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  1. It's a Coleman w/o cover. I'd say there could be potential bearing and power ring joint problems running without the cap.
  2. I switched to Carlisle Ag/bar treads on my Husky after one miserable year of spinning/tearing up turf with factory tires. That was seven years ago. Got them through Amazon for a decent price. Pretty stiff side walls, don't need much pressure. Would never go back to turf tires, even on flat land.
  3. I struck the motherlode in my Craigslist browsing today, finding all three in one local search! I kinda like the looks of the fuel truck although it's got some rust problems. I think it's a '53, the red one is a '55, two tone is 1954, all three RC180s. Never drove one but did spend a summer in a similar snub nosed Chevy.
  4. Mil mode so off? Yes, also works well for wife.🤣
  5. My Costco aids can be programmed for up to six different settings: normal day to day, background noise filter, phone talk, concert hall, mother in law, etc. I just have the background noise filter set up and in many cases will block out some noise in a restaurant (read that as loud female talk). I manually switch to that mode. This is my third year with them and I paid $1,699 for the pair. My health insurance kicked in $800 so it wasn't too bad and like I said I'm satisfied with the Costco service. Dad is 92 and on his third or fourth pair from VA, free to him and the latest and greatest. They have taken good care of him.
  6. First of all take him to a Costco hearing center for a free test. They will identify which frequencies are missing and set up a test pair for him to wear around the store for an hour. He may like them or not, you won't be out any money either way. Costco sells name brand gear with, in my case, excellent service at half the price of the other guys. Buying a generic set through the mail for a low price may get him nowhere. My BIL did that and I put them on to see what he got. I thought they were junk compared to my name brand aids. He later spent $$ for a good set.
  7. This is what dad used when he was fixing up shooters as a hobby and it works well. I've used it on a few small rust spots and like the label says it doesn't take the blueing down. Do pay attention to the part about cold blued steel though.
  8. Zach, that's a pretty high amount left for deer... We have raised green and yellow dry peas here and have been direct cut for many years. Hit and miss on wind storms and shattering a bunch on the ground but yes, you can make really good time that way. Swathing the old varieties and subjecting them to the wind didn't work any better. Still a lot of lentils grown here in the PNW and most operators are direct cutting them. In the old days we swathed and picked up with Love bars. I think you got 85% crop and 15% dirt in the machines that way. The advent of wide flex headers changed all of that.
  9. Would that be the dedication of Glacier Nat'l Park?
  10. Saw this ad at the Pima Air Museum near Tuscon last week. Interesting GM tooled up and built P & W. By the time we saw just about everything in 7 hours I have forgotten which model it was. 2800?
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