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  1. Just curious ,did you get much snowfall ❄️like in Austria ?? or Germany ?? .

    1. François02



      no snow here, and in an average winter we have not a lot of snow, and it does not stay more than few days!

  2. https://www.petestirestore.com/155-38-Firestone-Super-All-Traction-II-Tractor-Tire-8-Ply-TL_p_6876.html

    this is what I think they are ,sorry not up on it. Had to much going on to night to slow down and enjoy and investigate. They do say 26 psi max 

    1. bitty


      I am confident that size is not listed in the chart I have as it's in my 8950 Magnum operators manual. Load and inflation chart . I will try to Google it

  3. Sorry if this not a fit , just didn’t want it to get away if you need one. 


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