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  1. If you can't get the value of the fertilizer to replace the nutrients removed in the hay, you are better off leaving it stand. cab
  2. nope, he has been rewiring all the n series fords to 12 volts. cab
  3. It's just as likely they have been used as slave labor and didn't want to do that to their children. Been there. cab
  4. both ends need changing. front end needs a gas tractor front to have motor mount holes. The casting that mounts to needs to be changed too. If I recall correctly.camshaft gear has to come off to swap out combine front for tractor front. Pull front pulley with bolts in holes in pulley , not by pulling with a gear puller on outside of pulley. this is after you loosed crankshaft nut. to start, I leave the nut flush with the end of crankshaft for support. fasten tractor parts on using new gaskets and new front seal. Rear of engine. the combine flywheel should make a good boat anchor. Replace with tractor flywheel, clutch and pressure plate. A new rear seal is cheap insurance against having to pull engine soon. While the engine is off is a fine time to drive in new valve guides, grind the valves and re ring the engine. Find someone in need of the hydraulic pump and most of your expenses to redo the engine should be covered . cab
  5. when I started farming, 8 foot hoses fit most farm machinery. was way to long for a 45 vibrashank and a foot short for the john Deere disc I acquired that has a long tongue. ih 37 disc no problems, grain drills and planter no problems with length.cab
  6. do you have full fuel flow to the carb? on my combine when the tank drain starts to plug, it runs good until it needs extra power. engine slows governor opens up the throttle and it dies from lack of sufficient fuel. cab
  7. The last time I broke one, I replaced all the bolts with grade 8 7/8 fine thread bolts from Alma Bolt was about $ 25 for four bolts, SAE washers, and lock washers. cab
  8. I would think you could hang on to the wire from the coil while someone pulls the starter rope. If it doesn't get your attention, it's probably bad. cab
  9. When my 706 was doing a similar thing, it turned out that the linkage from the pedal to the control valve was packed full of dirt and rusted so that it didn't let the valve fully close, allowing little bits of pressure slowly increase pressure on the brakes. cab
  10. I'm not that familiar with fords, but my Ferguson to 20 has a similar part in its Bendix. cab.
  11. I am revising my bid to show 220 bulls. original estimate was for number of testicles. cab
  12. Being a glutton for punishment and cheap, I build my own. nothing chintzy 3/4 inch maple plywood , best grade of rollers from lowes, ripped 2x4's for the corners, glued and screwed. Was less than #500 to do the kitchen one 12 foot unit, 0ne six foot unit and a two footer that went between the stove and fridge. door edges are 30 degree beveled. Had help, A 12 foot cabinet is heavy even without the drawers. House they went in came with a commercial set. Particle board, fiber board, and held together with staples. Didn't survive only a few years..what I built is similar to what is in our farm house, I'm 71 they are far older than that.cab
  13. 440 is my guess. My wife and I actually won a similar contest years ago determining how many chocolate chips were in a container. figured out how many bags it would take them counted the number of chips in a bag. That obviously wont work in this instance, so I counted the number visible in the picture and then guessed how many layers are there. cab
  14. I have an 800 plate planter. The book shows a low, high, and extra high auger. low tops out at 175 , extra high starts at 210. settings for the standard high auger are as follows. drive sprocket/driven sprocket/weight in pounds for 30 inch rows. 20/30/111, 20/24/139, 34/30/189, 36/30/200, 20/16/208, 34/24/236,36/24/250, 34/16/354,36/16/375 Driven sprocket is the one pinned to the auger shaftsl cab
  15. 615 spike

    lag screws

    I remember someone bemoaning the nonavailability of larger lag bolts . Alma bolt in Alma Michigan stocks them up to 5/8 by 10. Lists 3/4 inch on their website. I use Alma bolt to replace the 7/8 studs that hold the axles and wheels together on my 706's. Last time i went it was about $25 for four 7/8 fine thread bolts, washers, and lock washers. They seem to hold up as well as the original studs do. cab
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