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  1. I know some others are saying not to trim the seal but I do know when I did mine it had to be trimmed. There was absolutely NO WAY it was going to all fit and in fact Steiner, where I bought my seal, says to trim them and talks about having just the right amount of extra. It's in their video series. Once I did it the way they showed I had it together and no leaks since. That has been three years now.
  2. Farmall666, out of curiosity what would be your reason for dual battery set up? I run singles on my two 706d and do fine but always interested if there is better.
  3. I will send you a picture of what I have tomorrow 

  4. Welcome to the forums. You have a great tractor there. I have two 706D which is similar but different. I'm in Atlanta and have time on my hands. If I make a drive west I will let you know. As for salvage yard there is a place in Pavo Ga called T&H Salvage. Great group of folks there. Be very specific for what parts you need and it's best to make the drive if you need to. They have front weights and brackets for the 06 series. Last group I got was $100 per suitcase weight. As for the pump, they will have a bunch of them and usually useable. Might not need to rebuild yours, just use the one you buy. Last time I was there they had at least a dozen of each 06 series tractor in their yards. Just have to put the time in finding what you need. Prices are really good too. Be careful starting on ether, I've seen a lot of cracked pistons from its use. You have an air leak that is causing you to lose fuel pressure while not running. I would look into that issue before spraying more ether. Best thing you can do is pull start it with another tractor or truck if you can't get it to start on its own. Just my thoughts.
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