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  1. https://www.k-bid.com/auction/45252/item/1003 The video is interesting.
  2. Me on Memorial weekend ‘83 at South Rim of Grand Canyon
  3. For those that are interested in this stuff, a wonderful podcast that I have listened to a couple of times is “Thirteen Minutes to the Moon”. What strikes me most about this accomplishment is that the average age of the guys in the control room was something like 25. Some ballsie decisions were made by those kids.
  4. I’ll mention here another excellent book by Stephen Ambrose, Citizen Soldiers. Covers D-Day through May 7, 45. It’s just heartbreaking to read what those men endured. Books like this should be part of high school curriculum. People need to know what was given to maintain our freedom.
  5. I’ve never watched a pedal- pull. At the end of the run is it a matter of traction, or leg power?
  6. IH did produce the PA-100 in the 1930’s. 5 inch bore. 5.5 inch stroke. 6 cylinder. 648 ci. Not a slow speed engine.
  7. About 30 years ago I was driving back from the Waukee swap meet. At about 5:00 on a Saturday afternoon the left front on my S1600 blew out. Just as I was coming to a stop a guy coming from the other direction pulls over to see what’s up. He’s the tire guy at the Coop from the town 5 miles up the road, just off work. He offers to fix it. We go back to coop with his pickup and get tools, drive back to truck to get wheel, bring back to coop, mount new tire, go back and install. I offer to pay him cash and he says just give him my address and they will bill me. He wouldn’t have anything to do with me giving him a tip. I got the bill and sent a check with one **** of a letter of appreciation. I was 200 miles from home when this happened. Complete stranger to him. Tire was even reasonably priced.
  8. I think it was 2012 I was combining corn with my 1420 with unload auger swung out. The tassels were easily touching the auger. That’s pretty high.
  9. I had one for a while. Was planning on making a penny arcade shooting gallery out of it. Another IH collector got it from me before I had my way with it.
  10. Reminds me of when I was on the USS Constellation back in the 70s. A dozen shitters on one wall and another dozen on the opposite wall 10 feet away. They were kind enough to put dividers between adjacent stalls, but no doors. If you inadvertently looked up , ….
  11. This fall I read the book “Death Traps” about tanks from D day forward in WWII. Written by an officer in the tank recovery and repair unit. A very interesting read. One morning he brought 17 tanks back up to the front. Because of high casualty rates and lack of trained replacements they had to put volunteers from infantry in as crews, except for the drivers. Each man got to fire 2 rounds for practice. That afternoon they went into battle. That evening 14 of the 17 tanks were destroyed. Just terrible casualty rates in the tank divisions.
  12. No, but just today Mayo called to schedule my appointment for March.
  13. Another favorite of mine that could not be made today , The Bad News Bears. “We already got to play with Jews, Sp.cs, N…s, and a booger eating moron, now we got to play with a girl !! “
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