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  1. When my 1086 did the same it was a bad muffler.
  2. I pulled the clutch access plate. No parts laying inside and I can't see the clutch disc center for the throwout bearing. I can hear a change in engine sound when the clutch is released but that may just be the ta dump valve seating. The lube pressure light is not working despite a working bulb. I suspect a broken wire; I did check the lube pressure switch continuity and it opens the circuit shortly after starting so there is lube pressure. I wouldn't be surprised if the sprag is out of the ta as this tractor was fairly ragged when I got it.
  3. Good evening, I've got a closed center 1086 that quit moving in the field. The operator said that he pulled the ta back, hit the brake and she just stopped. No forward motion in any direction regardless of ta position. I pulled her back to the farm with moderate steering response at full throttle but nothing at idle. We tested the MCV at the safety valve (didn't have the right fitting for the lube regulator) at 2400 rpm. TA = 240psi Middle position = 220 DD = 240 Steering to stops = 240 It'll be Monday before I can get a fitting to check lube press
  4. I'm looking for a factory reproduction muffler for a Farmall A, and I can't remember who makes them. I'm not a fan of the Stanley mufflers and I seem to recall a Red Power advertiser that started making them to factory specs. Anybody have a link?
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