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  1. Suggest staying with original set up( generator)+ .  Voltage regulator should have two coils one being a cut out ,the other being the voltage regulator . 
    Suggest a reliable auto electric shop that’s been in business for awhile that knows your generator. Not saying you can’t rebuild it yourself if you have the machine tools, growlers,vom to test and repair . Have the Generator shop test your unit before you do anything . You might be ok , could be an another issue , this will save u about 200 .

    Suggest getting books out of libraries references read up on generators . Will help making the correct discision for you. 

    i think an alternator is over kill for me.  . Got one ( 6 volt converted positive ground ) on the Super C , it oks ! Not going to do anymore. 
    Good luck 

  2. 4 hours ago, Tanman67 said:

    I would love to find a pump off one that is behind the distributor for this tractor. If you know anyone parting one out or have one laying around in good shape. 

    Check on a wild burro hunch  Charley Burgh of http://www.burghimplement.com been the salvage business since the 30 s 

    im assumes it is the injection pumps ?   Heritage Diesel ,he on here(  injectEd ) 

    There a place In Boise,Idaho ??? Sorry don’t remember who ! Deal with a lot ofcTD tractors parts 

  3. Went out to the garage (38F) . Set the new points gap to .013 on the H4 magneto for the Farmall C. Assembly of back cover . Assembly of the condenser cover. Installed and dated new rotor and distribution cap. Put on new and dated the new coil cover . 
    Fingers got cold and returned to house , that’s enough for toady , got a lot accomplished! 
    Rewards : Two brownies and glass of 2 % milk .

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  4. I got my custom pistons  for the Fordson from Wisco in mentor ,Ohio, 

    ref. They looked at my piston , said it was a of a custom pistons similar  to a tractor puller wanted them to make special. They told him his design would not work but he insisted . It didn’t work . To my advantage they made my pistons to our spec mine with a flat top . 

    Also ,prior to this I went to Egge in California , they wanted to charge me double the price that Wisco did the job . They really gave the impression they weren’t interested. 


  5. Story !

    background .
    when we got the Super C in 1960 , it was a mess ,was used in the woods for logging , tree fell on it  split in two . Weld back together .

    We got it cause it was a SUPER C , 

    My first mechanic apprentice jobs dad gave (age 10 ) was to get huge plugs that they jammed into the cylinders 2 and 3 . 
    The two horse traders we got the tractor from joked they couldn’t the plugs out of it . I think it was a joke on dad they wanted to play by selling it to us. because they knew dad wanted one. 

    I think the hex on these plugs were 15/16 ( maybe you guys  know what the hex was ion some 18 mm .or something I don’t remember . I remember there was no room between head and plug hex 

    I got them out, think I use a  in wrench toolbox . It would move the plug a 5 degree rotation . I spent a week some thing to get those plugs out. 
    Anyways the tractor good for forty years after that. 

    I should have saved those two plugs ,they would be priceless  ,maybe 



  6. I  have trouble getting the deep well socket  to purchase on the 7/8 hex of the  plug on my C s . Frustration of slipping off with socket slipping off when installing ,removing. Ugh .

    Bought cheap 3/8 great neck deep well 7/8 socket and had my son under cut it from 1.18 to 1..09 and  .055 length .

    edit ,forgot to mention we face off the socket lead in radius for a sharp purchase on hex ,giving nothing for the slip off , which is easy done. 

    Amen ! 






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  7. County of Ashtabula,had Ford NAA s with sickle bar center mounted . Like to ride my bike along side them as they went by .

    something to do ! 
    good memories 

  8. Well if theres , fuel then there’s nothing (right fuel mixture) getting sucked  in higher rpm( sound right? ) , do a compression test or leak down , (backfiring is lean )check the spark plugs for lean 

    Try this, vacuum test with gauge  or spraying starting fluid around the intake or manifold to see leakage ,the rpm change. 
    my suggestion ,good luck , hope you get it resolved 


  9. I think if got hot the seal blew out of the water pump because of pressure .

    i d take it back and have them do a leak down test on it , it should not do what you described . Something very wrong going on there. 



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