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  1. Wanted, Cub Men (or women) for special display

    here are the pictures to get your ideas going
  2. Wanted, Cub Men (or women) for special display

    Ok. Let's do this. Randy and I want to put together a Cub Circus where a "trainer" puts a few special Cubs through their paces, climbing ramps, driving through obstacles, hooking and unhooking to implements. We would present a short program, hopefully set to music, in front of a grandstand once or twice daily. Randy has a life size Cubby Bear cutout. I am not sure if I will be there and hope to find someone who would be the circus trainer to hold the attention of the crowd and keep things moving. This could be a lot of fun. I found some pictures of IH doing this with Cub Cadets using the Tiger Cub theme and since we are featuring offsets at Montgomery we can do the same thing using the Bear Cub theme with Cubs. Randy has a roofed pavilion with bleacher seating that should work well.
  3. I want to know more about IH??????????????

    I wanna know how the McCormick milker was developed. I have an idea that it came from New Zealand but have not found the missing link to prove it yet.
  4. Happy Birthday ny bill o

    Happy birthday Bill
  5. A lost trait...

    I notice it alot. If it really bothers me I say, "Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you."
  6. Year-A-Round cab installation manual???

    I have a Year Round on a 656. It should be pretty simple. They only can fit one way!
  7. Your thoughts on tire pressure

    If you want your tires to last keep them inflated to the maximum on the sidewall and add 10% over for high speed or hot weather. The wheel lock up is a brake controller issue.
  8. Grape Harvest 🍇🍇

    It was on the up slope away from the lake, so yes, I'm sure it could be seen. The last time I was on the lake was at Barcelona. The Sea Lion was there but she looked pretty sad. I sailed on the Sea Lion when she was on Chautauqua.
  9. Grape Harvest 🍇🍇

    My dad and I looked at a dairy on the edge of the grape belt near Northeast. It was an older freestall set up with a parlor, some cropland, pasture, and older vineyard. It was rather run down but priced right. I have no idea why we did not buy it. It would be worth millions today.
  10. 86 Hydro

    Has anyone ever tried running heavier oil in a worn hydro with any success? Mine pulls good yet when cold but once the oil warms up it will slip. I'd like to get one more season out of it. I have always run IH Hytran in it and kept it changed along with the filters. I am thinking of using 15-50 motor oil. Would that be too heavy in freezing weather?
  11. Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island Nebraska today

    Did anyone get pictures of the 1460 combine? There were two there. # 1 from southern IL and also a local one leading off in the demos each day.
  12. Texas

    Here is one I would highly recommend. They do not make a lot or noise or toot their own horn but they do a good work.
  13. Albert city Ia tractor show

    I think that is the same 12 that was pulling a shuttle Saturday but they had me on a Massey 44. Not that I am complaining. It was nice to be out in the open and see all the people. Saw several IH friends. And every time I made a loop through the tractors I saw something that I had not seen before. rcb, I bought a turboed 806 a few years ago with the ice cream box cab. It was supposed to be a collector item but I use it all winter on the feed wagon and then bale hay with it so I guess it will be a while before it gets to look pretty and ride around on a trailer. One thing certain, the cab is staying on.
  14. Albert city Ia tractor show

    Oh yes. They were plowing and threshing with steam. Steam on the sawmill, a man from PA hauled his out for that. I took lots of pics yesterday and will post when I get home. There was a 500 Case painted white as the Queen of the Flambeau Fleet. Lots of cool things. There was a building full of Case cars. And a wonderful military vehicle display. Two parades each day. They do an exhibition each day they call Experience the Evolution showing the progress of farming in the last century. Very impressive. The bleachers and field was full of spectators.
  15. Taking dents out of rims

    2 pounds is not a sledge. You probably want a 3 or 4 pound hammer to work the dents and a heavy 8 or 10 pounder for backing where you want to hold your shape. Rims are soft. I never use heat as they bend pretty easy cold. Probably bent by someone who only thought they were a tire repair man.