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  1. I have some parts Kevin Cooke 616 914 3649
  2. Well at least you'll be able to warm the 806 up good
  3. Chad I bought one had to have it. Developed a noise in trans sounded like a dozer. Trying to find the noise showed drive shafts and u joints worn out. Tractor runs good so $. Then thinking it was ok to run , coupling between engine and drive shaft spins out more $. finally get in the field clutch slips occasionally frixed that to. Long story short cost way more to make it a dependable tractor than I paid for it. I love it but financially its going to have to work for many hours to get back to even. I have 20 K in it . Everything works its very enjoyable needs tires
  4. Jack there is a drive shaft from the clutch to the transmission in the torque tube . The U joint is made of rubber . One corner may have let loose letting the drive shaft spin around out of round and scrape and hit on things making the noise
  5. Alex looks like a nice late model. I have had some experience with the 10 20 I also have some parts.

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