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  1. I thought everyone put their glass frames over their ears. cab
  2. What you measured is overall cartridge length.which changes with bullet length and seating depth . you need to measure from the base to the middle of the shoulder to determine if the head space is different. cab
  3. I run a 615 which is the same but a straw walker narrower. Manual is a good place to start. Usually run the fan about 900 , cylinder speed almost always with the large pulley on the beater shaft, smaller one down below. The combine will let you know if the beans are actually ready to run. If they are too tough, lots of pods in the bin--increase cylinder speed. lots of splits, slow it down. Wrapping around the auger, too tough, cut them free with a saws all and wait for dryer conditions. cab
  4. I have some laying around from combines. I'll need more dimensions to know if any of them will fit. probably won't have the outer screen. Limbs along the edge of the field tend to dislodge them. let me know length diameter etc. cab
  5. Friction of the bottom of the furrow against the nut will loosen right hand thread plow bolts. That same friction tends to tighten left hand threaded nuts. cab
  6. Sometimes wireless communication just doesn't cut it. cab
  7. Crawl inside. if its anything like my 303, there were steel fingers off the back of the g rain pan that extend over the sieves. Wet stalks, cobs tend to plug up here and force grain into the fan. Will usually come out using a lawn rake. Check grain pan for leaks. Easy way after dark, put light inside combine, look for light coming out the bottom. At the feeder house, on some of my combines, a strip of belting flexed to seal the bottom. good luck cab
  8. It should not be too difficult to wire a motion sensor switch into the switch circuit for an electronic predator call. Choose the recording of your choice, dying rabbits, coyote howls, wolf packs, or whatever you have custom recorded. use full volume of course. cab
  9. If you were in a building they were setting on fire, then several bullets seems more than fair.
  10. There is supposed to be a presumption of innocence until proven guilty in this country. Bail is supposed to be set so that the accused will show up in court. Excessive bail is a form of punishment on people presumed to be innocent. The punishment is not (in this country) supposed to be applied before conviction of a crime. that's why the government didn't confiscate all the trucks in the caravan to hold as evidence for assault charges against the idiots shooting protesters with paint balls. cab
  11. Seems strange that adamant supporters of the first and second amendments would be in favor of grossly violating the eight amendment of any US citizen. cab
  12. Looks like it belongs with a wood stove. Does the phrase 'raking it over the coals ' sound familiar? cab
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