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    706 L.P.

    I have the 806 lpg parts removed from an 806 that was converted also Could it be the same tractor?
  2. That's what I've done/intend to do with this
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    1959 460 LP gas Hi Utility

    Good afternoon, Thought for a moment reading your message we might have both hit the jack pot !! i have the tank,brackets hoods regulator,carb , manifold etc.. BUT- they are for an 806LP- don't think that will help- Oh well -- nice tractor,
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    Good afternoon, I've been looking for an 806 Western/Wheatland/Standard and have run across a few oddities-. Yes, I know that over the years some' frankensteins' have been created by mixing and matching different tractors, but non the less, here are my questions. Was an adjustable wide front on the set back bolster available? Was a 2 point hitch available in 1965 ? What Emblem combination should the western have if it were a diesel?Were wedge lock wheels avail on an 806 Western? Thanks, Ron
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    International 806 Pics
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    Thanks for all the replies----- Pics coming soon of 'new' addition
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    Rainy Day Women

    Thank you Michael, Work tractors in their work clothes,glad you appreciate them. The 856 is a Farmall diesel,while the 606 and 706 are gassers[ their 806 bigger sister was rehomed to make way for the 856]
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    Rainy Day Women

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    Rainy Day Women

    Thanks, Not really new- just inactive- Anyway, left to right- 5140 FWA[Dads old tractor], 856 FWA, 1086,786[Moms old tractor]706,606,982[Honda repower]