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  1. I would clean your ground connections while your at it, both ends
  2. Been a while since I was out there but I do remember seeing three MH2s that ran between Reardan and Davenport for many years. Could spot them easy in harvest by the three plumes of Perkins smoke. Last trip through they were parked on the north side of HW2 and had for sale signs, all equipped with choppers, all three starting to show their age. These look like GHs with the rounded back, definitely hillside equipped. Can't decide what's mounted on the side of grain tanks, extra fuel? Thanks for the pics, Bill
  3. Tell me about it, Ray. We have thirty six acres of wine grapes here and produce start to finish. People (some) come into the tasting rooms and gloat over "hints" of whatever, swirl their glass, hold it up to the light and look for legs, sip and then spit. Those are usually the newbies. All part of the fun I guess, but we and the crew are pretty down home about it and at the end of the day, it's either good or it isn't. I would imagine the same for beer, if it fits your palate it's good.
  4. Thank you sir, may I have another?
  5. Brewed in Irwindale, CA now. Pabst seems to own the label. Man, they had some creative commercials in the day.
  6. So did ya get the Ruger back together?
  7. Yup, Texas. Spent a month drinkin' that stuff one night in San Antone.
  8. Road trip in my daughter's BMW X5 35d. Thought I should check engine oil one morning, no one else does.... where the heck is the dip stick?? Read manual, operate control knob next to shift handle, screen pops up with oil level. Really? What happens when that goes to ****? Like my old Chevy.
  9. In the NE? Raaaaiiii (shift)nnnneeeerrrr(shift)Beeeeeeeer is a NW icon. You must come here, you must come here! Think it's brewed in CA now... 😫
  10. Try Googling Ruger Mark I manual, think it's the last book before they went to the II model in '82. It shows more detail than what I posted above.
  11. Sounds like hammer strut is still not in the correct position. Take another look at figures 6-7. I have a Mark I that gives me fits on reassembly. I have to tap on the muzzle with a mallet to get the main spring pin to seat, then keep tapping to close the hinge without pulling the pin back out. I had the same problem as you the other night. My Mark II is a piece of cake... One more thing, my hammer hinge pin was part way out . Might want to check that.
  12. If you have good dealer service that is probably half the battle with BMW. The one in Spokane does not have that but Richland, WA does, FYI. Daughter has an X5 TT diesel and it will haul the mail and just about anything else you want torque-wise. Once they got the bugs out of it it's a real hot rod.
  13. They taste like chicken. 🤩
  14. TP, both. 95H, 6602, 6622 were JD factory. 7722 was RA Hansen leveler built and applied in Spokane. 9500s and 9510 as you know were JD and only go around 18 percent, 9610 and 9770 both Hilco. I see a chiropractor regularly now, attribute some of that to servicing and fixing 6622s. Herd of 9500-9510 a few years ago. That was a bunch of work keeping everything shipshape.
  15. "Well, the fart smell coming from the seat at those hours working on the tailings while standing on your head shouldn't be so bad................When they worked they were very nice machines, when they didn't, park it, spray gas on it and light it on fire............." And most of you have not had the pleasure of working around the leveling gear on the hillside version...
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