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  1. I always stressed to my students, "press print ONCE". If it doesn't print, tell me. Yeah, that always worked..... 😫 I wouldn't get too shook with what bloggers write, Troy. Most of these folks just write for something to do. In my wide circle of acquaintances I can count on one finger the non-meat eater. But the milk thing is a different story. Always had it for our kids, yet non of the three drink now. Same with grand kids--almond or soy--I hate that stuff. What ever happened to the Dairy Farmers of Washington ads? I have not seen dairy promotion on the air in years.
  2. Nice work so far, Todd. Glad to know no Algebra was involved. 🤣 That Century in the background looks very familiar. We get along OK with ours for a small farm shop. Wes
  3. Brother got 11 inches over those two days near Madison, SD. Mom, Dad & sister and family ducked the tornados in SF.
  4. Ron, I think dad put one on his '49 B too. Original seat frame stayed and the Knoedler sat down inside? It used a pan seat.
  5. I finally made a coarse mesh screen to keep those suckers out of the Dodge airbox. Cleaned mouse nest out last week, destroyed filter so changed that. Friday new nest and five babies in there. Shook the hood pad and a great amount of crap came out, what a mess.
  6. "really it would be better if they designed one around firing eggplant and zucchini, it’s not like there is a good use for those anyway". My friend, you have not yet had home cooked eggplant parmesan fresh from the garden. I'm a steak lover but this is way better. Need the recipe? Any dead zucchini needs to be no longer than eight inches for a tasty fare.We leave the blossoms on too, in the pan, with olive oil and sea salt. Sorry for that, just had supper....
  7. Dad had the same suspension on his stage 1 SM. I think Wi IH is correct but I don't remember the correct spelling either. That was one of the best rides available in the day, in my opinion.
  8. My SIL's father was a bee man out of Caldwell, ID and for many years shipped his hives to your area. Some of the producers around there would put together a few semi loads and his buddy would haul them out for the winter. He made more $$ doing that than running honey in ID. Orchard looks nice Tony, and a lot less work than wrangling wine grapes. We will start picking here end of the week.
  9. Twenty gallons is a bunch! Tell me, how does she do the onions?
  10. I plowed somewhere north of 500 acres of wheat and barley stubble with a 3710 JD several years ago. That's the only green plow I have actually liked since it pulled reasonably easy, stayed in the ground and covered good enough for this country. You flatlanders don't know what you're missing when it comes to hillside farming with tracklayers. 🤣
  11. I don't miss the sloppy steering and the hydro whine. The engine fan blowing on you all day was another important feature to forget. I went from the 400 to a JD 2270, then 2280 with AC cabs. That was livin'. There used to be a lot of lentils and peas swathed in the PNW but that pretty much has gone to direct cutting with big flex headers. Just one less thing to do plus you don't have to go looking for them after a wind storm. Jim, how were wheat yields around Hand county?? I was there 4th of July and looked like good straw.
  12. So did my BIL. He's still alive, somehow.
  13. Nice, figured it would be on the heavy side. What is the height you can clear, like over a fence?
  14. I'll share this with you all. My wife and I had our colonoscopies last winter. Hers showed a bulge in her large intestine and led to scans which showed a fairly large growth on her appendix. She had no discomfort prior to this. Doc did a full incision as to not risk a rupture on the removal and the biopsy showed pre-cancerous cells. She will now have a yearly checkup and scan and the doc is confident all will be well since he caught it early. It could have been the other way... So, if you are procrastinating about having the "real deal" procedure, do yourself and your loved-ones a favor, take the time and get it done. Bill, glad you are doing well!
  15. Yes, you are right on the 8n. With Henry I gone, Edsel taking over then shortly dead, Henry II took the helm and said the partnership deal was over. By that time Ferguson was building tractors on his own in Europe and trying to get a foothold in the US. The conflict was the hitch system royalties. Morrow of the story, "Get it in writing".
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