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  1. Appreciate a tractor with a pto today
  2. Had tour of GE transportation Erie 2006 . Had some Engines going all over the world .
  3. Safety first , life will instantly change
  4. The John Deere guy mentioned them flipping over , as to blame Fordson tractor but the D will flip over ,no mention of that operator error ! Unfortunately
  5. No mention of flipping over backwards in the Nebraska tractor test 018. That test was established to verify what the purchaser of a tractor in state of Nebraska was factually correct by manufacturer and they were safe to operating under during test. The flipping over backwards was due to operating errors by operators. Accident reports where available confirmed.
  6. Maker of cappuccino at Starbucks , they seize up a lot ,what im thinking
  7. How Do you make the gaskets for that ?
  8. agree looks fixable ,call an expert Do they Cast one out of aluminum
  9. another 4 fifty, ! ?
  10. I personally have not seen many that would match that ,but that’s my opinion looking on Craigslist as an example ,good luck ,
  11. Only worked on C,s or 560 D so don’t know if I can comment unless it’s that model .
  12. They worked them hard ,so all the major systems have to be check over as close as Farmalls do. so make a list of things to check and go through it carefully at inspection. What I’m suggusting . Want to post some photos of your project,we can comment what’s your budget for repairs ?
  13. Going to a restaurant this week . Waiters are robots. I guess you walk into it order from kiosk. Scan a table number and sit down and the robot brings out the food. Don’t know how to get a refill of lemonade . Or if I spill it. Just have to make the best of it. Hear the food is excellent. Let you know how it goes!
  14. The grill looks ok to me ,what’s the problem with it? All fixable in my opinion . The tractors are 75 years old ,a few dents are inevitable . Should see mine ! one with damaged crank port is not bad ,i cut out a insert for it and trim and weld in patch.
  15. You have to preheat cast to 450 F then weld with cast rod . need to drill holes at the end of each fracture to stop it from . spreading . See the edited photo I’ll stop there
  16. good for you. Got the hot set ups there , like the good start with the cultivators for sure
  17. My opinion having cultivated with garden tractors . Anything big inside our hoop house would be very difficult to maneuver. I know I’d punch a hole in it ,to many things to watch . Rather use two wheelers with tiller .
  18. Not an expert ,but sounds like that it is one line loading up ( how I describe it , ) not all . Maybe one injector put heat infer red thermometer on the exhaust to find which is cold .
  19. Took me ten years to find a good used pickup. Good luck ! I’m not much help !
  20. I have an orphan 12 volt coil . New ,don’t remember where it came from to replace coil on motor , motor Coil has open secondary. No information on that coil. I don’t have the manual for a 1000. Like to use it if it will work on the 1000 . Measure s 3.3 secondary approx , ohm. what’s a stock ohm,the primary ohm measure ?if anyone that has
  21. I would suggest this, measure every thing( do not assume ) , flow fuel ( time fuel flow amount in container .) ,timing light-the timing . I find the fastest way to uncover engine faults is using a vacuum guage . Remove the vacuum port from the intake ,install vacuum guage. your vacuum should be 18 to 22 inches of hg and a steady needle . If not then the readings will tell you what isn’t working. Get an I T manual orc shop manual and go thru one system at a time. My tractors are 75 years old and they have issues with everything, from the grill, hood to drawbar. I’ve never found a Farmall crystal ball that works, guessing cost me big bucks . Post what your findings are so we can comment .good luck with your project .
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