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  1. 615 spike

    Mystery Part topic

    one of my 715's has them on the outside of the grain bin to hold down the bungee cord for a fitted tarp. cab
  2. 615 spike

    State of the Union

    MY guess is that marriage is not what she imagined it would be. It may be harsher punishment than deportation. cab
  3. 615 spike

    Stieners is shutdown due to weather today

    I am about 40 miles west of you, I doubt that the school buses could make it down most back roads. We were plowed out 36 hours ago and have drifts in the road knee to waist deep. The county has enough problem keeping the main roads cleared, what with the wind and lake effect. In the good old days, the superintendent would leave his home onM91 and head our way. If he made it through, we had school. If he got stuck, he called the bus garage to cancel school and stayed for breakfast.
  4. 615 spike

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    how about while we're at it we get rid of the 25% tariff on steel so we can get five miles of wall ,fence or whatever for the price of four. Won't need to protect the steel industry because of a huge (wasteful?) demand for materials. Better still, build it with piles of junk cars. the wall doesn't have to look pretty to be effective. cab
  5. 615 spike

    can my muzzleloader be saved?

    Forgot to clean mine properly one year. I wound up wrapping my brass brush with 000 steel wool and chucking the cleaning rod in my cordless drill. takes the rust out pretty fast. The pits not so much. cab
  6. 615 spike

    IH 205 combine

    What parts do you need? I have three parts 303's there may be some interchange. I don't have an unloading auger like it looks you need, I have some mangled augers that would have the casting for the hinge assuming they are the same diameter. cab
  7. 615 spike

    810 reel, flex head

    I rebuilt mine with maple and plastic tines from shoup. Seems like it was about $500 for the materials on a 13 ft head . cab
  8. 615 spike

    Question for Harvesting in Muddy Conditions

    Empty, cuz when you do get stuck, it will be easier to pull you out. My 615 with a 833 head gets more use on the swamp I farm than the 715 with an 843. It is enough lighter that it will still be going where the 715 would be stuck. A three row head rolling harvests a lot more than a four row outfit mired, it pulls out easier too. cab
  9. 615 spike

    810 header sickle head bearings $150 a pair???

    try SHOUP sh07732 $54.75 for the bearings and snap ring kit in their spring 2018 catalog. cab
  10. 615 spike

    New joke

    Wasn't ot looking for some size 15 waders a while ago? If the shoe fits...
  11. 615 spike

    Anyone know what this fits

    An anchor rope? The only two springs that I can recall that look anything like that are the down pressure spring on a trip lift grain drill and the support spring on a mower bar. cab
  12. 615 spike

    tariff payments

    Don't spend it too fast. You'll need gas to go to the ASCS office ( at least twice) Receipts from your elevator to confirm yield, Then you will be liable for all the taxes on your windfall. 15% for social security and medicare, if you make any money at all, at least 15% to the IRS and then whatever your state collects for income tax. I don't know what you currently earn an hour, but the time to qualify for this might be better spent on overtime at work. cab
  13. Sad?

    How so?



  14. 615 spike

    Is global warming for real?

    They plan to solve global warming with a limited nuclear winter. cab
  15. 615 spike

    IH 715 Combine choking at feeder mouth

    I used to have that problem. Now, I remove head from feeder, block up the drum with a board or ratchet strap., use a wire brush on my four inch grinder to remove and rust and dirt up as far as I can. Then I spray the area with graphite paint (slip plate from tsc). Do the same thing behind the drum on the header. This eliminates the time and misery of trying to scour things clean. cab