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  1. Vintage Ads

    A big powerful looking Cockshutt 1850 with front wheel assist. From the late 1960s. Yes, it was an Oliver.
  2. Pull type combines

    Interesting. And that is from right where the Honeybee headers originated too. I've never seen one on a pull type. Transport would be the biggest issue. My 7721 takes up most of the road even with the 14 foot pickup header in transport.
  3. Pull type combines

    Maybe its just my area but I never saw many 402 combines. I can only remember one. Way more John Deeres of that vintage sold here. Now the newer 914 pull type was a very popular combine.
  4. Vintage Ads

    That video of the Lanz driving the mountain road was really something. You'd want to have good steering and brakes there. I didn't know they went that fast. Here is another imported piece of machinery. The Claas combines.
  5. Vintage Ads

    I just realized that I forgot to include a vintage ad so here is a Massey Harris snow plow ad from 1951.
  6. Vintage Ads

    A remember my dad commenting on watching a new Field Marshall idling at a farm show when they were new. They really bounced and shook at idle. I wanted to hear one of those single cylinder diesels run so found this video on youtube. Impressive pull! That old Lanz kept on ,hardly even slowing down ,right to the end of the course. And here is a Field Marshall.
  7. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    Very nice snow conditions there. I've got a little of that in the bush land but out in the open it is very thin and blown into drifts in the fields. I only saw one snowmobile track on the weekend. First one this winter.
  8. I Don't Understand

    Looks like a steal to me. Just one wheel is worth that much. I've seen it before where people are in such a hurry to clean up the place after somebody dies. Lot of good stuff gets chucked out, burned or scrapped because people don't have the time or patience to deal with it.
  9. Vintage Ads

    Some Minneapolis Moline equipment from about 1965 I think. Even showed a couple of garden tractors. I bet they would be collectible items today.
  10. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    Its been a winter of extreme temperature ranges. Down to -26F again this morning. We hit a high of +8F on Saturday so it was a nice day to cut some firewood out in the shelter of the trees.
  11. Passing of Bill Cockshutt

    Yes, it was a bit of a shock Friday evening when my brother was researching the White pull type rotary combine and somehow the headline came up about Bill. I've got his book as well as the 40 and 50 tractors that my dad bought many years ago.
  12. Vintage Ads

    One cylinder! That must have been a rough running old beast. We had the Field Marshalls here in Canada back in 1952. One cylinder diesel. Started with a shotgun shell.
  13. Vintage Ads

    Would be nice to have an old wooden elevator on the farm. This old catalogue from the 1920s showed one that a farmer could build.
  14. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    I'm hearing we broke a record low temp at Val Marie , Sask. yesterday. Now today we are headed to above normal temps. Just crazy up and down extremes this year. And still very little snow. I haven't heard a snowmobile all winter.
  15. Vintage Ads

    All I know is that the grain cheques have "Viterra" on them when I sell to the elevator that used to be U.G.G. Here is another of their ads from 1951 featuring 2-4D weed killer. The days when chemical weed control was starting to become more popular.
  16. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    Much the same here at -30 or worse. As long as the wind stays down we are ok but they are already talking of wind chill factors in the -40s.
  17. Vintage Ads

    You could be right , I have lost track of all the buying and selling of grain companies. Here is the full line of Cockshutt tractors for 1952. The 30 and 40 sure sold well here in the West. Never saw many of the little 20s but they are worth a lot now as collectibles. Next year, 1953, the big model 50 was introduced.
  18. When AM was all we had

    AM radio is still all I listen to all day and part of the night. WCCO and WLS will drift in some late nights. Certain types of weather will bring in signal from out West. (Alberta). but not often. I'v never found anything worth listening to on FM although I know my tractor, combine, truck have it.
  19. BigBudGuy

    I've only put a few hours on the 2140 but so far I like it pretty well. The platform is not as roomy to get on as the old Massey Super 90 but once I'm on there it is pretty ergonomic and comfortable to drive. The easiest steering of any tractor I've ever been on. The wheel almost moves itself. JD sold quite a few of these Mannheim built tractors here.
  20. BigBudGuy

    The JD 2140 I bought last fall has a foot throttle that seems to work very well. Probably as good as the one on the old 730 Case. Great for front end loader work.
  21. Vintage Ads

    Here is a name some might remember while others have never heard of. I hauled a lot of grain to United Grain Growers in the 80s and 90s until the company was bought up by another bigger one. I've lost track of how many times it changed hands but it is now under the heading of Viterra. Back at the time of this ad, 1950, it was a big deal in Western Canada. Not sure what the crawler tractor is in the ad.
  22. BigBudGuy

    Anson, one thing I know, from experience. A hand clutch is not great for any kind of blade or front end loader work. That little DC4 Case used to have an 8 foot blade on the front when the neighbour owned it and I used it once or twice to push snow. Boy, it was some step backwards from the Cockshutt 40 in convenience. You needed one hand on the steering wheel, another on the hydraulic to lift/lower the blade, another on the shifter and another on the hand clutch. All that activity might have helped keep the driver warm but its sure not convenient handling. Best yet is the 730 Case with foot clutch and foot throttle for blade work. You can throttle down for shifts without using the hand lever, right foot does that. Easier on everything including the driver. I've said it before but I don't know why every tractor was not equipped with a foot throttle. Handiest thing since siced bread.
  23. BigBudGuy

    George, having never driven a W6 I can't say much about it but the hardest clutch pedal I've ever operated was on a Case six speed 930. One of the early Comfort Kings. Great tractor but you don't want to use it on a job that needs a lot of clutching or your knee joint is going to suffer early failure. Some of these 930s were also hand clutch I think right up til they went away from the chain drive. (About 1967). I've got a hand clutch DC4 Case. A neighbour had a similar DC4 with foot clutch. Seems it was optional.
  24. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    You beat to it, my grandmother's expression when any of us kids got to loud mouthed and noisy. And nowadays theres times I'd agree with her. My dad used to say you've got to make hay while the sun shines. Another favourite that sticks in my mind is "Lots of crooked people read the bible". I know theres a bunch of others that don't come to mind at the moment.
  25. Cheap building, 1969

    I guess now you could buy a fairly decent machine shed for the price of a new GMC pickup if it was as fancy as some I see.