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    Family, Farming, Letter & hundred series tractors & equipment in particular, and, all things general
    With a fondness for 50-60's I.H. L.P.'s
    Member: I.H.C.C.Chapter #14, Calif.& National I.H. Collectors.
    Member: Edge & TA Branch #8 & 209
    Member: Volunteer Committee World Ag Expo. Tulare, Ca.
    Member: Volunteer Committee Calif.Farm Antique Equipment Show. Tulare, Ca.(C.A.F.E.S.)
    2018 C.A.F.E.S. Show Chairman

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  1. IH hyd seat cushions & fender radio

    I hope in time you will make your great I.H. improvements available to public through your own restoration products Company . Tony
  2. retirement- try harder this time

    Congratulations Bill ! Hope you don't have many projects to finish like I did when I retired . Last April 4th I don't miss the everyday grind on ranch, However, I had a shed to build, 20 acres young trees to tend, My old red tractors to finish , Bought a motor Home,. Became Calif Antique show chairman for 18 and I am scoring a "F" in retirement so far. Hope by end of April most of my projects & commitments will be over then I can experience retirement . lol. Don't worry about staying busy because you will .lol. You have put in your time and now its time for you & Linda . Wish you many years of retirement bliss & hope to see you at RPRU's while we can. Best wishes to you & Linda, Tony & Carol
  3. Cheap building, 1969

    Gee, I am in process of finishing my Butler Building 40x85x18 ,three roll ups , insolated , two man doors, Cement slab , Permits , is at 35.29 per sq. ft. Not to mention the dirt , Using Base Rock, work we are doing around it and for easier excess, Then We will start on electricity. Tony
  4. Wanted, Cub Men (or women) for special display

    Guys I think This is going to be a RPRU to be remembered for a long time . The Alabama crew are very creative, energetic, hospital able, The cotton displays are going to be different & interesting. Carol & I plan to drive there, Also , Randy , I have two of my Tulare buddies making plans to go. Mel Monteiro, has his travel plans made and rooms booked, Wayne Mancebo is planning on towing a toy hauler with his Farmall H. Last I talked to him He was wondering about where to camp in his toy hauler. There will be others from Chapter #14 I am sure but: We three Amigo's from Tulare & Fresno are planning on terrorizing Alabama. !lol. Looking forward to future If all goes well My plan is to trailer my 66 Binder to Huron S/D if in fact its in 2020. After all it was at Huron RPRU that I saw a white 66 in the parade and the light came on ,Gee that is the first replica of vehicle I drove to school after receiving my Lic. So I think it fitting to drive mine in the parade. lol. Truly I should stay away from Huron ,Because this truck cost me a fortune , I hold that against Huron . Tony
  5. CAFES show

    I kinda thought the Prairie Gold gave a nice contrast to the I.H. Red. Tony
  6. CAFES show

    Thank You sledgehammer , for posting pic's I still have not rectified my P.C. Well ! I have volunteered for six years at WAE but because I am CAFES chairmen Now I am on inside tract. You can not believe the volunteer work and Staff work into this show. Of course Mel being my fearless leader sucked me into this years ago and next thing I know I am Antique show chairman. I know what he is doing now He has me riding with him teaching me the ropes of being exhibitor space police . Sorry about the off color but I am in charge of having couple spaces of Antique equipment to advertise our show. I asked our buddy Nick Sarafin , Our crazy Italian friend who we almost lost two years ago to heart troubles was in coma for 3months & flat lined twice. But He is back in full force, We asked him to bring a MM for our space . Well! He brought it to wrong gate, Early A.M before I got there, Security stopped him, He gets in P*ssing match with security lady and she won , So he tells Her The H*ll with you Lady Here is the tractor you deal with it. Well, I got there He is gone I take His tractor tried parking in I.H. because that where everything happens right? The kick me out and Take it to our east office display with our poster on it. In mean time I call Nick and tell Him ,Hey security called a tow truck and your tractor is gone !! He goes," good I hope the tow truck took her with him." Finally, I called him back later to tell him where it was because Mel said , "H* ll he's going to have another heart attack !" We work our butts off but we find time to have fun also. BTW that D*m MM died and I had to find all the tricks to get it running again to get it out of CIH. lol. Thank You Slegehammer for sharing our escapades. Be back at tomorrow , Show starts Tuesday , tomorrow will be crazy. Tony
  7. Sometimes it's the little things

    Great story ! Heartwarming find , Must be grandpa saying Hi and keep up the interest in I.H. Take Care, Tony
  8. Are The Lights Still On In California?

    Yes, Don't blame them one bit! Soon this State will be Mexico annex and the land of homeless and released Criminals. I have hope that the pendulum will swing with next election, but if not , California is lost. I live and operate in the Mid Central Valley which has a moniker of Common decency yet , As I age I try to confine myself to areas I know are "Normal" and when I want to get away ,Now with motor home , I leave the State. This State and Agriculture has been great to me all my life but what I see happening with regulations, Money spent, assault on business , total direction toward state control stacked cities with trains , electric cars , etc . I'll leave also if they start infringing on my rural life . I dream of being in Northern Texas , Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene. Must be my old Cotton career calling me. Tony
  9. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Working with my Dad , He would say:" Learn because I am not going to live forever !" My Grandmother always told me : "Don't leave your own counsel for the counsel of others" As My Mother giving me my lunch bag as I ran out to catch the school bus: " Use Your Head"! My Dad as we drove on the overpass to town and in those days homeless were known as bums as they carried their bags on their backs , My Dad would remind me; "If You do not obey your parents and Your teachers and do not do well in school" , "That will be you ! with your mattress on your back" I was about ten years old and that scarred me sh*tless. Tony
  10. IH hyd seat cushions & fender radio

    Brian , I enjoy how you come up with the detail stuff that most skip over. Radio's , and quick hitches , under belly tanks , and more . keep it up, Tony
  11. Touchy subject

    Yeah ! Me Too ! MTO , not the other Me too ! Its the paddling with GT&T Me Too. Tony
  12. CAFES show

    I can send you one if you like. P.M. your address . Tony
  13. Something you don't see everyday

    Same here in Cali. Tony
  14. CAFES show

    Thanks Tony
  15. Splitting stand value

    Find price on current ones being sold ,then go accordingly. Wish I had not already bought a set ! Tony