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  1. Most grousers are nice Pete and I believe I have some good rollers too. Contact me directly for more info. Steve 315-559-4992 OR steve@sadygerts.com
  2. We have top & bottom rollers for the 9 as well as a nice pair of sprockets. However some of the bottom rolls are spoken for as soon as I can get to getting them off. Call or email for more info. Steve 315-559-4992 OR steve@sadygerts.com
  3. Sorry for the delay Pete. I don't get on here much. I spoke to somebody about these the other day, maybe it was you. Either way those chains are pretty well shot and I don't have anything else in the way of chains right now.
  4. I received your email this morning but for some reason your return email address wasn't included so I couldn't reply. Anyway, I have 4 of these pins available right now. Please email me at steve@sadygerts.com for the pricing.
  5. You are correct. The one piece pin replaces the 2 others. It requires welding a small round boss with a threaded hole in it to the top of the C frame. The hole in the tab fits over the boss to prevent the pin from rotating and a bolt with washer retains the pin. We have those pins available. The boss would have to be fabricated. Steve sadygerts.com 315-559-4992
  6. Just took in another T340 with a very nice Wagner loader, reverser and a winch. Some good undercarriage parts on this one as well. Please contact me directly as I'm not on the forum that often. 315-559-4992 OR steve@sadygerts.com
  7. Sorry for the delay in response. I'm not on the forum much and didn't receive any notifications of these posts. Please contact me directly at 315-559-4992 OR steve@sadygerts.com
  8. We have a TD9 here that we're parting out with some pretty nice U/C. Most of it is the same as the B series with a few exceptions depending on your serial number. Give us a call or shoot an email. 315-559-4992 OR steve@sadygerts.com
  9. Just took in (2) TD5's both with TA and PTO, an early TD9, and a T340 with reverser. All for parts. Some good undercarriage parts among them as well as many other good parts. Call or text us at 315-559-4992 or email steve@sadygerts.com Be sure to check us out on FB for all our latest arrivals for parts. https://www.facebook.com/SalvagedHeavyEquipmentParts/ constructionpartshq.com sadygerts.com
  10. Ok guys. We work closely with undercarriage suppliers and manufacturers and have the opportunity to have undercarriage parts produced for the 500C & E series machines (possibly others). Currently we are negotiating prices on rollers, sprockets and chains. It's looking like rollers will end up being around $132 ea, sprockets $200 ea and chains $850 ea. Wondering how much interest there is in these parts. We are looking to put together as many orders as possible. The more orders, the better the price. We would require a 50% deposit on each order if/when we move forward and the balance would
  11. If you are trying to turn the hollow shaft sticking out of the pump, it isn't supposed to turn. It's fixed to the pump assembly. The pump gears are the only thing inside the pump that turn. The center shaft should turn though. Pay close attention to the pump bushing. Failure there is a common cause of no pressure. The bushing wears and the seal is lost around the converter hub causing a suction leak. www.sadygerts.com www.constructionpartshq.com
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