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    Family, Farming, Letter & hundred series tractors & equipment in particular, and, all things general
    With a fondness for 50-60's I.H. L.P.'s
    Member: I.H.C.C.Chapter #14, Calif.& National I.H. Collectors.
    Member: Edge & TA Branch #8 & 209
    Member: Volunteer Committee World Ag Expo. Tulare, Ca.
    Member: Volunteer Committee Calif.Farm Antique Equipment Show. Tulare, Ca.(C.A.F.E.S.)
    2018 C.A.F.E.S. Show Chairman

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72 year old, life long farmer. Grew up in a dairy family. Started my farming career with cotton,hay,row crops. Currently farming Almond orchards in the central San Joaquin Valley of Calif.

I am restoring the set of I.H.tractors that my Dad had when I was in grade school and high school that I could not wait to come home to after school. They are a 1945 "H", S.M.T.A- L.P. , 1955 f-400, 1958 f-560, 1952 M. M. UTN- L.P. A 1945 L.A. Case L.P. that was my F.I.L's. Also, I.H. #8 little genius 2 bottom,I.H.#39 tumblebug plow,1955 I.H.#34-f21-2pt 2 bottom rollover plow and a # 314 F.H. rollover three bottom plow. A I.H. #642 3 Pt. four bottom Rollover Plow. A #200 Fast Hitch 8 ft. Blade # 100 F.H. balance head hay mower. 1953 wfe, Fast Hitch Super "C". and a # U-F-28 I.H. F.H. Pitman style hay mower. 1955 I.300 "U". The newest a 1966 Farmall 806 L.P.,WFE. restored .   1966 1/2 ton I.H. P.U. 6 cyl. 4 speed on floor,  restored with a I.H. 345 V8.  Also  a white 1966 304 v8 4spd. 1200 3/4 ton on factory propane & flat bed with lift winch that belonged to our late local blacksmith who helped me with keeping my old equipment running when I started farming.

As of 9/12/15 Proud owner of a 1456 Gold, Formally owned & restored by Danny Anderson. MN.

As of 9/3/16 Proud owner of a 1468 Formally owned & restored by Wilson Gatewood . IND.

 As of 9/15/17 Proud owner of a 1206 Narrow front . Formally owned & restored by Rick Van Zante. Iowa.

I really value this forum, the people here are a class act.

Member IHCC Chapter #14 of Calif.& National I.H. collectors.

Member EDGE & TA branches #8 and #209

Member Volunteer Committee of World Ag Expo., Tulare,Ca.

Member Volunteer committee of California Antique Farm Equipment Show, Tulare,Ca (C.A.F.E.S.)

   2018 C.A.F.E.S. Show Chairman