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  1. Bleedinred

    Vintage Ads

    Saw this ad at the Pima Air Museum near Tuscon last week. Interesting GM tooled up and built P & W. By the time we saw just about everything in 7 hours I have forgotten which model it was. 2800?
  2. Bleedinred

    New 1456 and new to red power

    Any pics of the Dart??????
  3. Bleedinred

    just ordered a new computer

    Research Mac Airbook keyboard problems first and see if you are still interested. I have had this one going on three years and hate the keyboard, mostly because the space bar doesn't work a lot of the time. I spend the same amount of time fixing spacing as I do with the initial write. Maybe Apple did something to cure the problem, I doubt it.
  4. Bleedinred

    It's green and yellow....... let me explain.

    Congratulations on your "new" 620i. Yours would be screw lift. It will probably dump whatever you want. The 900 Kubotas we have are hyd. cylinders. We put a cleanable in line gas filter in front of the stock black plastic filter on our 620i and have not had to change it since then. In its seventh year of being abused I have replaced two drive belts, a water pump, four front CV boots and three sets of park brake pads. When the water pump seal goes it will leak coolant into the crankcase, not one of Kawasaki's best designs. That aside, they are good rigs and sounds like you made a good buy.
  5. Go to "PNW smoke map". or "PNW fire map" for a good look at what's happening in the Northwest. Drag the map down for a look at British Columbia fire activities. Undoubtedly the midwest is seeing some smoke from there. Today is the first clear day we've had in a couple of weeks. I'm afraid it will be short lived. The video speaks the truth.
  6. Bleedinred

    8575 over pressure on 7140

    Sorry, back to your post of twine not riding on the slack side rollers. Get under there and make sure it's where it needs to be. Any extra twine pressure before the knotter will mess things up.
  7. Bleedinred

    8575 over pressure on 7140

    7 ft bales 54 slices, that good? Yes, right on. Extra string on top, could be twine hanging on billhook. Check adjustment/condition of billhook. It's in the book. I have had the shaft break loose in the upper part of a billhook due to a poor factory weld. That was after a shop rebuilder of the knotters-- drove me nuts one night. Check the twine holders--I guess they are called twine fingers in the book and hold the twine as the plunger makes it's pass. All should be 90 degrees from twine direction, pulled back to where twine will have tension on them. If high mileage baler those linkages will become loose and could need adjustment. Seems like a 9/16'ths to adjust turnbuckles. Also, twine knives need to be sharp to make a good cut on the tie. Give them a feel see what you think. Last, you might run the needles up into the knotter by turning the flywheel by hand and make sure they are not bent/tweaked. I used a Craftsman square pry bar to bend them if they were not clearing the knotter frame. You can trip the knotters by hand and roll the flywheel over. How many bales on this machine?
  8. Bleedinred

    8575 over pressure on 7140

    I've had those valves hang up a few times, usually in the middle of the night. Finally kept a spare in the parts box just in case. What pressure are you running? How many flakes are you putting in a bale? The screen will flash on knotter cycle. On the reflectors they are just an indicator twine flow is OK. If one is hung up you probably have twine/knotter problems. You may have a tensioner that is too loose and that is why it is not going all the way down, OR the rod may be bent. Is it mis-tying? Got anyone to ride back there and watch? Do you have the manual? If not, get one. It will explain most everything.
  9. Bleedinred

    Life in Alaska

    The A frame action will lift the bar more or less parallel to the ground when you get converted over to FH. You'll have to fiddle with the rod/chain length to get the outboard hinge/paralell lift actions correct. Check your bar/hinge bushings, moving the end of the bar by hand front to back. You will want those to be pretty tight. Rowse rakes in Nebraska is your cheapest place for parts. They hold the IH patents now. I think it was $3.50 ea for the steel bushings and $36 for the brass one on the wobble box hinge. You could probably make yourself a drive line, those are fairly light and inexpensive knuckles and crosses, or buy a jobber length, cut it and be done. I've been mowing banks and terraces in our vineyards with my 3 pt. #300. I put a small hyd cylinder in place of the lift rod and and it will lift the bar 90 degrees.
  10. Bleedinred

    1066 posing for a portrait.

    Sun up at the Gonzo complex! Both look mighty fine.
  11. Bleedinred

    Kubota rtv 900

    Book says neutral and not over 6.2 mph for short distance. ☝️
  12. Bleedinred

    #300 mower, need lube info

    Yes, sickle and same wobble box as the 1100/1300 mowers,
  13. Bleedinred

    #300 mower, need lube info

    I recently bought this with no manual and need to know how much and what interval of lube for the wobble box. I read in the archives too much grease will blow a seal--would that be the zerk under the cap on top of the box? If so how much is sufficient? If you have a manual or know this for sure I'd appreciate the info. Seller thinks he has the book but is pretty swamped with spring work right now and I've got terraces that needed mowing last week. Thanks, BR