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  1. JRWite I know that place he still has a couple of old Internationals sitting around. If I remember right one is just a crawler and the other one has a loader on it they looked to be TD9s. I will stop in and talk to him. Thanks Ken
  2. Yes the pump I pulled off is the little gear pump that drives of of the injector pump. The seal was out and fulling the IP housing with diesel. So the electric fuel pump is now supplying the IP with fuel it use to run at a higher RPM. It has slowly been losing RPMs I am starting to think some rust or something may have the inlet of the plunger partially plugged it does have new fuel filters I changed them when the problem first started. I think I am going to go back into the IP and see if I can find a blockage somewhere. Well atleast I am learning this little monster inside and out.
  3. North of 60 I pulled the stock transfer pump off because the seal was bad I mean really really bad it would fill the injector pump case with diesel in about 10 minutes or so. I know this little klacker is not putting out that kind pressure it my be putting out 2 to 5 lbs max. The fuel pressure gauge is in the dash but someone at some time unhooked it and crimped the tubing closed. I adjusted the brakes up tonight now she steers like a dream. I watched a video on here of another td6 pushing dirt and it sounded like it was running at about the same RPM as mine does but it hard to tell from a video. Thanks Ken
  4. Well made some progress this week. I have been soaking the left steering clutch for about 4 months now I filled the housing with used oil and nothing was really happening so I chained the left track to the track frame and slammed the clutch in and out in forward and reverse several times. I know I know that's border line abuse but it freed up and it steers both ways now. I need advice on another problem now Im not getting full throttle I have had the injector pump covers off and pried the rack back and forth the governor works its just not getting full throttle is there maybe something out of adjustment? I have i cheap little clacker electric fuel pump on it could that be the problem? Thanks in advance Ken
  5. Thanks I don't have a book. I think the hole starter thing is way over complicated I spent hours on the internet and I think any delco 30mt with a 12 tooth bendix and three bolt flange would work I am even wondering if the 20mt off of my bobcat skid loader would work. Maybe one of these days when I have more time I will switch them and see. I also think this one would work but not 100% sure. https://www.amazon.com/Parts-Player-Starter-PERKINS-1983-1984/dp/B00TPLT72W/ref=sr_1_67?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1525916681&sr=1-67&keywords=28mt There is also this one http://catalogue.alternatorstarter.com/product/141-127--delco--starter and this one https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/starter-12v-12t-cw-dd-delco-30mt-international-t-6-1963-1970-263.html that I found. Ken
  6. Well we hit two mile stone today. It started with the starter the solenoid still aint working right, but a 12 tooth bendix has the starter usable. I moved the fuel pump back by the tank and I think the fuel problems fixed. I think the governor is still a little slow its working but slow. I took a video of it running it switched right over to diesel this time no starting fluid it cleared it its throat and quit smoking right after I stopped recording. She's not the prettiest girl at the dance but she's running again.
  7. Ok update I took your advice North of 60 I checked the linkage I didn't see anything obvious I adjusted one of the stops. Then I pulled the valve cover and spent about 20 minutes or so going back and forth tapping on the starting valves put everything back together started it up let it run for maybe 30 seconds gave it just a little shot of starting fluid as I made the switch to diesel and she took right off. It was running at about half throttle moving it back and forth holding the left steering lever and riding the break trying to get the left steering clutch to break free when I killed it ( the right clutch works perfect). I also notice the the setument bowl was leaking and I have the fuel pump installed down stream from that so that's probable where the air is getting in. I think I will start moving foreword with this project now. Get the starter fixed find a radiator get the hydraulics going and get it working some. Im sure if I tie the left lever back and use it some the steering clutch will free up. Wish I would have gotten a video of it running. Thanks again everyone. Ken
  8. When I was working the valves free I removed the rockers and spark plugs every valve I freed I could feel the engine building compression as I turned it over so the valves had to be some what sealing at that point right? Ken
  9. That's what has me baffled I have to pull start it (started still not working) and it fires right up on gas and runs great. If I leave the diesel throttle closed it don't even smoke just idles at what I would guess to be about 6oorpms and sound really good. I worked the valves free and made sure they would even turn free then tapped them sevral times with a hammer and they spring closed good maybe I should check the linkage or see if I have an air leak on the electric fuel pump I put on. It will fire on diesel it just won't rev up it acts like its lugging down. How long should I let it worm up on gas? Ken
  10. Well bad news I got all of the valves freed up and working I started it up let it run till I felt heat in the head tried to switch to diesel it just chugged and died just like before. Sadly I have no more time or patience for it. The only conclusion I could come to is it don't have compression enough to run on diesel, so it will be getting hauled in for scrap later this month. I would like to thank everyone for their help. Kenny
  11. Well tonight I got #3 valve freed up #2 is closing but still not moving freely finally got #4 to move. So it shouldn't be to much longer now.
  12. well I used a magnet to remove the caps it worked great. I have 2 of the three valves moving I found that they would move down about 1/4" then I could roll the engine over by hand with the fan and the piston would pop them back up they seem to be moving easier but still not coming up all the way. Still cant get #4 to move I didn't want to get to western with it so I just filled it with oil and I will let it sit a couple days. MCC I used your earplug idea and it worked great. Thanks for all the help on this everyone I think your right North of 60 we are in the home stretch now. Kenny
  13. Can someone tell me what bendex this uses so I can get the starter going? I have been pull starting it with a loader and that's a pain.
  14. Thanks I will give that a try next weekend I mite try shooting some oil in the little hole so it can soke over the week. I wish I could get kroil around here we have it at work but they have it shipped I haven't found it any where around here.
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