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  1. Very cool. I am going to save the pictures for ideas for my own basement bar.
  2. VTfireman were you able to put your hands on the Bosch prior to purchase or no? I have a 10" Menards Masterforce compact slider and I can't get the thing straight to save my life. I've done some trim work with it but the lack of squareness bugs my OCD. I see Bosch has a 10" available, but I have not been able to put my hands on one anywhere. Most everyone I know has a Dewalt slider but the tubes extend far behind. My interest in the Bosch is due to not needing that extra space behind the saw.
  3. Liberty was originally designed to be the 'girls jeep' then because it was too small, got upsized a bit for 'dudes'. Still the 3.7 didn't do it any favors, and the Daimler side of things (before they bailed on the company) really cheapened the 2nd gen Lib out of what should have been a decent product. Still seemed to sell pretty well though. Look at any of the roughly '06-10 DCX stuff. TERRIBLE interiors. Minimal investment. Truly a disappointment to what those products could have been.
  4. TJ heater core actually isn't that bad. I haven't done one in years but I'd guess it could get done in a 1/2 day. A newer JK though, Heaven help you.
  5. Yeah I just logged on and see that is correct. I just used 2015 as an example, it lists 2 front axles (so gotta be Rubi axle, then lower trim axle) and a single '226RBI' rear, which is the 44. I knew the front was smaller because I do a set of the axle seals probably once a week, and the rear diff carriers probably about once every month. My statement on the manual was based on experience at the dealership. Not many out there. Can't even recall the last time I prepped a manual Wrangler, although I did do a stripped down Gladiator a couple months back. It was an order and the only manual Gladiator I've seen. Keep in mind a small percentage of these ever leave asphalt.
  6. Go with the newest JK (really means about '14+) you can afford. The JLs suck. I think the 44 axles vtfireman mentioned are Rubicon only (maybe manuals trans as well? not sure). The lower trim levels (which I think are 30F /35R axles) the rear, if posi equipped, will bust up the spiders and strip the clutches, usually at about 40k+. Radiators leak. Engine oil coolers leak (3.6 issue). Keep up on your oil changes (if not, expect cams/rockers/lifters). We have some plugged heater core complaints. Those didn't really start till the 3.6 went in. That job really sucks. Wranglers leak wind and water. Part of Jeep life. I'd go auto. The manuals are about 1 in 50 these days, and no one wants to work on them. 3.8 had 42rle auto trans (truthfully a derivative of the old minivan 604, but not bad) or 3.6 gets the German NAG. If you jack it up and think you're driving Bigfoot's illegitimate Jeep grandson you'll wreck the torque converter. That job really sucks too. Front and rear axle seals leak. Rear brakes seize up if not maintained. Some lock actuator issues, but not alot by any stretch. Myself I'd like a '17 blue Chief edition, but I'm cheap and won't pay Jeep money for one. Best of luck.
  7. What are the F and B units by the caboose? Looks like a CNW F?
  8. I have a Noco at work like sandhiller shows but I can't recall what model mine is, but it is good and I'd buy another. I also have an older Schumacher in my truck but truthfully IDK if it could jump it anymore. I do use it on my Cadet's here & there. I had another for my wife for her Jeep for emergencies but I can't find it and I believe it was stolen out of it.
  9. What model is the 16 series combine in the one picture? Nice machinery.
  10. Do some reading on Chrysler's multiair engines. We have variable valve timing and variable valve lift (although its a choice of 2 lift profiles) on some models too.
  11. What is 'International Harvester- Photographic History' and 'International Harvester- Experimental and Prototype Tractors'? I don't think I've seen either of those.
  12. We have catalytic converter recalls at Chrysler because vehicles can't pass emissions about every 5 years. What else is new?
  13. 15-20 years ago I helped some friends out with a large Kinze on tracks. We pulled it with dualled up 9230-9330-STX275 (through the years) and I don't recall any of those tractors getting pushed around by it. Not sure how those little Steigers compare weight wise to a mx240. Most of their ground was flat but they did have a creek we had to descend into and then incline back up out of it....loaded.
  14. I think you get the win for the year Nice find!
  15. Neat color, never seen a blue department, we were white here through mid-80s and then switched to red. Our VFD held a dance in the late summer (I'm thinking it was in August but its been awhile), with drinks, raffles, etc, probably up until the 90s, then they switched to a steak fry with some sort of live entertainment, drinks, and raffles. Both these events were/are Saturday evenings.
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