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Grew up on a farm in the pacific NW - Idaho side of the Palouse. Farmed with cats for years because of steep ground. First tractor of ANY description was a 1949 vintage TD6, also many, many hours on a TD9 clearing fields and later still, TD 9B farming and plowing snow in winter.

Not enough ground for both father and son to farm so went to college and took a job as broadcast engineer. Still dabbled at farming, ran a small string of cattle and sold firewood using dad's TD 9B until job situation moved me to east coast (Maine).

Frustrated by years of not being able to play with cats finally scrapped enough together to buy 188 acres of Main woods so as to have excuse to own a dozer!  Back in the firewood business now that I can skid trees again. Hooray!

Avatar shows the TD6 I was given. Is a 62 series with Bucyrus-Erie blade. Was a block of rust when I got it. Landlord was in construction biz and bought it from a quarry down the road. Straight pusher blade, undercarriage worn down to nothing, engine pretty tired. Landlord ran it through his paint shop and gave it to his 8-yr old son as birthday present. After that it sat outdoors for about 10 years. I took interest because of my own history with TD6 and asked landlord if I could play with it. My own father came to visit and we got it to run again but steering clutches are both seized. Asked landlord what he wanted for it and gave it to me.

After 10 years finally managed to get the clutches rebuilt and it now steers.  Still have hopes of puttiing in PTO and 3-pt hitch.

Meanwhile, found a TD9B on ebay that was selling for scrap price that had running gear with only 2500 hrs on it. Engine was out of it but came with new short-block. Owner claimed had only been sitting for "a couple of years" so ... really only needed to be put back together and I'd basically have a low-mileage cat with a new engine and how expensive could THAT be? Famous last words, of course.


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