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  1. Wonder how that tractor holds up. Some cousins have an old-style (white cab) 4366 but I haven't seen it this spring. It was in decent shape as I recall.
  2. You'll need to do your research pricewise and evaluate the condition, but an 806 is a pretty capable tractor. Spent hundreds of hours on them (maybe even 1000s).
  3. I'd be trying to find a nice 806/856 diesel I think. 966 posted above looks like a good option too. I don't like the idea of a loader on a NF (I don't like NF at all to be honest) and I'd be going diesel. And as mentioned above there is alot more iron (and capacity) in the larger frame tractors.
  4. The bushing in the frame isn't serviceable itself is it? I had to cut the shaft out of an 1811 I parted about 6 weeks ago. Could get the shaft to slide maybe 3/4 of an inch.
  5. 5088


    There was one just like that on a farm nearby here. Sold out in the very early '90s. He had a 3088, 986, and either an 826 or 656....can't remember now. Not sure where any of them went. It was well taken care of.
  6. I'll agree with that.
  7. Can tell from personal experience there is just no way it spreads as easily as they say. Several coworkers should have gotten sick at work (2 or us had it-I think the other guy (our parts guy) is how I got it) but it was only the 2 of us. Just from his job at the shop at least 10-15 more should have caught it.
  8. Curious how this goes. Not vaccinated myself....but had Covid at very end of March/beginning of April (true story-it does suck). Health Dept tells me can't vaccinate for 90 days, which takes me to early July....but Health Dept also tells me I'm immune for the time being. Given I've fought off the actual, live virus, wouldn't that be better than getting a vaccine?
  9. I've stayed in Calumet a few times, and agree it is a nice town. I don't recognize the names of any of the businesses affected but it's been a few years since I've been up there.
  10. What percent of the training did they pay for? I've heard similar stories but never a 10 year commitment.
  11. There is minimal inventory out there, so even if your old truck brings good money (which it will), your new truck will cost you BIG bucks (if you are lucky enough to find one). Best time to buy was early last summer.
  12. 5088

    empty showrooms

    I work at a mid sized Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram dealer about 50 miles north of Chicago. We are limited to 20 new units per month. We typically have a 3-400 vehicle inventory. We're at about 70 now.
  13. Thinking about it for sure. Really enjoyed Union Grove a few years back.
  14. Steve if you could post the diagram, I'd print a copy to hang on to. I went 1811 switch route when I did my swap.
  15. Look for the thread 'Kohler Command 18S' by Ronknee, I think it was on page 3, I posted there and gave a rough outline. The Command isn't hard to do but took me about 2 months (my Dad passed away in the same timeframe so that took some of my time too). I sourced my engine and the exhaust system (1863/4) from a guy semi-local here at the time. I didn't rebuild the engine. The tractor is my tiller/snowthrower/back up mower and has been great since the swap. Really the hardest part was sorting out the wiring.
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