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  1. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Good to know.....how much hp did that produce, stock everything? Wish I had a dyno to play around and see what does what.
  2. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Ya I don’t move that much air with a smaller turbo, pump and at 2650 rpms lol.
  3. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    That’s pretty cool, thanks!! I did some calculations I came up with 507.9 on standard side of things and 14.2 on the metric side. I understand that not all engines actually run this cfm because of wear, location ect. I’d say mine is a little less than those numbers because my cam has 2-3 lobes that are well below spec.... still runs awesome and starts so....
  4. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Ooooh I don’t know that. How can a person find that out? Is there another way to get an approximate number of how much cfm it does pull? I have boost and exhaust pressures but not cfm.
  5. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Yep....don’t need anymore wear and tear than it already does!! How much restriction would a stock 1066+ IH air cleaner with both inner and outer filter restrict, 5-10hp?
  6. 966 injection pump timing

    I knew water cooled the egts down but with water you should raise the timing? How do you know how far to go on timing and with a stock pump with a working intervance? Also when you add that much timing don't putting the fuel on top of the piston have a bad out coming? I know the d407 is a different subject/engine series but putting the fuel on top of the piston in this case essentially blew up that engine and the timing if I remember right was stock unless the pump had something go wrong internally or what because well I'm not a diesel fuel injection specialist lol. Can something like that happen and in turn have that kind of out come?
  7. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    That’s still pretty cool that that’s all it would take to save a turbo. Makes perfect sense.
  8. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Ya I still use this tractor and even then if it was a strictly pulling machine I still wouldn’t butcher up the sheet metal. Thanks
  9. D414 to a D466

    What did the 414 come out of and which one is it? If it came out of a NA tractor it may have no oil squirters to 1 per cylinder. My dads 966 had none and it took melting pistons and a major overhaul to find out and fix. My tractor has 1 per cylinder, had the head off last winter and #1 cylinder has hash marks on one side and non on the other so I’m guessing that the side that has the hash marks has oil going to that side....the way I run it in pulling season it’s only a matter of time! I have heard that the NA cam is a better cam so that should be fine. Check it carefully if you don’t have it apart yet take a dial indicator and check the lift for it’s spec. Oil pump.....depends on what you have, if your going 466 and with a turbo you need the piston coolers, that being said, get the 1-1/4 oil pump from a IH truck, oil psi will hold better hot at an idle. If you do that you need to either modify your balancer for the bigger oil pump or something else.....on my dads tractor we modified the balancer for clearance of the oil pump. But since your not turboing it you will probably be fine with a 1” oil pump but more oil never hurts on this sort of deal. Everything else should be a easy simple swap and work with what you are doing.
  10. 966 injection pump timing

    Just a question here but what would running water have to do with what timing you can run?
  11. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Ya that’s what I thought would happen because under that much boost and still have exhaust still trying to turn the turbine......something has to give. This is just on a farm/farm modified tractor for 8mph open classes so I’m not turning a lot and at stock rpms(2600ish) but I’d rather be safer than sorry.
  12. What to look for on a 5240 Case IH

    Ok thanks!
  13. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    THAT is an awesome idea!!!! Never thought about that area to put a kill! **** a person could probably have enough room there to do a gilotine. I was going to make my own anyway. But this idea dirtboyz07 is an excellent one at that!!!! Well done sir. I’ve always been looking just in front of the turbo and we’ll.....not much room at all for that.
  14. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    I can look, but I’d like to run a air filter of some kind though, and a rain cap wouldn’t work with that. My buddy used that on a 2.6 diesel pulling truck and a 12V magnet worked great but since then he went to a gilotine with a I think 100# 12V magnet, the only problem with using a magnet is the magnet holds the magnetic charge if it’s been on awhile but hey it works and no cable!
  15. Tractor pulling air shut off question

    Lol ya I’m sure I could figure something out but......lots of trial and error, would have to set something up like a test stand.