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  1. Went to the hardware store yesterday . And I got my poppy’s from a nice couple . My dad use to say to me you got to have your Poppy , I didn’t understand what it was all about ,but it was fun to enjoy the event , he was all emotional and excited to get one for me.
  2. Must say that lifter gave me a surprise look , thunder . How did that pitt surface on the lobe happen ? I say it’s a complete check over everything.
  3. Sure look like a candidate to break trough hard pan
  4. Why is that guns won in a raffle shoot better ? Im going off the subject again ,!
  5. Did once on the cub engine of the 50 T baler . It was in the engine manuals to clean carbon so many hours. . Followed it as should young man . put back together and started it up . Water was coming out of the head between 2 and three . I was almost in tears ,I tried to hard to do the right thing and this was my reward. I went to my father regretted every step. Told what had happened. He said let’s go take a look. Said to me forget it you tried to do it right can’t fault you. Going to show you something i learned in the depression. He took a wrench and tighten the head bolts around 2 and 3 till the leak stopped. Said that how we did in the Depression. That engine never leak after that . well that one of the most memorable moments I had with my father .
  6. Sorry butting in on thread but I need to ask Dwell users if they have trouble shooting experience. Anybody here good with fixing the RAC electronic dwell meter ? mine is not working on tach or the dwell mode switch, the point resistance works. thanks
  7. Look s like what I call painted
  8. Supply and demand. inventory is a lot of money sitting there. So I’m ( good business sayes) not going to pay to store parts for it . 60 year old tractor . i check tractor house ,put part number in the part search and see who has them
  9. How many at last year’s ?
  10. No till in your cover crop mix. run the piggies or beef in there,suck up all the combine miss
  11. Schützenfest this is what I was trying to convey Schützenfest
  12. I do the static timer. I put it at crank 4 advance . Hook up the vom to the secondary lead at distribution . Rotating the distributor cap housing to the points just open ( break ) and locker down. No mechanical advance to interfere . if you don’t have a vom ,I’ve done by sound ,I can hear the points open on a Super c
  13. Get it . It will be great ! when is the Shootenfeast ?
  14. My Chevy shop manual says for a 6 cylinder 57 that the dwell angle is 28 to 35 degrees . .016 air gap I set mine to 28 degrees so as the cammed lifter on the point arm wears it wil be in spec as it wears . I,ve used dwell meters on Ford 390 even when they say that feeler gage is all that’s nesseary, but it make a big difference , onthe performance. So tractor supply has the cheapest dwell meter in the trailer section about 35
  15. so where are we on this project ? Did you get it going ?
  16. I used the DuPont green acid ( can’t remember the name of it. ) worked very good . I think I saw it at the auto parts on the shelve. I’ll look next time . Probably have a solution befor3 that .
  17. Count your blessings ,wait till you get cataract implants if ever! Hold off as long as possible that makes senses everybody’s different .
  18. Was the ihc auction in wauseon ,Ohio , there was a set of cultivators there. Guy claimed that it fit an M to a 560 . So maybe I can’t confirm . Maybe if you can get an implements catalog for 560 , would be a sure thing confirmation. Good luck sorry not much help.
  19. That’s the hot set ups!
  20. I just want to say thanks for posting photos cause I can’t see them at my house , I looked nothing
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