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  1. With 18.4 -26 tires, height 139 3/4 inches, width with ladder 136 inches, length 248 1/2 from front of feeder house to rear without spreader or chopper Grain bin with extensions 96 to 100 bu. Unless you're a glutton for punishment, make sure it has a feeder house to run 800 series heads. Problem areas are mainly due to poor maintenance Bottom of bin rust out, rust out under cross augers, cross auger tubes rotting out, holes developing in the shaker pan under the cylinder (best fixed in place using adhesive and self drilling self tapping screws to install a paatch) to remove the shaker assembly would be a great way to learn what an ordeal is. Make sure that the fixed side of the cylinder drive pulley doesn't move on the cylinder shaft -it would mean key way and shaft are both worn. cab
  2. When I read the title, I was sure that the department of health was out to get murky dismal for the stench of all the dead horses he keeps beating on. cab
  3. I switched my sprayer to 30 inches so 2,4-D wouldn't get into the whorls of the corn . thought it was fine to spray normal crop rotation, wound up with streaking and poor control between the nozzles. I am changing back to 20 inch centers for the bulk of my spraying. cab
  4. 615 spike

    New joke

    Cover crops , brush, bare soil or whatever, there's always some BTO willing to take on a new field and outbidding the current farmer. cab
  5. from my owners manual, 615 tank holds 31 gallons -looks to be the same size as a 303. The 715 tank holds 45 gallons 403 tanks look to be the same size. A long day shelling corn will drain either one of them. In small grains, by the time the dew dries off, the tank will likely last until things start to get tough in the evening. cab
  6. 1/4 of what's left after deer get done most likely won't cover your costs or time. A quarter crop seems like a cheep way to get your food plots planted. I have planted a five acre plot for the neighbor in the past. by fall, there was nary an ear to be found. cab
  7. Be careful what you wish for. I have a field that a badger spent one night digging out ground squirrels. A dozen woodchucks couldn't pile up that much dirt if you gave them a month and paid them overtime. cab
  8. Chilton manuals are available online at the mel- Michigan Electronic Library. They don't take up a lot of space that way. Hopefully you don't get grease on your key board. cab
  9. one of my 715's has them on the outside of the grain bin to hold down the bungee cord for a fitted tarp. cab
  10. MY guess is that marriage is not what she imagined it would be. It may be harsher punishment than deportation. cab
  11. I am about 40 miles west of you, I doubt that the school buses could make it down most back roads. We were plowed out 36 hours ago and have drifts in the road knee to waist deep. The county has enough problem keeping the main roads cleared, what with the wind and lake effect. In the good old days, the superintendent would leave his home onM91 and head our way. If he made it through, we had school. If he got stuck, he called the bus garage to cancel school and stayed for breakfast.
  12. how about while we're at it we get rid of the 25% tariff on steel so we can get five miles of wall ,fence or whatever for the price of four. Won't need to protect the steel industry because of a huge (wasteful?) demand for materials. Better still, build it with piles of junk cars. the wall doesn't have to look pretty to be effective. cab
  13. Forgot to clean mine properly one year. I wound up wrapping my brass brush with 000 steel wool and chucking the cleaning rod in my cordless drill. takes the rust out pretty fast. The pits not so much. cab
  14. What parts do you need? I have three parts 303's there may be some interchange. I don't have an unloading auger like it looks you need, I have some mangled augers that would have the casting for the hinge assuming they are the same diameter. cab
  15. I rebuilt mine with maple and plastic tines from shoup. Seems like it was about $500 for the materials on a 13 ft head . cab
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