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  1. She got the mix from Aldi ( this was pretty good when your hungry ,got to watch the cheap mixes sometimes she said (dry)but it was cheap, I don’t give a hoot ,my job to gobble it ,pillsbury,Betty Crocker are more consistent she says . 

    some recipes only use one egg for fudge. 

    she also uses (sprinkles ) chocolate chips when she takes it out of the oven, spread s them when they turn glossy soft. 
    don’t drop any chocolate on the kitchen tile or she will scold you. 
    best I can ay it. How’d I do ?



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  2. 10 minutes ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    You may want to look at the air cleaner.

    Those are getting old enough where I have seen them plugged and also rusted out holes in the long pipe from the air cleaner to intake.

    When was the last time you changed the oil in the air cleaner?

    If you have holes, or bad hoses, you will probably find dust in the intake and that is not good. 

    These can rob you of a few horses?

    Really good suggestion ,have to check it out 

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  3. Archived post might help  you all , it appears mine was much more abused than any of what I see  rockshaft  ,lever, spring s 

    I made some modifications  added rivet to contact lever for anti bounce 

    there  a difference in control spring c and super c is thirteen turns Farmall a and super a is 15 . I made the mistake order ,could only get 1500 rpm .

  4. On 6/26/2023 at 6:24 PM, bitty said:

    My nephew got this one and it was delivered today. I've never seen this style fuel gauge, it's not in working order .... anyone have any information on the brand of it? Like new 15.5-38 Firestone field and roads . Looks like a cushion hitch adapted to the drawbar. I think I have a fast hitch for him . Power steering is one finger factory setup. I'm only slightly jealous 😁 










    Got a pulling hitch on it ? 
    Congratulations , I’m going to give you all a blue ribbon for finding some hot set ups ?

    get back out and see what you can find and post it please. 

  5. Went to the 70 something local area fair in Albion ,Pa. Yesterday . Nice day ,I needed some recreational enjoyment. Meet some old friends at pull and meet some new ones even better. Good numbers in the antique classes . Competition results were very good for all classes I’d say, a cluster of results in each classes pretty close. 





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  6. 1 hour ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    We have a beefco? Tiller that looks identical to that. It does have the side shift but I can't say that we have ever qused that fearure...maybe once long ago and not sure why now. I have never bent that bracket that I can think of...at least so far.

    Never heard of a beefco ,but no matter ? I like this one does a nice JB of making new even lawn after construction projects.

  7. On 9/13/2023 at 12:15 PM, AngrySailor said:

    Actually it just arrived... pops just sent me these pics. They just got home from their trip. Blower has some use and has been re-stripped once, couple nicks in the rotors which were there before the last rebuild. The outer strips will need to be machined for more radial clearance for gasoline use anyways. Way fancier unit that I thought, helical rotor, delta outlet.  This thing could push over 40psi with its eyes closed! Looks like I’ll have to make an adapter to reverse the hat so it sits forward facing in the boat as the engine is flywheel forward. No biggie. Still broke down in three rivers, got computer techs onboard now at least. 






    You should be a photographer for Arby’s ,you made the blower look huge !

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  8. 21 hours ago, EquipmentJunkie said:

    The guys at work call his place “the snake farm”. Lots of places for rodents and slithering things to hide!


    19 hours ago, hardtail said:

    Incentive to fix what you already have 😳🐍😁


    21 hours ago, EquipmentJunkie said:

    The guys at work call his place “the snake farm”. Lots of places for rodents and slithering things to hide!

    Guys at your work are Bunch of afraidycats Wengers is like ceder  point compare to salvage yard in Mississippi , got to cut your way into the car through kudzu to see what is is . ,cut way out , snakes and wild boar , come on !  Then owners are carrying 45 long colts ,got to make a deal , with these guys , I’ll take wenger anyday 

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