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  1. I'm glad you can be there for your friend
  2. I went to work for a feedlot owner in 1980. He had had a dairy in the past and I asked him if he missed it? He said, "Yes,but it is a good miss". I don't miss milking but I will miss my cows when they are gone. But I am looking forward to not being tied down. I'm sure you will fill your time with your other interests.
  3. Sad to hear. I'm glad it didn't happen when we had a million dollars worth of equipment in there.
  4. When I had my mill I think I was charging $80.00 an hour. I cut a lot on shares for half.
  5. I'll be there Tuesday morning to begin setup. I hope a few show up. We have been away too long.
  6. I would like at RPRU to show the development of hybrid seed and how it ties in with mechanized harvest. I'd like some items for display with the presentation. Drying rack for ears, hand held sheller, germination tester, small grader, cloth seed sacks, signs and paper. Contact me if you can help contribute. This will be an exhibit within the Nine Decades interactive museum.
  7. Call the Huron Chamber. I was told that they were finding some
  8. Great things shaping up. And I have 3 weeks of thresher show in the meantime.
  9. With steel posts I'd think maybe not as far a wood posts. But that's a lot of juice to dissipate depending on the strike. And you never know what instant it is going to strike again or where. My advice is not to touch a fence if you hear thunder.
  10. What I have done is to drill a couple holes big enough for a punch. You can always plug the holes later if you need to.
  11. I don't know Delta. The SHTF may be already started. And people turn into animals rather quickly once they start down that path. This may make covid look like a sunday school picnic yet.
  12. My grandfather cooled milk with spring water. Dad said when he was a boy it was his job to stir the milk to speed the cooling.
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