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  1. 51 td6 steering?

    You mite try tying the right steering lever back and put it under a heavy pull or better yet push and see if it will brake free. You could even adjust the right side to maximum throw you may get luck and free it up without a tear down. Ken
  2. TD6 head gasket

    Well the rack is stuck looks like I will be tearing in to the pump I found a thread on these pumps. So I do kinda know what to look for and I did get the rack to move but its stiff. So I spent most of the day trying to get the injector lines off. They where rusted in the fitting and trying to twist off on both ends. After a little praying a lot of swearing some penetrating oil and a lot of patients I slowly got them off one by one. so the next time the weather is good and I have the time I will take the pump apart and see if I can free up the plungers. Is there just gaskets that will need replaced? Thanks again Ken
  3. TD6 head gasket

    My dad always said the way you drive a truck with a Detroit in it is you slam your thumb in the door and drive it according to haw you feel.
  4. TD6 head gasket

    Ok I need some more advice. The junk yard dog is running good on gas but the rack is ether suck in the off position or the injector pump is bad. I am not getting anything out of the pumps. The old Cats had an inspection plate you could remove to check the rack I have pulled every inspection cover i could find and all i found was limiters. I have fuel pressure but I don't know how much I am not getting any fuel in the return line so maybe I don't enough fuel pressure. I Need advice. I am really PO about the starter I got it back from the shop I told them the bendex look wrong they said 12 tooth that's what it takes they cleaned it up charged me 100 buck and it still does the same thing. So I took a pic inside the bell housing and you can see the bendex is to small. ERRRRR. Thanks Ken
  5. TD6 head gasket

    Wish I had that truck my dad had one just like that when I was growing up 471 Detroit 5 and a 4. Screaming Jimmy.
  6. TD6 head gasket

    I would think North's right all you would get out of diesel at low compression is smoke the burning gas mite ignite some of it but as soon as you cut the spark it would shut down. That's my opinion on what would happen. If you could think clearly enough to pull it off before it scattered. I probably would have fallen back on the old philosophy when in doubt run in circles and scream and shout. Ken
  7. TD6 head gasket

    Oh and by the way thanks for bringing up the rack sticking. I got thinking about it and it was a rookie mistake trying to switch to diesel without knowing if the rack was free could have had a run away really easy.
  8. TD6 head gasket

    Crawlernut Yes the crimped tubing is where the fuel pressure gauge would be hooked up. I cracked that line and I have fuel pressure there. I need to clarify that I had the fuel on trying to bleed the system should have stated that above. I think you maybe on to something with the stuck injector (injectors) it started with a puff of smoke here and there to a steady puff to just rolling white smoke. But it does sound like the injectors are popping. Or maybe some lifters just started rattling. I have the starter in the shop right now (tired of pull starting it) should have it back tomorrow. So whats the best way to check the injectors? This has been a fun project. I think I am going to need some seals in the injector pump it is putting fuel in the pump case. But I want to know it will run on diesel first. Its running pretty good on gas now. Thanks everyone for all your help you guys are great and this project would not be where it is without you.
  9. TD-18 known as Blaine

    looks like your off to a good start!
  10. TD6 head gasket

    Well I have to ask the 5/16 bolts on the side of the injectors are the bleeders right?
  11. TD6 head gasket

    Ok heres the video
  12. TD6 head gasket

    Ok sorry its taken so long to get back guys. Crawlernut I think Driggs is about 100 miles or so North of me if you take the scenic route through Wyoming. A little farther if tou take the highway. North no fuel gauge. But I was wrong it has fuel pressure while it was running I cracked the bleeder on top of the fuel filter housing and there was pressure there. JamesW I will try to post a pic of the pump. Now I have some more questions. I am going to try to post a video of it running on gas. You can see video its not smoking now shortly after the video I noticed that the bleeders on #3 and#4 was damp it sounded like the injectors was popping and I started to get a lot of white smoke and now its wet stacking really bad. but I'm still not seeing fuel out of the bleeders. So I figured what the **** and I threw the lever in to switch to diesel I got about 4 of 5 puffs of black smoke and it died. I started it back up but ran out of gas. I can't believe that the injectors are popping off with nothing coming out of the open bleeders. I need advice on this one it has me befuddled. It wont let me post the video so I will put it on Youtube and put the link on. Ken
  13. TD6 head gasket

    Well good news and bad news after a few more adjustments it fired up and ran on gas,at least long enough to build some heat in the engine. It quit smoking after it burnt the oil out of the exhaust manifold. But the diesel lift pump is shot. I will try putting a little air pressure in the tank and see if I can push the fuel up and get it bleed out and switched to diesel. I think there is fuel in the injector pump again but i am not sure( I will just keep changing the oil until I get it figured out). I may try putting an electric fuel pump on it to test run it. If it runs good and the steering clutches work I may spend some money on it. I know the left clutch works I used it to steer it when I loaded it. Its slowly coming back to life. Ken
  14. TD6 head gasket

    Crawlernut located in South East Idaho about 30 miles from Wyoming and 30 miles from Utah. North of 60 I wonder if the bendex is wrong one on mine as well I bench tested it when I had it off freeing up the engine the bendex was moving and the starter spun up fine so I didn't load test it but the starter just spins like it's ether not engaging the ring gear at all or it is completely shot. The starter couldn't be spinning backward could it? The ring gear looked good I turned the engine over several times wit a bar so I got a good look at it. I changed the oil in the injector pump and tried to push start the old girl she popped a few time but I had the firing order off. I am sure it will run on the gas side now. I had the bleeder screws backed off and the throttle open on the diesel side it looks like #4 started pumping a little fuel. The injector pump oil looked to have Diesel in it though when I drained it. I think there was diesel in the crank case as well. so any advice is welcome. Thanks again Ken
  15. TD6 head gasket

    I may be talking to you about that carb. I think I have it ready to try and start.The starter is still not working. So I think I will try to push start it tomorrow. I am going to try to add a few pics. Ken