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  1. Only in Kentucky

    Had an aunt and uncle who would trailer their tobacco to the warehouse with a D-12 Allis from Caneyville, KY all the way to Louisville (7th St. rd warehouse). They'd bundle up and she'd sit on the fender. **** of a trip for 1000 lbs of 'bakker. In November.
  2. Barrett-Jackson Auction

    That's a neat old Scout. My brother has an 800B with a full top that looks similar. DR>EVIL, I think they are showing P-D highlights on the NBCSports channel this year. Only half hour shows, but hits the highlights.
  3. Alabama RPRU Bus Tour from SD

    US78 is now Interstate 22 from Memphis to Birmingham. Lots better than the old 78.
  4. Songs about farming

    Rain on the scarecrow by John Mellencamp.
  5. 77 Sunset Street Hot Rod

    '52 Cadillac.
  6. How bout some good ole Kentucky tobacco

    I've stood in a cold barn in November stripping that Burley until I had tobacco gum a quarter inch thick on my fingers. It never bothered me. Handling it green, it's on a stick, and there isn't as much contact. Like Hydro says, putting it in the barn is a miserable experience.
  7. Solar eclipse

    Try this:
  8. $12K 274 Whew!

    For 10k, I'd just buy 2 or more 140s. At that size, fuel savings ain't that great.
  9. Uncle Bob's Farmall 400 Returns Home

    Lovely! Once a 59 gets in your blood, they stay there. Kinda like your favorite old tractor! Dad bought a white convertible new, then we had a Galaxie 2dr HT, then my Fairlane 500. Had to sell it because I didn't have room. But anyway, back to the old 400...
  10. Uncle Bob's Farmall 400 Returns Home

    Neat story, and a good looking tractor to start with. If you could sneak a pic of the 59 Ford in with the next round, I'd be interested. I had a 59 Fairlane 500 at one time.
  11. So...what is it?

    It's a D-19 diesel. The sides of the hood are much taller than a D-17, due to the turbo. Plus, the size of the rear tires, and the spacing suggest axle mount duals, and the D-19 and D21 was the only ones of the D series that had through axles, as opposed to drop boxes. And I think we can all agree it is not a D-21.
  12. May interest Dirt Boyz (Danny Anderson)

    That would look good in my 674.
  13. Brexit: The Impact on our Red Power Friends from UK?

    By God, that is one of the most profound statements I have ever heard. Thank you. And I will steal it to spread the word.
  14. 1965 Int cabover Transmission ?

    More than likely, the first and reverse gears are straight cut, or spur gears. They do this for strength, and to reduce thrust on the transmission shafts in those gears. 2nd through 5 are most likely helical gears, which are much quieter in operation. read this explaination:
  15. 284 ?

    What are ya askin for it?