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  1. Don't know your budget but I would highly recommend Witte Maxxpros. I think you can get them online from Home Depot or KC Tool.
  2. 5088


    Replacement engines were painted black.
  3. This Playing games with the stats to fit the narrative. I will say that Corona DID tear through 8 of my inlaws up in Kenosha & Racine County. Sick anywhere from 2 to 5.5 weeks. 2 hospitalizations, 1 was for 2 weeks. A friend's Father passed from it. I'll be very interested to see what actually happens up in Wisco the next 2-3 weeks.
  4. I've had mixed results. Last weekend I answered a C-list ad for a nice Cub Cadet I'd be interested in. Only 5 miles away. I took my trailer, had cash (their asking price, btw), and went and looked. Drove it around, seemed ok. I asked where the hanger was for the deck. He's like it just attaches underneath (with a blank IDK expression) I'm like, no, that's a really important piece I'm going to need. He couldn't find it.....took off to a back shed.....I'm standing there with his Mom & Sister, waiting, and ask, 'is there a shed in back?' Mom said yes and walked back, so I went with her. Mind you she didn't ask or tell me to stay up by the house where we were. We get to the shed and the guy freaks out on me- not wanting people in back- Mom is like 'he just came back here on his own', I'm like huh? I'll wait outside, I walked away from the building, while he is still rummaging through stuff. After a minute or so, I'm like F- this, and go back up and get in my truck and leave. The Sister saw my trailer (which wasn't visible to them where I had parked), as I left. Low and behold 2 minutes later, they are calling me, they have the hanger. I'm like, no thanks, not interested. Just on principle. I was going to buy it, but the **** with them. It's still for sale.
  5. I was laid off for 2 weeks. I'm making $50/wk more than unemployment was...IF I can get to 40 hrs. My breakeven is 38, less than that, unemployment was better. Without risking illness. Last 4 weeks I had a 35, 40, 40, and 40 this week. But it was scratching HARD for those hours. I'm all but positive we'll be having layoffs in June so my numbers should come up a little bit, but at the expense of some coworkers.
  6. Our Sales Department has been crazy busy. We'll run out of Grand Cherokees in a week or so. Rams are getting in short supply too. We got a shipment of 2 door Wranglers today, maybe 4. A few Pacificas and Renegades left. I think there is still plenty of Cherokees. A few Chargers and Challengers and maybe 1 300 still around. I don't know if everybody is balling out with their stimulus check or unemployment is that good (which right now it is) but people are spending.
  7. Original poster's location is Racine.
  8. 5088

    Corona virus

    I haven't been keeping up on this thread daily but my Wife's 91yo Grandfather is hospitalized with it in Wisconsin, confirmed today. He had been staying with Wife's Aunt & Uncle....they are showing symptoms and getting tested tomorrow. My In laws have also been exposed but not showing symptoms yet. I got laid off last Friday due to C19 but word is they discussed bringing me back in today so I don't think it'll be too long.
  9. Pretty sure I've read elsewhere that the next series of tractors were FAF.
  10. 5088

    Corona virus

    Illinois announced shelter-in-place this afternoon, starting tomorrow night. I'm in auto repair and state considers it an essential service. Working through it but not crazy about it. Shop has been slow as it is, can't imagine what it'll be this coming week.
  11. 5088

    Corona virus

    Didn't California announce a statewide lockdown about an hour ago?
  12. 5088

    Corona virus

    Gotcha, I use that cell provider
  13. 5088

    Corona virus

    Who do you work for? Rumors of Illinois going on lockdown in the next few days. I work in service at a car dealer and we're trying to figure out if it is considered an 'essential' service. Transportation is on the list. Service dept has been dead slow last few days. Personally I'd prefer to stay at home for a few weeks and not get sick but I'm thinking I'll be working through it.
  14. 5088

    Corona virus

    No, but the hospital my brother works at had 4 positives yesterday and 12 waiting for results.
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