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  1. 560Denis, Based on my experience with a similar 200, when you have the weight jacked off the front axle as suggested above by Matt, take advantage of this opportunity to grease all fittings. In particular the two vertical "extensions". Put in a few shots of grease and turn back and forth, a few more shots, turn again, more grease and turn. Keep doing this 'till you see grease coming out at the bottom of the vertical tubes. This may help. Good luck with finding it easier to steer! Wes
  2. I too have a Toro 22" with a 6.5 HP Tecumseh. This is its 18th year and it is still running well. It has "Personal Pace"; the harder you push the handle the faster it moves forward. Great on hills! Also electric start.....just turn the key. And it starts very well. The first battery lasted 15 years, guess I can't complain about that. I charge the battery spring and fall. The only negative....it is not the greatest at mulching. Grass needs to be very dry and not too long. That feature may have improved over the years. With the bagger it handles all grass conditions just fine. Good luck with whatever your decision is.
  3. Thanks for this info FarmallFan. I was hoping to not have to create a YouTube account, is that the only way to post videos here? Cheers
  4. I want to post videos taken with my iPhone. They have a file extension of MOV. The site will not allow this extension, can someone help me figure out how to change these to a file type that would be acceptable? Thanks for the help! Wes
  5. Okay, here goes for some of my photos of the Guinness Threshing event. First, I have to say that this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; it is not every day that one has the chance to activity participate in the setting of a Guinness record! And to be so lucky that it relates to old machinery and tractors and memories from our childhood, well that just made it extra special. And finally, contributing to the cause of raising funds to fight breast cancer.....it was an honour. Congratulations to Francois Latour and his team of volunteers for an extremely well organized event! They have every reason to be proud of their success. Now for some pics: I thought this McCormick Deering 22-36 was rather interesting I always liked David Brown tractors, several neighbours in our area ran DB's, like this nice 880 A nicely restored International fire truck There were a few nice steam engines on site, here is one of them A nice lineup of tractors at sunset on Saturday evening with the white tents in the background The high lite for me was having the opportunity to have the Farmall 200 belted up to a threshing machine. I had the privilege to team up with some folks from SW Ontario. They had two threshers there, a George White and a JI Case. I tried on the GW but couldn't get the RPMs high enough to open the governor. It needed a larger pulley on the tractor. So, I belted to the JI Case; a 20" model, manufactured in 1907. JI Case was better known for their larger machines, apparently there were only 200 of these small models produced. It was in very nice shape and ran well! This was the first time since my tractor was restored that it did anything closely resembling "work". Lots of people cam by to "check things out". I even had a chance to pitch a few sheaves! The Farmall 200 wears its participation ribbon with pride! It was a great weekend!
  6. Dale, By all means, if you are ever coming this way please do get in touch. I am sure we could find lots to talk about. I do some historical tours of the city and we have the best restaurants! U-C, I am sure the friendly rivalry will continue! I look forward to future such events should they happen. Al, Thanks, I think I have pics and vids sorted out, I will post something. By chance will you be at "Weekend Rouge" the long weekend end of August?
  7. Qc.Can.IH man, Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello Sunday, it was great to meet you in person. Enjoyed our conversation. I felt bad that I was starting to pack up to go, sorry if I cut the conversation short. It was a long drive home! Thanks too for the kind comments about my 200 and the nice photos, means a lot coming from people like yourself who have a passion for red! Hoping our paths cross again soon, Wes
  8. Hello Power of Red, Sorry I did not respond to this, we left home very early Friday and I did not check the forum all weekend. I was there, too bad we did not connect; I was looking forward to chatting about your B414. I don't want to hijack your thread, wondering if you would mind if I post some of my photos from the event on this thread as well? It would save starting a new thread on the same subject. I'll wait to hear from you. Mountain Heritage, Over and above the threshing record as stated above, the most important goal they attained was successfully raising $100,000 for Breast Cancer Research! Breast Cancer took a thrashing last weekend! 😃
  9. Only about 73 cents of your dollar.....LOL! Glad you enjoyed your visit! I am headed there tomorrow morning for the weekend! Tractor is loaded and ready to go. If anyone here is planning on attending, watch for a nice Farmall 200 and stop to say hello.....eh! Wes
  10. Atila, It is an original C-2C-22 FH plow as per this photo from the FH Brochure for the 200 at that time: This plow was manufactured in Hamilton, ON and fairly popular in Eastern Canada.I did not get the plow with the tractor, found it elsewhere. Cheers, Wes
  11. Fred B, I suppose I could, I have seen a few folks at shows doing this. The flea market guys do lots of that. I have to admit though, my "rough camping" days are over 😂 Wes
  12. Hi Mike H, There are flush mounted D-ring anchors in the floor that are bolted through the frame of the trailer. I tie down to these in a four corner cross over fashion. Thanks, Wes
  13. MTO, Thanks for your kind comments. I did a story on the resto here in Coffee Shop back on December 21, 2018 entitle "A Dream Realized......restoration of a Farmall 200".. If you can't find it I will go back and do a "reply" there to bring it up to the front. Let me know. Thanks, Wes
  14. After restoring my Farmall 200, the next challenge was where to keep it and how to transport it. I live in the city so no big barn or shed available and no big flatbed or farm truck to haul it around. I thought the best solution to solve both storage and transportation challenge was a closed trailer. They are not "cheap"! Tried to find a suitable used one with no luck, so convinced myself that the tractor deserved a new one. So, a 16' V-nose seemed to be the right choice: Then it was time to equip the inside for the purpose of showing the tractor. Of course, a tool box, a place to secure two mufflers, one for working the other for show (tractor doesn't fit inside trailer with muffler on). A variety of other stuff like a milk can from the farm that contains some show supplies that I will someday decorate with a nice IH decal. Two hitch bars with different drop heights (I rent a truck to pull this). And if you look close you can see the "manual starter clipped to the wall right side of the tool box. I have a triangle set, safety cones, fire extinguisher and first aid kit too. Some nice signs finish the front off. I have started a little "wall of fame". The level was my fathers, probably 85 years old!: I have two belt pulleys, again one for show and one to use. I do not have one on the tractor because it interferes with the full raising of the plow. You can also see my wheel chocks hanging on the wall here. I put them in front and rear of rear tires before tying down: Next my drawbar and swing bar: And the latest in technology when it comes to fuel gauges: Needed a good strong set of ramps to get in and out. To make these slip resistant I applied a thick coat of paint and then spread sand blast sand in the wet paint. It works real well!: All said and done the tractor seems to have a nice smile on in its new home: The plow fits nicely in the "V-nose": In spite of being comfortable in its new home the tractor does like to get out and absorb some Vitamin D on occasion: Cheers!
  15. There will be an attempt to set a new Guinness World Threshing Record in St. Albert, Ontario August 9 to 11. They hope to have 250 machines all running simultaneously to set the record. If you have a machine or know someone who has, I am sure it is not too late to join the fun. Here is a link to the web site for more info: https://www.rgstalbert2019.com/?lang=en I will be there with my '55 Farmall 200, hopefully will have the privilege of operating a thresher! This event is also a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research....a very good cause. If you can make it, come and enjoy 3 days of fun and old time threshing! Cheers
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