have to move the tractor wheel in to about 21 inches on the Farmall C ( 24 now for corn planters .
    got a list of potential purchases 

    looking for jointers ,18 inch coulters, tires 5.00-16 (26 inch outside diameter) . 

    got the AC 72 Combine but that’s another story for another day .








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  2. Hog troughs for dirt , salt and other road waste. 
    like the fenders and inner fender splash protection. Magnetic for the same .Rusted out before it  leaves the lot in north East Ohio. That condition will corrosion anything.

  3. Welcome highland .

    only thing I can say is , if you going to commit to this ? Be prepared to spend three to four times your present budget to get it going. Project like that cost a lot of time and money. No shortcuts 

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  4. On 11/22/2022 at 10:36 AM, 560Dennis said:

    I don’t recommend 80 / 90 wt for your differential,your got brass bushings  in there. Straight Sae 90 wt Gl1 mineral oil.
    for that tractor differential. 

    you can get it at tractor supply or napa 

    gl4 or gl5 has high sulphur for hypoid gear extra pressure . That sulfur latches onto brass in extra pressure situation and fret soff brass . Made that mistake in supercc and c had frets of brass collected in bottom of differential in a year latter ,drain all that stinking gray crap out and went to napa and got sae 90 gl1 and put it in.cs . 

    my advice do what you want your choice 

    Took this photo of the super C after one year using 80/90 gl5 high sulphur oil . Blue trowel  used to wipe out differential case shows the brass frets .

    Brass frets came from the bronze bushings in the transmission that sulfur attacks (attaches to bronze ,under load tear small frats off bearing surfaces). The oil smells ,reaks with sulfur ,and has a gray color. 

    why I only use sae 90 gl1 mineral gear oil in my and c super c now .

    Guys post why is my transmission so noisy ,well I would say it could be ,they used  got gl5 oil in differential . Or I lost the pto bushings , shaft is wobbly , Took out the bronze bushings. My opinion.

    I had a discussion with lube specialist at Warren lubricants, recommended me to switch. To Sae 90 gl1 ,. Ok all I’ll say about it. 


  5. 3 hours ago, AngrySailor said:

    We passed by closer to the north shore of the lake. Should pass by later today heading east. Near Sarnia/port Huron rn. We’re heading down east for the rest of my time here. Got some Halifax runs, Quebec, PEI and cape breton. Think a Newfoundland run or two also. Of course we’re going to PEI as far as possible from my house so no short visit home...

    Ok Headed to the Ashtabula county Fair to take the tarp off the Fordson . Will miss the cruise by .

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