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  1. My old accurite 3 in 1 weather station sensor went out I assume .  Won’t reset ,won’t connect by changing batteries . I did some searching with vom meter for bad solders and failure of resistors. Anyway 

    What weather stations are you using today ? I’m going to replace this one soon . Like the 3 in one ,don’t know how the 5 in ones are ?

  2. Friend eastern pa. Said his numbers  were down this year.  Said ,few retired ,sold collections, or passed . 

    I put a sign stay off Fordson and Farmall C , No foot rest on Fordson , kid fall thru on to hot muffler ! Not good , I don’t want them hurt ,safety first .

    They want to sit on a tractor go to the commercial exhibition 



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  3. I’m glad , congratulations to the ladies for all their  hard work , getting you home safe . 
    Therapy now I assume to get the muscle tone,  respiratory ,endurance back .

    I like silver sneakers, myself helps me to get out and talk to people keep the mind active along with the exercise. 

    Tells us how you’re doing time to time . 

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  4. Came home from HCOP Sunday , 7 hours drive ,exhausted really ,looking forward to good night sleep in my bed. 
    About 10:30  got my pillows just right. Laying there counting sheep . All of sudden the the bed start shaking like a bowl of jello . My wife was watching tv ,call out my name . I’m  a little disoriented. I make my way down the hallway . She asked what was that ? EARTHQUAKE. ONLY THING ! I can think of. 
    stayed up awhile 

    Returning to the bed ,laid down , counting my blessings . Maybe I can get to sleep . 
    Then about hour later I can’t sleep I feel and aftershock. Thunder ! 
    I did get some sleep but I had nightmares about earthquakes. 
    That’s the second one to hit the area. One hit here awhile we were at HCOP ,same night the tornados touch down .

    Mother Nature 

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  5. Anybody get a picture of the Smdta  ( is that right model  description?) all original in the dark gray tent ?  I forgot 

    I got a video of the C picking corn ,it’s a classic , my tram driver got us close up . Best ride ever . 

    any body know names the Farmall C corn picker drivers ?


  6. Day one great , had just an awesome experience. High light was the tram driver took us up close to the corn pickers in action .  I especially liked the little one c21 on Farmall c was out there pouring it on . Great video of the action . 
    best I got for photography 





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  7. The qd cleaner , Wasn’t spraying,working very good . Left it  on the Farmall C platform . Power washed  the tractor ,just blew it off on the ground. Didn’t see it ,backed over it with the front wheel  . Walked around front to turn gas off . Thunder , saw it ,picked it up and tried it , it worked good . Must have compressed the gas inside it. 
    So moral is ,run over something to make it work !



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