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  1. that's the one! There are at least 2 different gaskets that fit the bolt holes and cover the gasket face of the base. The internal openings differ and can block or allow oil flow where it shouldn't happen. kits I have gotten have come with both. one fits a cast base the other an aluminum base. cab
  2. Are you sure you have the right oil filter holder gasket installed? MY 706 gas got the wrong one once and 40 wt wouldn't hold oil pressure. cab
  3. The linkage attached to the separator has a threaded end toward the front of the combine. It is in back of the flywheel just above the body of the combine. takes a 15/16 open end wrench to adjust. Lengthening the rod causes the separator to engage sooner. shortening the adjustment causes the clutch to disengage sooner. trial and error should get you where you need to be. cab
  4. Disconnect the lever( from the cab )from the casting at the bottom of the separator clutch. If you can't engage and disengage the separator clutch by moving the casting with a large crescent wrench, you have either tightened it too much or have caused injury to the over-center clutch. If it works fine, you will need to take the slop out of the linkage. cab
  5. Remove cover plate on top of separator clutch housing.(1/2" wrench). Spin shaft around until the little lock piece is at the top. It has a 1/4" bolt holding it on (7/16 wrench) The ears on it fit into slots on the edge of the tightening ring. When the lock is off, use a hammer and screwdriver to spin the adjustment ring forward at the top. move it a few notches and try lever in cab.. Usually doesn't take many notches to tighten things up. When adjusted to you liking, reinstall lock to keep ring from turning.. Do not over tighten. If you do, bad things will happen to your separator clutch (voice of experience) cab
  6. I run a 615 combine. Most parts are obsolete. Reemans in Fremont Mi. has been very good about getting parts from the depot. cab
  7. Mine will do about 40 ft the way it's set up now. I have a short pendulum for spreading sand it's good for about 10 ft spread at 540. Run off the 1000 rpm pto, I could get close to 30 feet, but it was hard on it. Vicon makes a speed up kit with a longer spout good up to sixty feet ( anything new from vicon is not in my budger). cab
  8. I have a Vicon pendulum style spreader. All stainless steel and fiberglass. Quite pricey if you buy new, I got mine off eBay for less than two hundred dollars. Near new, came from a golf course. I assume that the charts and slide rule that came with it discouraged use. Mine holds 800+ pounds of urea I just set it to empty at the end of a round on a half mile long field. spreading on 12 row centers, that's about 200 lbs/acre. I used to have a metal cone spreader from TSC. held half as much and even frequent cleaning it rusted out. cab
  9. some people can't tell the difference between a pressure gauge and a relief valve. cab
  10. You have to install it in the correct cog to time the distributor properly. IF i remember right, the part of the oil pump that looks like a giant slotted screwdriver lines up with 1 and 6 on the distributor .with engine at tdc. a real pain to do on an in frame as the shaft turns as the gear meshes with the gear on the camshaft. cab
  11. yup! previous owner had had engine problems and had pulled the head and left it set outside covered with tar paper for a decade or so. He gave it to me in exchange for a butcher hog. old engine was quite rusty. Turned out that his engine problem was caused by putting valve rotaters on the wrong set of valves. causing exhaust valves to ash up and hang open. cab
  12. Ron Popiel has died. Owned Ronco , the company responsible for a series of kitchen products to chop food, dry food and make rotisserie chicken. Also invented the popiel pocket fisherman, so you would never be without tackle. cab
  13. My 706 has a 403 engine in it. didn't bother to change the oil pump. Has worked fine for years. cab
  14. Stab then shoot, will be aimed correctly that way! cab
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