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  1. Try readjusting the brakes if they start to get where needs adjusted the pedal will jump a couple of inches when using the steering. That is usually when you can tell need adjusted. If you just put in new clutches and brakes will have to adjust a few times till get worn in then usually hold.
  2. Check the torque convertor housing have to use temp gun if seals goes out of convertor or if the drain hose cracks on the inside will block off flow and housing around the convertor fills with oil and will start working like a retarder because of too much oil and pull down on engine and machine will slow way down. When shut off an let set will drain back into trans and run for awhile. When slows down and pulls on engine check trans oil level and see if it is down if so check convertor housing and see if hot --- will not show on trans temp gauge as is on oil coming out to cooler.
  3. There is a fiber gear bolted to the back of the flywheel that drives the convertor and it has broken. You will have to pull the trans to get at it and check the front of the convertor and the pilot hole in flywheel - if has ran much will have hole worn - have to have a sleeve put in flywheel to tighten up play or will break new gear.
  4. You may have lost the drive gear on the flywheel that turns the convertor which drives the hydraulic pumps. Check the trans oil before you start the engine - should be over full as is susposed to be checked with engine running. Start engine and oil level should drop if not you probally lost drive gear will have to pull trans to get at it.
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