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  1. And now we know why ot keeps telling runner that he's catching bait. cab
  2. it's a wood plane missing it's blade. cab
  3. When I had a spindle break on my 966, I put a short category II draw bar on my 706, backed up to the weight bracket, chained it on, picked the front end up and drove home. cab
  4. In southern Michigan and as I read, Ohio. you are allowed to use a straight walled cartridge of a certain size to hunt during rifle and shotgun season. I have an H&R single shot in 44 mag that kills deer far better than paper ballistics would indicate. For a youngster to hunt deer where straight walled cases are legal, the 350 should work just fine. 20% less recoil than the 243, reasonable trajectory out to 200 yds or so. cheaper to feed than the 450 bushmaster (not to mention far less punishing). probably has an advantage over my 44 mag when you stretch the barrel a little. Should work fine. cab r
  5. I assume this is for your us steel stove you burn coal in . When mine broke in half years ago, I sandwiched the casting between two steel plates and put four three eights bolts down each side of the casting. It lasted several years- basically until the casting crumbled. I replaced it with a couple sections of spike concave material bolted together. good luck cab
  6. Not that I am aware of. If I remember correctly, I use a 15/16 on my cordless impact to remove the four 5/8 bolts and then rotate the wobble box enough to let the belt clear. install the front of the belt first. cab
  7. 615 spike

    IH 806

    Let's see, it has a wide front, flat top fenders, rops, dual speed pto, three point hitch, and front weights worth about $100 each. looks like over five grand in parts. Why is there any hesitation in parting with a grand? cab
  8. I made a seal installing tool from an old new Holland belt style bale thrower. Just cut one end off, padded the rough edge with duct tape. It was the correct diameter to set the seal. cab
  9. I have a prediction. South Dakota is going to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in trying to defend this thing in court. It should be very educational. The lesson to be learned is that the bill of rights and the constitution were designed to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. judging from this series of posts, the majority on here being Evangelical Christians who can't seem to follow the forum rules preventing the discussions of religion and politics. cab
  10. I had a similar problem with one of my 706's (i have 3). There was a piece of rust partially blocking the passage that the shutoff solenoid closes. I used a piece of piano wire to poke it free and rinsed it away with starting fluid. cab
  11. MY manual is 'international trailing plate-type planter (four row adjustable ) (six row narrow) part no1096 421 R1. There are only a few pages you should need. PM me with your mailing address, row spacing (distance center to center of row units ) and plate cell count usually 16 or 24 for corn. I'll mail you a hard copy of the charts you need. no charge. cab
  12. This is good news. You already have several plant spacing's available just by rearranging the sprockets you have. The shafts both came with two gears that can be used by changing removable hex centered sprockets. You merely have to rearrange the location of the hex sprockets to line up with the small or large sprocket on the shafts. You remove the chains from the spring loaded idlers so that you can remove the linch pin and spacers. flipping the sprocket around until it lines up with a different gear. Play with it, you can figure it out. The hex plate sprockets have a number on them telling how many pairs of teeth they have. you use this information and the row spacing along with the number of seed holes in the plate to determine which chart in the book to use. If given a choice, I prefer to plant large rounds for corn as they are less apt to plant any doubles. cab
  13. Does the hex shaft that the wheel drives have sprockets that drive another hex shaft that drives the planter units? The online parts books don't show a two row planter, so this may be a custom fabrication. The four and six row plate planters have an assembly on the right end of the driven shaft with chains going to changeable sprockets that run the shaft that drives the planter units. The changeable sprockets have a hex hole and three little prongs that fit tight on an idler shaft fitting. Sprockets are for number 40 chain and have from 20 to 34 teeth. If your planter doesn't have this assembly and drives the planter shaft directly, you will be in the fabrication business. Weld a hubs (hex) and number 40 plate sprockets. cab
  14. I run an 800 6 row plate planter, so I may be able to help. first, we need to know what you have. Does it have a tongue and wheels with lift cylinders? or does it mount on a three point hitch? Is there a chain (2040) that goes from the wheels to a shaft on the planter or is the row unit run by a press wheel that is part of the row unit? MY expertise covers those planters run by a chain from the transport wheels to a shaft with sprockets on the right end (when viewer from the rear of the planter). cab
  15. With 18.4 -26 tires, height 139 3/4 inches, width with ladder 136 inches, length 248 1/2 from front of feeder house to rear without spreader or chopper Grain bin with extensions 96 to 100 bu. Unless you're a glutton for punishment, make sure it has a feeder house to run 800 series heads. Problem areas are mainly due to poor maintenance Bottom of bin rust out, rust out under cross augers, cross auger tubes rotting out, holes developing in the shaker pan under the cylinder (best fixed in place using adhesive and self drilling self tapping screws to install a paatch) to remove the shaker assembly would be a great way to learn what an ordeal is. Make sure that the fixed side of the cylinder drive pulley doesn't move on the cylinder shaft -it would mean key way and shaft are both worn. cab
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