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  1. What sizes will you be needing? Should the off brands (anything but Carhartt ) be labeled to indicate that they are part of a scientific test and not a personal preference by some cheapskate? I am familiar with the problem, good luck on finding a cure other than constipation,. cab
  2. 715 chassis book has ten pages on R&R for final drives. If you want a copy, pm me with your address. cab
  3. In the service manual for a 715 there are specifications for the amount of preload you tighten the bearings to, also how to measure it . If you need such info, I can look it up. cab
  4. If you know fish are present, you at least have some chance of catching them. Setting over barren water not so much. I have a friend Tom lives in the UP- fishes lake superior. He has a camera. Helps avoid little fish and is entertaining to watch he says. One of his friends in a neighboring shack lost his camera last thing he saw was the throat of a giant pike. cab
  5. My days of fishing daily all winter and boring hundreds of holes by hand are long gone. Thanks to electric augers, I can still ice fish. Does anyone have recommendations for a camera so that I will at least know there are fish under me? thanks cab
  6. They are for walking in tall grass. they act like the dividers on the ends of my 303 combine header. cab
  7. 615 spike


    Join the democratic party! A flood of conservative minded voters (say thirty million or so ) would shift it's internal balance farther to the right and and thwart the liberals far more than a opposing party would. cab
  8. Whenever someone gives me a quote on the maple logs in my woodlot, it always figures up less than what it would bring as firewood. cab
  9. little boxes on the hillside and they all look just the same. Old song same picture cab
  10. I had a 706 gas that did that. turns out that the gasket I used for the oil filter base did not match the pattern of the internal channels of the base. bolt holes lined up outside edges were fine. gasket set had more than one filter base gasket. I chose the wrong one. cab
  11. I thought everyone put their glass frames over their ears. cab
  12. What you measured is overall cartridge length.which changes with bullet length and seating depth . you need to measure from the base to the middle of the shoulder to determine if the head space is different. cab
  13. I run a 615 which is the same but a straw walker narrower. Manual is a good place to start. Usually run the fan about 900 , cylinder speed almost always with the large pulley on the beater shaft, smaller one down below. The combine will let you know if the beans are actually ready to run. If they are too tough, lots of pods in the bin--increase cylinder speed. lots of splits, slow it down. Wrapping around the auger, too tough, cut them free with a saws all and wait for dryer conditions. cab
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