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  1. Neat color, never seen a blue department, we were white here through mid-80s and then switched to red. Our VFD held a dance in the late summer (I'm thinking it was in August but its been awhile), with drinks, raffles, etc, probably up until the 90s, then they switched to a steak fry with some sort of live entertainment, drinks, and raffles. Both these events were/are Saturday evenings.
  2. Actually refreshed my memory. I had a blue IH flatbed truck, that I think if I remember right came with the 544, had a string winch set up on the back. Had the IH backhoe too. Pretty sure the 886 was part of a 4 piece set that the box folded out into a barn (boy to have that set NIB today) but I was real young when I got it, so I could be off. We had quite a few different implements too. I remember the Deere 4 row planter being one I really wanted (and did end up getting), and the Deere baler with the kicker (didn't get that one, but did get the IH baler). I don't recall an IH corn planter being available then (late 70s/early 80s), but maybe there was. Youngest brother did get the CIH Cyclo in the later 80s. Dad was a mechanic at our IH dealer too, until they sold out in the late 70s. Those toys were awesome, and I flat wore 1/2 of them out. Still have a few of them and I'd bet some others are still by my Mom's house.
  3. My brother had that 1586. I had the 544, 886 and 3588. Youngest brother got the 7130 and 4994. We (or Santa) skipped the 50 series for some reason.
  4. I always wanted one of those field cultivators when I was a kid, but never got one.
  5. 5088

    782 steeriing

    DT if you go with a different column try to find one from an 1810 or 1811 (the last series of that Cub body type), they were 3 turns lock to lock vs 2 on the older machines. If I remember right the follower was larger diameter too. I also put a bearing at the top of the column on mine (vs the oem nylon bushing). The other thing is I think some of the seals are NLA- specifically the 'D' shaped one that closes the housing against the lever the cam follower is attached too- I reused the stamped metal 'D' and found some packing foam that I could cut out a 'D' shaped seal. Once you get it out and apart you'll see what I'm talking about.
  6. I did see that tractor posted on FB I think a few weeks ago. I was curious how he put it together. Didn't know it was for sale. I've been trying to find a super for a few years. I think I'd like to start with an 1872, they just don't seem to come up around here too often. That and I need to move some of my other stuff 1st, lol.
  7. The last of the Neons ('04-'05) were actually pretty good small cars
  8. Just poking around online it looks like Groseth had issues with IH with his truck franchise too. I wonder how it all shook out in the end.
  9. What transmission is that? Are there any powershift speeds? Or clutch for all changes? I've never seen a Steiger like that.
  10. To be fair, a front wheel drive, 4 cyl Journey is going to be far and away the most reliable version of that vehicle, and it isn't close, but the base Journeys are stripped down rental cars. The 3.6 is an overachiever, but they have issues if not cared for, and some that pop up even with care. The AWD can be trouble at times. Heater cores are a problem on those. I would for sure avoid one with rear heat/ac (same with Durango). Edit: Shoot me any questions you have. I'm a tech at a CDJR dealer.
  11. Gotta be honest, I think IH's later version logo is the cooler looking version. And I felt the 1st CaseIH logo with their emblems side by side was their best version too.
  12. I was thinking that too, the interior looks interesting
  13. I don't know definitively but I'd guess the deck height is the same. In generic terms the extra length in the crank can be compensated for with wristpin location on the piston or different length connecting rods. I'm sure those more familiar with 361/407 can give better info. I thought the two engines were more or less interchangeable so I'd guess the deck height is the same.
  14. $200--250ish. Make sure to get the gear for the trans input shaft too
  15. I've been watching the Olympics most evenings and I was looking forward to them for quite some time. I switch between USA and NBC depending on what event is being broadcast. Watching snowboarding right now and last night I watched these ladies doing tricks on a downhill ski slope- they were good!! I'd kill myself trying to do what some of these athletes can do.
  16. I didn't know that 140s were Farmalls......I always thought they were branded Internationals for some reason.
  17. I've got that Total Technology 1586 ad. I've got to get it framed and hung up. Bad ass.
  18. 5088

    50C refurb

    DT I think it would be worth the effort to get the newer tensioner pivot pin. It's greasable, preventing the tensioner arm from wearing the pin and arm itself, or seizing together. I've also had one seize the spring. You could probably drill yours for a grease fitting. Pic I stole off the www
  19. Pretty sure I have a 7130 from a hauling set that doesn't have the headlights wrap around either side- it's unusual for sure. The 7130 in your hand isn't the earliest variation (it has the front grill extension- note the hoods on FarmallFan's two ebay auctions) but I think it would be '89ish. I've got a bunch of different 71-89 series Magnums and show editions, etc but all are packed up from when I moved. I've got to figure out a nice way to display them all again.
  20. 5088

    50C refurb

    IB65 I think the rebuildable spindles are the way to go, and thinking if your deck was OEM to the 62 or 41 it *should* be the rebuildable type. I got bearings and seals from ebay, and I had to get a center spacer (between the bearings) and 1 spacer the seal rides against from CC. If yours is the rebuildable type you'll need to disassemble to see where the play is. On another thought I had a race spin in one of mine so I had to get a housing. Pretty sure I got that from IHCCW.
  21. I think they were only allowed to use 'International' for 8-10 years after the merger, which is why the machines went from 'Case International' to 'Case IH' branding. Quick edit: I actually preferred the original Case IH emblem with both brands logos combined into one. I don't really care for the current slanted, silver logo.
  22. It's too far for me.....Wife has some recent, pretty serious health concerns, so I can't really be too far away in the event she has issues. If 1 pops up nearby me I'd probably look into it though.
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