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  1. Supposed to be sugar cane , I rather drink the rust remover ,I’ve been conditioned to Poor quality and condition to believe it’s good
  2. are you salary exempt, or hourly
  3. The old house gas water heater has been working since 1987. We got water filter and water softener. 🤷‍♂️
  4. When I moved , I read the water heater info ,they say every six months to drain it. I know the previous owner did not do that. So I calould the mfg. on Carolina . They since it was that old not to flush it .
  5. just looking ,redo with available domestic components. Go to Industrial equipment design house And have It reengineered. Spent a lifetime career of redos of machines the corporate sources got the best price on . Then they were promoted. But we the USERS had to make work at triple the original cost
  6. Never had any respect for him . Tv ratings ,publicity in my opinion NFL is finished thanks to management and employees total disregard for the sport of football and the fans that supported it. big time college gone also mis mangement
  7. No wonder you can’t get across the stream ,you took all the flat rocks out of it so that’s why your up to the axles or more .
  8. It pays big , to have a transmission mechanic as a friend. He has every kind of snap ring pliers that you could think of . Doing the pto on the 560 D proved it to me. Cause I would have lost my pliers in the move . 🤷‍♂️👍🏻👀and bought the wrong ones ,why cuss ?
  9. https://youtu.be/SU3kldKNY7w click on video , I thought it was helpful and educational what these dummies do
  10. I’d remove the spark plug and attach a wet dry vacuum to each cylinder . Attached to air cleaner. Attached t to exhaust . put some marvel mysteries oil in cylinders . Hand crank After your sure all water is out. Hand crank with valve cover off ,make sure clearness is right watch valve move up and down oil them. drain water ouT of Governor. take your time you willGet IT going just don’t rush , hand crank I’ll you sure it’s free, can’t assume anything vacuum magneto spray contact cleaner on points drain generator .and starter sorry got in late but posting anyway
  11. I don’t have one , and I don’t believe I’ve seen one at auction or shows in awhile
  12. Yep they were , happen about time white took over they flip to ih
  13. I go to deep with our three bottom #16 so , I totally understand the issues I made with my set up. If I ever do it again new points shears and set depth to 6 inches in clay . 🤷‍♂️ ive lifted the cylinder higher like 6 inch say and the 560 goes into launch 🚀,it’s my set up ,I know ,why does it take so long to learn this ,I don’t know
  14. Nice 👍🏻 I always wanted that one for ours , heavy duty ,
  15. I just ordered new cables for the old Farmall C . I got them from Brillman. The prices , I can’t make them for that. I tried and I don’t like them . I’ll let you know when I get them. How they are !
  16. Nice 560 D I assume it’s a four beam plow. Don’t remember the number model ? Got a three bottom just like it .
  17. In our clay I say no. Just moved hard pan lower. The loan fill in the rips when it rains and over and over next thing got hard pan . Do a trench and you can see it ,layers are there root won’t go through it for the water
  18. Do they still deliver? Cause I remember them delivering in Ohio . Friends had a truck stop at there house in the sixties and I ask what is this ? They were original from Shamokin. I tried them they were very good. The wife seen then in a Christmas catalog ,then we started I remember this ? They must still around and good ?
  19. Massey Harris Pony took blue ribbon at great geauga county fair. Last time . Take note of the the three digit phone number on the dealer decal .
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