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  1. My 7130 has been flashing bars on the exhaust temp and lost the green light for years now. Does not seem to do any harm. Over 8000 hours on it now.
  2. Its turning into one of those days here too. Few spots through the morning but by mid day its actual rain showers. Cold and windy. Saw a couple of guys with driers were going on cereals. Guess they saw the long range forecast. All I did was disking down a patch of chem fallow where it appears I have roundup resistant kochia.
  3. Those Honeybees headers are heavy. I tried to lift a 25 foot years ago with my 1660. No way it would even lift it off the ground at full throttle. Lucky I didn't have to drive far to try it out. Stayed with my old IH header.
  4. Have not noticed any beetles here. I am seeing a lot more kochia and what I think might be cleavers everywhere this year.
  5. Finished swathing canola today. It is not bad considering the hot, dry summer. Naturally I stopped in one of the best parts of the field to take a picture.
  6. I don't think moose damage to crops amount to much. I see more from beavers in the canola. Although with sloughs drying up I think the beaver population will be way down.
  7. started my canola yesterday too. About a day late it seems. Crop not bad. Easy swathing. Smashed a finger replacing a roller bearing yesterday so typing is not great.
  8. Was cutting a bit of hay in the dried up sloughs this morning. Not too inspiring. Lots of Canada Thistle in patches. So I stopped by the best looking canola for a picture on the way home. Lots of pods there but a ways to go before they fill. At 93 degrees right now and no rain forecast will they even fill? Got that kind of half sunlight today from the smoke in the air.
  9. Your corn field reminds me of one I saw yesterday. There are not many here. Looks like they cut the outer rounds for silage and what was left looked pretty tall. I should have taken a picture. Maybe next time.
  10. Thin spots and burned patches show up so much better from above. I took this today on one of my earliest wheat fields. Sure shows up those two plugged runs as well. Not many sloughs left with water in them except the big ones like this.
  11. Got up for some drone pictures and video over the canola field by my driveway today. My canola was seeded a little later than the neighbours so its still blooming pretty good.
  12. We had the same wind here but not dust. A little sideways rain that I'd guess the guage didn't catch. Heard some areas had significant hail with it but none here this time. Crops still look surprisingly green considering how little rain and the heat. Humidity was way up there the last day or so and I saw 90 degrees mid day. Glad the AC was working well in the 2090 as I disked a small patch of summerfallow in the heat. No worries on glyphosate resistant weeds with the disker.
  13. None to spare here either. Sloughs are shrinking and drying up a bit more each passing day. Last weekend's 2 and a quarter inch of rain and hail was a lifesaver for us but it was not widespread and theres been nothing since. Up in the high 80s most of the week but today is a relief in around 70 with cloud and smoke from forest fires keeping it comfortable. Perfect for the canola still blooming but not sure if there is enough moisture in the ground to fill those pods.
  14. Wow, that was thick smoke. I should have taken a picture as I drove home from baling yesterday evening. I'd say about a mile visibility at best. The moon was clearly visible though. Cleared some today. Missed the rain again as it went South of me.
  15. Real heavy smoke rolled in here ysterday afternoon too. Don't know if I"ve ever seen it that thick. About a mile visibility. I thought of sending the drone up to see what level the smoke started but it was either too hot or too dark. I think the smoke is actually helping a bit with the heat and might give the crop a little break. Still quite a bit of flowering on my canola but no telling if they will fall off in the heat we are getting tomorrow.
  16. Nothing short of miraculous how green the crop stays for as little rain as we have had all spring. That 2 and a quarter inches of rain and hail on the weekend helped no doubt. Took this shot of the Brandon spring wheat field beside where I was raking hay this morning. Hay crop is pitiful. Takes a lot of raking to make a swath.
  17. Got out to survey some of the damage from yesterday's hail. Cereals, oats and wheat hardly show any but my canola by the yard took quite a beating with flowers knocked off , broken stems, etc. I've put in a hail insurance claim so see what the adjuster says. The 2 and a quarter inch rain is great though.
  18. I'm amazed how the crops are hanging on here in spite of no major rain and continuing high heat. We were well into the 90s this afternoon when I took this picture of my Brandon spring wheat. Usually the white dead spots start to show up on every high spot in these conditions but most here look good and green. . Its short though. A little over knee high..
  19. Not a drop here. Rains all seem to be southwest and heading southeast lately. Like this morning. Getting well up in the 80s here today so I guess the cool break is over.
  20. Canola and all crops are getting a break the past two days. High temp was in the 60s today and that is a huge change, (about 30 degrees) from a few days ago. No further rain since Sunday morning. It helped but we need more. I shot this video yesterday. Shows my canola is a little behind the neighbours in flowering.
  21. Missed the showers completely yesterday. Think we hit 100 degrees at one point. Cooler today in the low 80s. Just amazes me how green the crop still looks. Grass is drying off turning brown. Lots of blooming canola showing up. Mine is a little behind the neighbours as it was planted a bit later and on summerfallow. Maybe it can hang on til later this week when there is a chance of rain in the forecast again.
  22. Not a drop here yet and we are back to clear , hot and sunny this morning. Western sky looked hopeful last night at sundown as I went out to bale hay. Finished up after midnight as it just wouldn't bale in the heat of the day. Short and thin crop. I heard Rosetown was the hotspot of all Canada yesterday. Starting to see some light patches in the high spots of cereals. I have not taken a close look at the canola fields. Not sure I want to.
  23. Early canola is blooming here and these temps are the worst to have at flowering. Think we might hit triple digits before the day is over. 95F when I came in at noon. Was out on the open tractor raking hay early to beat the heat and it wasn't too bad as the wind was blowing strong. It takes a lot of raking to make a swath this year. Slight chance of showers tonight or tomorrow. We sure need them and a lot more to follow.
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