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  1. I’m going to put it ( 50:1 into the Husqvarna snow throw cat end of season and run itit. , I had the cleaner the carb out to get it to run. Only had 10 hours on it . going do it to the Farmall C
  2. God bless those boys and girls that died that day . They wanted to be able to celebrated the birth of Jesus just like us but paid the ultimate sacrifice
  3. Here’s a link to Wellerts , best Allis place I know of , got my plow bolts there in West Salem ,Ohio posting a link ,hope it helps anyone interested . https://www.wellertsallischalmersparts.com good luck
  4. Cant ( logger tool) We used the one with good handle two weeks ago. Other one I got to replace the handle .
  5. Palestinians of the time captured it briefly, quickly return it, lemon law !
  6. Happy birthday to all today . Have a blessed day Tony
  7. 2.3 magnitude earthquake Today 9 hours ago at 13:58 December 01, 2023 UTC Location: Epicenter at 41.777, -81.028 1.2 km from Madison (1.2 miles) Lake Erie, Ohio Depth: 6 km
  8. Had mild earthquake here Madison oh about and hour ago . Most people At exercise 🏋🏼said they didn’t fell it. But we got a bang and shake .
  9. Not sure of the magnitude of the stubble burns . The Canadian Fires this summer makes me concerned that it would force me to say inside ,could not breathe , no outside activities . May and June wasn't good here.
  10. We went Firestone on the 560 . Because in the long run I felt that the wheels slipping of inferior tires would be a cost avoidance in the long run I wasted fuel. I also have witnessed the rapid dry rotting at the cheaper off shore mfr. increased fuel cost also . So what’s the time difference three years to make up the difference in cost . After that cheaper tires will 6 years the will double the cost difference loss from the price
  11. Proud of the fleet photo taken at 201 Geauga county fair September 2023 , 1924 model F and 1948 Farmall C. 73 years of memories that go with these babies. My late friend told and I quote “ you’ll forget the money , but never forget the memories “ ! Fordson F for forever! Farmall C forever !
  12. Lighted tractor parade is on for Saturday . Here is the Link to look over https://www.thelinesvilletractorparade.com
  13. I was a fram guy because I got them easy from TSC ,but I think the guy just a few acres cut one open , less of a filter paper . i got a wix from auto parts in Madison on last visit .
  14. Smokstak wheel rubber tractor for the tractor B ,possibly , good question
  15. Does my 2011 gmc 5.3 have them ? Any testing results to confirm strength improvement or just a cost reduction ?
  16. A suggestion : to try Chalkers in Southington Ohio . When I was there last spring for the auction they had salvage tractor s 460 utility for sure then and others . https://www.chalkers.net/default.htm
  17. I can see my Luke’s mouth watering now ,he’ll have all of those eaten quicker than I can say Luke !
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