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    Is global warming for real?

    They plan to solve global warming with a limited nuclear winter. cab
  2. 615 spike

    IH 715 Combine choking at feeder mouth

    I used to have that problem. Now, I remove head from feeder, block up the drum with a board or ratchet strap., use a wire brush on my four inch grinder to remove and rust and dirt up as far as I can. Then I spray the area with graphite paint (slip plate from tsc). Do the same thing behind the drum on the header. This eliminates the time and misery of trying to scour things clean. cab
  3. 615 spike

    Frandsen Auction

    If you read the sale bill (www.petersenauctionservice.com) you will notice a smattering of IH related stuff. There should be, he was a repair man in the shop of Hyde equipment, he lived on the east side of it. Prior commitments will put me in southern Ohio this weekend, the grandson is being dedicated in a church near Athens, Ohio Shucks.
  4. 615 spike

    What's wrong with my H?

    Run a compression test on #1 sounds like you could have an intake valve stuck open which lets the exhaust back feed to the carburetor effectively eliminating fuel from all cylinders. cab
  5. 615 spike

    box elder bugs for bait

    I seem blessed with an abundance of box elder bugs. I would like to be able to consider them a resource rather than a pest. Has anyone ever used them for ice fishing bait? They look quite similar to some of the aquatic insects that I have removed from fish innards in the past. I understand that they would be a one bite bait as they are fragile compared to mousies or spikes. thanks cab
  6. 615 spike

    Christmas presents for wife

    If you're brave, I suggest the imported 'make America great again' Trumpy Bear. If she is of the liberal persuasion, include a dozen hat pins so it can be used as a voodoo doll.
  7. 615 spike

    IH 404 with C135 is haunted~

    When one of my 706's (I have three) acted in a similar fashion, It turned out to be a blockage in the hole that goes to the bottom of the main jet. It took quite a bit of pressure and ether to dislodge it with a piece of wire from a set of guitar strings. Not saying it's your problem, it's just one more thing to check the next time you have the carb apart . cb
  8. 615 spike

    Case auger

    Auger looks like it pulls from the ends toward the middle. I'M GUESSING it's for an eight row corn head. cb
  9. 615 spike

    IH 303 combine tire size

    I've owned four of them. They arrived here with 14.9-26, 16.9-26, or 18.4-26 tires. all on 8 bolt rims with about a 6' center. They usually end up with 18.4 's as they have better flotation on this swamp I farm. cab
  10. 615 spike

    brakes stuck

    not to be recommended , You just disconnect the lines at the bottom of the break controls and cap off the lines to the brakes and the fittings at the bottom of the control valves. If I remember right, Its some kind of jic fitting. Not to be recommended if you are on roads or anywhere near ditches , traffic etc. where you need to stop. Can always cap lines once you get in the field. Also not to be recommended I have loosened up the bolts on my 706 one turn to allow extra clearance for pads. cb
  11. 615 spike

    brakes stuck

    Before you start replacing brake parts needlessly, better check to see if the cylinders that the brake pedals control are leaking and allowing fluid through to the brake when the pedal is up. First, check to see if the linkage from the pedal to the control cylinder are set up, rusted, or stiff and that the pedal actually comes all the way up. then crack the lines going to the brake and see if any fluid comes out when the brake pedal is up.(tractor running) if there is an internal link or an improper adjustment of the linkage, fix that first. cab
  12. 615 spike

    Skunk in a trap. What should I do?

    The last one I caught in a box trap in someone's front yard, I used ether, aka starting fluid delivered through a ten foot piece of plastic pipe to calm the skunk down. I then covered the trap and hauled it across the road where the skunk went for a under water adventure without it's scuba gear. No smell, not to be recommended where a spark could blow up your porch. cab
  13. 615 spike

    If trump got farmers more money

    In answer to Bitty's question on milkweed, the reason for planting it in pollinator habitat is that roundup ready farming has pretty much eliminated it as a common weed, much to the detriment of the Monarch Butterfly . It's a perennial, but a couple of doses of Roundup and its gone. cab
  14. 615 spike

    Farmall 560 oil pressure

    You start by checking if the gasket between the filter base and the block matches the channels and ridges on the inside of the base. there are two or three gaskets that are the right size on the outside, but are designed for different filter bases.. I have a 706G that had low oil pressure, reground the crank, installed new bushings on the cam shaft, new bearing -held 25 psi cold with 40 wt oil. put in the correct gasket holds 45psi warm now. cab
  15. 615 spike

    403 combine engine into 806

    I did this with a 706. Assuming your 806 is gas, you pull the front pulleys and swap out the front covers and the plate behind the camshaft gear that bolts to the front cover. This will remove the hydraulic pump that is run off the front of the engine in the 403. front pulleys are most likely different, use the one from your tractor, along with the fan and mounts. At the rear, you will have to swap flywheels. Unless you enjoy pulling engines, NOW is the time to put new front and rear seals on the crankshaft and check to see that the main and rod bearing are good. The exhaust manifolds may need to be changed and the carburetor from the combine draws air from the opposite end and will need to be changed out. The engine usually found on 403 combines is the C263 gas, a sleeveless version of the engine found on 706 gas tractors. Do you really want to make your 806 into a 706? cab
  16. 615 spike

    706 Gas Oil Pressure Problem

    It sounds more like a gauge problem. When worn, the pressure is higher when the engine and oil are cold. AS the oil warms up it thins and the pressure drops. Before you do anything rash, put a mechanical gauge on a new piece of flexible grease gun hose and install it in the hole at the front of the engine on the side with the oil filter and distributor where the sensor or line for your oil gauge goes into the block. If you still have low pressure, then you can play with the spring pressure of the relief valve. cab
  17. 615 spike

    303 combine?

    Yes, the engines are six cylinder engines. The early ones with the front of the platform rounded had BD 220 engines. The later ones with a white front plate had C221 sleeveless engines. After fifty years, it could have almost any IH straight six gas engine in it. C 263 and C301 are a perfect match and more power. cab
  18. 615 spike

    303 combine?

    I have four 303's in my salvage assortment. Two of them I farmed with, bought the third to get the soybean head it had; bought the fourth one to keep it from the scrap man. Things to check : are the tubes on the cross augers rotted out.elevator bottom doors? is the bin bottom in good shape and does the clean out door at the bottom of the unloading auger come off. Was it removed and the bin cleaned after use. What shape are the belts in. I would assume finding a new flat belt would be like finding a unicorn. If the combine isn't cleaned, the shaker pan under the cylinder tends to rot out. The rubber bushings that support the shoe can be quit entertaining to replace and align. Does it come with an assortment of sprockets so you can change cylinder speeds. When you get it running drive it around to see if it jumps out of gear. Does it have a grain head? Is the pittman driving weight tight on its shaft? what shape is the auger in? have the fingers rusted into their balls and pulled inside the tube? I bought my most recent 615 quite reasonably because that happend and it cut the auger in half quite quickly. The owner couldn't find another head. I put on an 800 series feeder house so I could run more modern heads (modern being a relative term) good luck cab
  19. 615 spike

    715 combine

    Make sure you get all the parts you need. The feeder house takes longer cylinders, the brackets the feeder house pivots in are needed, the little brackets for the door above the feeder house are needed, also needed is the door at the top and the thingy that pivots just above the feeder house (it has the belting that seals the top attached. You will also need the hinged rock trap thing that goes underneath to seal off the bottom side of the feeder at the top end. cab
  20. 615 spike

    Fast Hitch Planter build

    A couple AC no till openers or a fertilizer set up on the front bar would eliminate the need to build stands to set the planter on and serve to make it a more versatile planter. cb
  21. our farms adjoin each other in various places, I live 1.3 miles north and 1 mile west of him. I'm at 8321 Satterlee Rd. cab

  22. Feel free to arrange a visit to my iron pile located west of the barn with built in twin poured silos located at the sw1/4 of section 20 cato twp. charles Behrenwald