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  1. Thanks! Also thanks for the Irma's tip. I was eyeing that place yesterday when I drove through Cody. I've been to Grandma's Cafe (about 1/2 mile from Irma's), Bubba's BBQ, and Pat Ohara Brewing Co so far. Good stuff. There is a surprising number of 1960's-1980's IHC Ag Iron still earing it's keep on farms out here. Some older hundred and letter series iron still working too. Also some older JD, AC (and Deutz-Allis), and Case equipment still being used for real work around here. Even saw a bicentennial Case pulling a large disc last month. There's a ranch about a mile from me that has at least three HUGE red/white barns/shops, several pieces of working IHC and CIH ag equipment on the property, and sometimes a lineup of letter series Farmalls parked along the road. Even closer is a nice looking Scout 800 that I have my eye on. Another fellow down the road (at "The Pink House") has an IHC 504 with an IH branded loader as well as some newer IH and CIH ag equipment. Several places have Letter series and F series Farmalls. Most haven't moved in a long time. There's also 5 different Scout II's that I've seen so far (plus now my '71 1210 Travelette, three Scout II's, and '67 Scout 800)....
  2. Thanks for the forward! Yeah that's too much for me to throw right now. Still recovering from moving expenses. The War Dept also found that in our local fb market place. I'm still amazed at how much more cool Old Iron is out here compared to Ca. I need to send you pics of some of the interesting stuff I've spotted. That sure is a nice '67 half ton.
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