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  1. Trying to add a pic from my phone. Coloring on this is opposite of the pics Jass1660 posted. Pretty sure my Uncle's 1566 came from Nor-Mal but I can't recall if that dealer sticker is on it any more.
  2. Yeah I know it. It was Olson Implement in Antioch, IL, and my Dad was one of the mechanics there in the 60s-70s. Stewart (Olson) sold out around '77 and it became Nor-Mal International but only lasted 2-3 yrs after that. Stewart worked as a salesman for A.A. Anderson in Harvard in the 80s/early 90s. I recall when he passed (I actually heard the tone on my parents fire/rescue radio, not knowing it was him) I was driving, in high school, so it had to be roughly 91-93ish. My Uncle delivered equipment for Olson's in the winter/off season. I do not have any pics or anything from Olsons....I'm sure many of my farm toys came from there, and I have an Olson Implement dealer decal stuck on my toolbox, and some service manuals (we actually had an IH 1566/68 chassis manual, that my Dad had hand written 'Stewart Olson' on the front of it, at Dad's wake a few years back). Aside from that, I don't have anything. If any of your pics have pictures of the dealer service personnel I'd bet my Dad would be in some of them.
  3. You'll need to do your research pricewise and evaluate the condition, but an 806 is a pretty capable tractor. Spent hundreds of hours on them (maybe even 1000s).
  4. I'd be trying to find a nice 806/856 diesel I think. 966 posted above looks like a good option too. I don't like the idea of a loader on a NF (I don't like NF at all to be honest) and I'd be going diesel. And as mentioned above there is alot more iron (and capacity) in the larger frame tractors.
  5. The bushing in the frame isn't serviceable itself is it? I had to cut the shaft out of an 1811 I parted about 6 weeks ago. Could get the shaft to slide maybe 3/4 of an inch.
  6. 5088


    There was one just like that on a farm nearby here. Sold out in the very early '90s. He had a 3088, 986, and either an 826 or 656....can't remember now. Not sure where any of them went. It was well taken care of.
  7. Steve if you could post the diagram, I'd print a copy to hang on to. I went 1811 switch route when I did my swap.
  8. Look for the thread 'Kohler Command 18S' by Ronknee, I think it was on page 3, I posted there and gave a rough outline. The Command isn't hard to do but took me about 2 months (my Dad passed away in the same timeframe so that took some of my time too). I sourced my engine and the exhaust system (1863/4) from a guy semi-local here at the time. I didn't rebuild the engine. The tractor is my tiller/snowthrower/back up mower and has been great since the swap. Really the hardest part was sorting out the wiring.
  9. Really depends on your mechanical skill level and what you have available as an organ donor. I did a Command 18 swap on one of my 782s and I'm happy with it. My other 782 needs an engine and I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do on that one. I think I outlined my Command swap on another thread here a year or two ago.
  10. 5088


    The 986 was the 966 replacement- so that is the comparison, not a 9 to a 10. A bigger engine will produce more torque, all else being the same. Through the years you can kind of see a bump in displacement by hp class- 1206 361; 1256 407; 1066-86 414 (small CID jump but new engine design); 5088 436; 7110 505- Unless you feel the 3688 @ 116 or whatever it was, was the direct decendant(sp?) of the 1206, but it was a 436 too. Thinking more on that though, I'd probably go 806-856-966-986-3688. I remember reading an article when the 7110s came out, comparing the fuel efficiency to the 1086. Evidently the 10 did pretty well at the time, and I don't recall how the 7110 compared with it anymore. Edit: Interesting topic. I always wondered why. Maybe some of the guys at the dealerships at the time know why.
  11. 5088


    No replacement for displacement I have no idea either. Always kind of wondered, but never been around 9s much.
  12. 5088


    Just got back in from my 782/QA42. Says 22 out but feels colder. Snow's pretty light and throwing good. Probably about 6 inches or so.
  13. OK Ruby you get the win. Nice collection. I like some of the signs and banners too.
  14. How many hours is a Cummins good for before overhaul? i'd assume at O/H it would need bored? How far can the block be overbored?
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