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  1. dnblnksp

    2588 sieve light power

    Im trying to figure out why i cant get power to the sieve light and the left hand service light on our 2008 2588. According to the documents ive been looking at there should be a seperate relay for the sieve light switch that is different than the service lights. Books also say the key has to be on to get power to service and sieve lights. the engine compartment light works all the time whether or not they key is on too and the left service light and the sieve light have no power. the book talks about relays up in the headliner but none of them refer to the service or sieve lights either........
  2. Have an 81 1486 that just had both new hydraulic pumps put in it a couple months before we bought it. The PPH pump whines quite a bit at times. I have a heavy three point blade on it at different times it whines and makes noise driving down the road. If you grab a remote lever the noise changes. It was just flow rated and has good flow. Not sure what to check. It was a new pump from Hy-Capacity.
  3. dnblnksp

    4586 -what are they worth

    I'm wondering what the demand is for nice 4586's. Tractor has 5500 hours on it. Recent rebuilt injection pump, Under hauled about 1000 hours ago. Clutch has maybe 200 hours on it. Really nice tractor. No duals. Nice 20.8/38 Firestone Radial All Traction tires. Wondering what they sell for or where the market is at on them. Thanks
  4. A buddy of mine recently got a 1466 that is in the 26000's for a serial number which would make it an early 1975. However, the serial number is on the right side of the transmission housing like an 86 series. I was wondering if anyone actually knew when they started making them black stripes? thanks
  5. dnblnksp

    7240 air seat leak

    We have a 7240 with the deluxe air seat suspension with the switch in the right arm rest. If you use the tractor and then come back a couple days later the seat will be flat to the floor and you have to pump it up again. Obviously a slow leak.I took the seat off the suspension and pulled the whole suspension out of the tractor. Sprayed soapy water everywhere until I was blue in the face. Took the air bag out and used a battery and pumped up the air bag and put it in a vice to put some pressure on it and it still didn't bubble with soapy water. I cant find a leak to save my ass. If I start to crack open either of the fittings on the little hose from the compressor to the bag the soapy water bubbles instantly. Is there some other place the system can lose air? I don't know what to do anymore without buying a whole new compressor or bag.
  6. dnblnksp

    7240 air cleaner full of exhaust

    We took the pipe off and found its actually a Thomure straight pipe setup and the little aspirator pipe inside the Thomure adapter that the chrome pipe clamps to was broken/rusted/ off inside
  7. dnblnksp

    7240 air cleaner full of exhaust

    I'm scratching my head and if anyone has any expertise on the situation it would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday we were changing the air filter in our 7240 and noticed it was black and full of exhaust. We pulled the aspirator hose off the air cleaner housing to check the little flapper of the "check valve" and it looks fine. It flops down nice and appears to be functioning correctly. Am I missing something? What could cause this? thanks