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  1. Almost forgot...The Komba Klub near Mitchell, SD. 😜 One more, in Cavour, SD. Especially entertaining during hunting season. I have forgotten the name, maybe that's a good thing.
  2. 500 Quad. Last time I ran that thing it was pulling a 600 bu grain cart up and down the Palouse hills. Going up loaded screen said up to 22 gal/hour, down less than 4. Aside from that it didn't know there was anything hooked up.
  3. Double Clutch Tavern in Spokane The Sea Hag, north of Coos Bay, OR
  4. Thanks all, 69 is the new mileage. Spent part of the day in the air and ended up in Yuma where it’s 70 degrees and sunny. 😎 Yes Mike, you are still on my bucket list. Would love to meet you and both the cow and lever collections. The grandkids will all be in school next fall and wife says let’s travel! Room number from the other night—what are the chances of this happening again???
  5. Bleedinred

    Old photo

    Jere, Dad had a diesel, same vintage. He put a Koyker loader on it and I pushed way too much snow in the winters of 67-68 and 68-69. Comfort cover, no such cab luxury until he traded for a new 856 after I left home. Is that a Leon cab?
  6. I hope all of you riding in the mountains carry avy gear and know how to use it. Ten years ago I was alpine hut skiing about 60 miles N of Revelstoke in what the guides called the worst avalanche prone conditions they had ever seen. We didn't ski the big stuff that trip, only chutes that had already dropped, lower aspects, and in the trees. That same week not far out of RS there was a large group of people congregated at the bottom of a steep runout when some idiot decided to show off his high marking skills. He brought the thing down and many were buried. Seems like 25 died that day. Up until last week we have had big dumps on multiple unstable layers. Three folks suffocated at a local ski resort when a slab layer gave away, even after the ski patrol had spent considerable time dropping charges over the side trying to get it to drop. There have been several death by avalanche cases throughout the PNW just this year, so be prepared and be careful out there. Wes
  7. I have simulation....my wife told me so. 😆 Yes, I believe that's true. My mom lost 90% of hers years ago and with her hearing aids now can't hear a train going by. The family has watched her slip into her own little world and it's disheartening. Get them--Costco or wherever!
  8. Joe, my experience with a JD 466 combine engine several years ago drove me nuts. Somewhere in the middle of our six week harvest time the water pump seal let go. I replaced it with a rebuilt pump from the dealer and by mid morning day one it was showing temp. Shut down and it was spewing out the overflow tube. Next I replaced the main hose and thermostat thinking the hose had collapsed, stat for good measure. Fired up, same deal...what the ****? Pulled pump off, clamped pulley flange in vice and poked at the impeller with a hammer and punch. Impeller loose on shaft! Next rebuilt good to go. If you get that deep into it would recommend looking at that impeller.
  9. DD, if I were you I'd call the Costco hearing center in SF and set up a free evaluation. After that they'll give you a set to wear around the store for an hour, all FREE. Mine were $1,700 and I think the latest series is $1,600. This is name brand stuff, although it says Kirkland on the box, and it not the Harbor Freight variety. I considered it for a couple of months until my wife wore me down, as usual. 😖 Funny thing, I still can't hear her most of the time. Seriously, it was one of my better old age purchases.
  10. Bleedinred

    LP experts?

    We have a Toyota forklift that was doing similar. I put a kit in the vaporizer, pulled the drain plug and got maybe half an ounce of black liquid out of it. It's been running like a champ ever since. The kit was simple, a couple of gaskets and a strainer. I Googled Century Model 6 and came up with CM6 2504 converter Says it's NLA, but shows a C-286-1688 kit. I would first look for the drain plug and see what happens.
  11. I'm betting circa $600,000 for class eight machine plus header in the 42' range. In the early-mid 80s a JD 6622 with 222 header was a little over $100,000, asking price that is.
  12. Drop the lock down, get in the cab and raise the boom. The lock should then drop and do its job.
  13. Our 279D has emergency handles that pop the hinged side of the door out from the inside. Something to think about when you build your frame. Also, the back window comes out, not the ideal size for escape but big enough for me to climb out. I'm 68 and wouldn't go back to a non-AC/heated cab. Just have to plan ahead sometimes. That's nice looking machine. The grab handles on the boom are a good idea.
  14. A neighbor here in the Palouse had a couple of those for several years. They were either 88s or 98s, can't remember. Engine right behind the seat, said they rode pretty hot but were a pretty good machine. They moved right along with them unlike the 403s in the country. Had to drive a stake to see if those were moving.
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