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  1. OK Ruby you get the win. Nice collection. I like some of the signs and banners too.
  2. How many hours is a Cummins good for before overhaul? i'd assume at O/H it would need bored? How far can the block be overbored?
  3. There's some people in the world you wish would just go away. She's one of them.
  4. Is there a current picture available to compare? It would be interesting to see too.
  5. I'm with you AKwelder, I'd love to grab a red 850 TNT or X this year ( I love red sleds, my rev was a red '05) but the expense vs. the amount of use just doesn't add up. I love riding though.
  6. I have 2 800 etecs, (both in TNTs, one XP and one XS) and they have been excellent engines. By far the best running, driving, and performing sleds I've owned, with far and away better fuel and oil economy than my prior sleds (XP 600, Rev 800HO, ZX-MXZ 800, ZX-Formula Z 700). I'd agree with the others recommending an XP with the 800 etec. It's an awesome package.
  7. I'm thinking pass, fix the 6.5. You'll end up buried in it money, effort, and time-wise and the rest of it'll be wore out shortly after, not to mention the problem solving that'll be encountered along the way (such as the overheating mentioned above).
  8. I've ordered 2 of the NFTS tractors every year for about the last 15 years. I think this years tractor looks pretty nice. I've got a pretty good sized 1/64 and 1/16 collection but only buy a handful of toys each year anymore. I buy the NFTS tractors, maybe a couple CIH farm show models, and maybe a couple other pieces I like. Just too expensive.
  9. Those are awesome ratchets, I have all 3 drive sizes. I love the 1/4" but can't find a kit for it. I've got Craftsman & Allen ratchets here at the house. They use the same kits (they were made by same manufacturer) I just bought a handful of kits off ebay so I'd have what I need in the future. At work I have Snap On and Mac. Pretty rare that they need a rebuild.
  10. Nice looking combine. My Uncles' had an early 1660 for about 15 years. Wish I had pics of it. Traded it for a 2166 about 5 years ago.
  11. Can we see more pics of the 1st poster's combine? What model is it? 1680 or 1660?
  12. So is there going to be a Case IH franchise in Harvard again? Or is Johnson's just going to carry on with Kubota? How about Cub Cadet?
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