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  1. We started out with a Cadillac hood and fifteen feet of wire chain
  2. Maybe a cheap blue tarp and two cheap bungee cord assortment is a possible solution park it in sun , keeping it warm so some dew doesn’t settle into elevators . Well my thought
  3. Been going to this for three years now ,took the Fordson last year . Was great to get and see some local tractors from the area around Thompson ,Ohio
  4. Ugh ! Moose pee will seize just about anything , dirty mini rats id start soaking bell housing with purple power ( alike) power wash the residue out of there , spay or brush fluid film or sealer into there. make sure the pressure plate levers are moving clean and lubed .
  5. Nice ! Be careful
  6. I don’t understand that ,sorry, wheres the cost justified by doing that ?
  7. Does look to be an older cat ,slowing down ,needs to get easy slow prey that doesn’t put up much of a fight. Check the tree line fence often I’d say . Or drone it to be a pest ,move it off
  8. Here in lake county we big into nursery and vineyards . They are using drones for inspections, and they have a monster I’ll call it to do spray. I don’t have pictures of it from field day was too big a crowd around it.
  9. Redfield with tv lenses 3 x9 , only realistic choice that I can think of . Ya know which one I mean ,I got one.
  10. I like them , nice will last and last
  11. Your right that’s a head scratcher,to me also , give it two ??
  12. I proud of the work we did on the New Idea 30 A . I figured it was about a month of work to get it going . Thunder ended up about three years. I can’t say I’m proud my estimated projects I was humbled by it. i never like this mower but it what we had . I forgot how much of a pain it was to operate or I’d never would have started it. Oh well ! But I was determined to overcome all the years of frustration,by turning it into the mower it was designed to be. Have to say it’s not easy or cheap. I would not recommend it to anybody. But we did it and it gets use to mow 25 acres these past few years . Is it perfect no but it will do the job.
  13. A Good scolding back then and now look at ya ! Yep !did all right in my opinion . lol oh
  14. Oh my , somebody going to get a scolding when dad gets home
  15. So many questions? i haven’t figured the steering shaft . Reminds me of our Super C You got to get that running
  16. Excellent post , Depression Engineering at it finest on a no less a super C , that’s awesome
  17. Taking the Farmall C to Horse Power weekend . Took it over today . Starts tomorrow . I put the seed hopper back together with painted logos . Mounted them to C221. I’ll counted how many people notice them. Good Show to end summer at Lake County Farm Parks . Anything to do with horsepower . i actually got to plow with a team of draft horses . Got tractors also a car and truck show , plus the farm should be fun with grandkids . They like to come to this tractor show .
  18. Never thought of that , laughing all the way to the field . I hope to use the corn planter for corn (sweet) once again , don’t think the little seeds give a hoot about clocked logos , but I know from showing things I thought were important don’t matter . thank for the tip
  19. Someone cut the fenders, sometimes you got say what were they thinking !
  20. It’s a rainy day in NEO . So I thought I would trim the IHC logo stamped into the top of the Richmond seed hoppers . They never had this new but I wanted to see if i like it. So I free hand it in white with serifs as best I could. I think its ok what do you think? , an its ok to say you don’t like it . Ain’t going hurt my feelings . Besides I’m finding that 100 out 101 people at shows will never notice it ,I did it for myself for edification and amusement.
  21. I don’t know what to say ! Un-huh!
  22. Let him fix on the tractor . I wouldn’t touch it if I were you. It will be going to Ed at heritage diesel ( or someone like him ) shortly . Track the extra cost and advice
  23. I’m suggesting you remove soft plugs , before engine wash ( boil out what ever they call it ) . I didn’t do that to the Fordson and regret every time I turned engine over on engin stand .
  24. How come emerald moth has not killed it ? I what I’m amazed
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