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  1. Another favorite of mine that could not be made today , The Bad News Bears. “We already got to play with Jews, Sp.cs, N…s, and a booger eating moron, now we got to play with a girl !! “
  2. What’s the serial number of this ‘63 706?
  3. Do you still have it? No. I sold it in 2019 after I quit farming and sold the building site. It was my tillage tractor from my first year of farming, 1989, until 2000 when I bought a 7130.
  4. Back when I would plow with my 1568, I would turn the lights off at night just to see the mufflers glowing red and flames out the stack. That thing cost me a lot of my hearing.
  5. My dad had an IH kit that was as used for mounting a 2M on an H or 300. The key parts were a couple big bearings that slid on the axels and a frame that hung from the bearings that took the picker’s weight. I can still picture where it hung in the shed. Got sent to China a long time ago.
  6. My first car, a 67 Camaro RS. That car was fun. Cheerleader is my first ex-wife to be.
  7. My experience tells me your hex shafts are not lined up properly.
  8. Reminds me of the PBS series “Home Fires” about small English village life around the start of WW2. Wife and I enjoyed that show.
  9. My Sansui G-5000 blasting “Bad Company” by “Bad Company” through a pair of JBL 4311s.
  10. @vtfireman85Thanks for the link to 94.1. Really enjoying it. Used to do a lot of country dancing back in the 90’s. Takes me back to some great times.
  11. Gotta love the sprayer setup.
  12. One out of sixty.
  13. Are looking for a gas engine for a T35 or a diesel for a TD35?
  14. In my 20’s I used to ride bicycle quit a bit. I found a lot of hand tools on highway shoulders. Ratchets and combo wrenches mostly. Presumably they fell off engine after being worked on.
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