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  1. I had a 76 Monte Carlo new in Dec 75. Ordered it with the 400. It was a nice driving car. Had to part with it when first kid came along. Too hard to put a car seat in the back.
  2. There’s a 3/8 hole in the tripping mechanism, just to the left of the circle you drew. When shimmed correctly you can sight through hole and inner bar is flush with the hole.
  3. bauerj

    USS Hornet

    My step-son just found this image. Apparently they found the USS Hornet where it sank. It has what appears to be an IH I-4 as an aircraft tug still on the deck.
  4. Must be a boy she knows that’s pulling. If not, she’s figured out it’s a target rich environment.
  5. Tom, Attached is the line setting ticket for my 1568.  Located in New Ulm, MN


    1. FarmallTom


      That is really cool!

      Did you buy this tractor new?

      Can I get a description of the condition, etc?

      Also, owner name, ph@. and/or email would be helpful as well.




      PS - The closest I currently have to yours is 7354 (IA) and 7362 (no info)

  6. I enjoyed the video. In an effort to reduce wasted hand cranking of my TD-35, after flipping the decompression lever I generally turn the magneto by hand until it engages so I don't have to crank the engine to get the magneto engaged. Have fun with the new toy!
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