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  1. That EFI kit highlighted says it uses off the shelf parts. The part that scares me is the reman ECM. Haven't had good luck with reman electronics on pretty much anything in my life. Still my preference would be an EFI swap if you have the skills and can afford it.
  2. I wanna hang out in your vault. Few of those I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing.
  3. 5088

    ZTR mowers

    60" Cub Cadet Pro Z here. Good machine. 2nd choice was probably a Scag.
  4. Just use coolant that's compatible with what you have in your tractor now. And yes, if you mix the types up, they will gel. It sounds like your Parts Men are giving you compatible coolant.
  5. Inquiring minds would love to hear details about a new shop....
  6. 5088

    shop rates

    $170 Chrysler dealer I work at, ne IL. Chevy dealer a few miles north is even more
  7. My cousins bought an M with a Chrysler 318 in the mid 80s. I don't know if they still have it or not. Edit: it may have been a 383. Its been many years since I've seen it.
  8. Wouldn't it take longer than 3-4 years to develop and market a 4wd with a new frame design? We're talking 1985-6ish to the 60 series being introduced in 1989? I have no experience with manufacturing or engineering. I realize the cab is more of an update, the engines and trannys are carryover (or a drop in of the Cummins in the 8960). I don't know what they used for axles, but I'm assuming the front axle on a 60 series is a new design, given the 30-40-50s had a pivoting axle? It would be interesting to talk to a Deere engineer about the development of the 60 series. Thinking further, I went to the Farm Progress Show in fall of 1988, and I'm pretty positive they were demoing 60 series and not 50 series 4x4s. And I think the Versatiles were a mix of red/yellow/black and blue/black. I've got pictures socked away somewhere that I took that day.
  9. dale what is the difference between an 8630, 40, and 50 series engine? I always heard about the 50 series repower but what does it actually entail?
  10. No, and if its unplugged I think you'll end up getting an open circuit and/or loss of comm dtc and it will still prevent the remote start. I'm thinking in that case too the PCM will want to max your cooling fan because it won't know what's going on and think the shutters could be stuck closed.
  11. Good question, and I can't recall. I think I would install it, clear the dtc, and start the truck. I'm thinking it'll cycle itself and learn the open/closed positions on its own.
  12. I've heard that it is from putting a hot battery immediately after use onto a charger
  13. Yeah I was just thinking after I posted the remote start idea that so many of them have seized anchors/calipers/collapsed hoses etc and given it's age it's a pretty good possibility.
  14. Should be a NAG trans. Is he remote starting it for 20 minutes everyday? Everyone seems to forget about that runtime. I don't know that any JKs really pulled great mileage but 12 empty does seem low. Quick edit after I posted: Are the rear brakes seized up like 1/2 the other JKs on the road? How about fronts? Its common enough its worth a look.
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