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  1. Favorite Truck Ever?

    was that Kelly's Sales & Service painted by Mike Meyer? He is a awesome sign painter from up in Mezeppa.
  2. Firewood

    I have a OWB as well. I store all my wood in smaller grainbins. one for this year and then let the other season and dry for next year. I have about 5 or 6 smaller trailers that I fill and just park next to my stove. Yesterday I went an cut a weeks worth just so I dont have to take any out of the bin. with no snow it is really easy to get to stuff now so take what I can out of the timber still. I enjoy it...for now. I live on 63 acres which is half timber so I have tons of wood to cut up. I spit the biggest chucks then I put the largest I can handle not split in. it is nice having a large door. I just dug a 2nd line to heat my shop. I am hoping to have it done by 1st of dec.
  3. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Tony, would you be able to take a up close pic of the IH sign on your building of the tractor and truck outlines? I want to make one for my shed and if I could get a good pic it would make it much easier. Thanks.
  4. Reviving a 70' 345

    This is perfect. I am in the process of buying 3 Scout II and they all have 345s in them. Thanks for the PDFs
  5. This tractor was my great uncles. Dad was able to buy it about 10 years ago from his step kid for a decent price. Since then it has been in the back of our over stuffed shed. Last year I took the challenge to get it out and redone in order for the parade this year. I had got all I could do by myself by last winter. I was at a gathering in January and I saw a local guy who paints and asked him if I could have my tractor done by the 4th of July. His reply was it would be close due to his schedule. I was able to find some better rear tires and I bought new fronts. He did some minor work to the grill. I put the decals on it Friday night and drove it to my parents the day before the parade. talk about close. It was my first parade that I drove in and it went smooth. The tractor performed wonderfully. Here are pics the day I got it out from the lower shed and the day before the parade in Bellevue, Iowa. Next up is my Grandpas 560 gas. it was one of the last 560s that Roeder Brothers in Bellevue sold.
  6. RPRU pics from today

    im only 200 miles away and cant make it. Wife is in a wedding this weekend. have fun guys.
  7. life in our corner

    what is up with the farmall decals on the Super H? the A, R and M look all wrong. I own a sign shop and am making my own decals for my Super H that is getting painted right now, I know those are not factory, how could anybody let those be put on a tractor? they look ugly.
  8. What are a pair of these worth

    I am in the business of signs and when I was doing some work for the old IH, now massey dealer, he was loading up those exact same things on a trailer that he said a collector in Indiana had bought. He said he was happy to get rid of them but he was also pleased with how much they paid. So cant really tell you how much they are worth but if you find the right person anything can be of some value. Just have to find the right person.
  9. Super M Value

    Wow that is a nice tractor, I agree you stole that. I like that tool box
  10. Not to hijack the chicken lights topic

    They stop in my hometown, Bellevue, Iowa. It is always a huge deal. brings so many people from all over the night that it is there.
  11. Who here "fake" farm's ?

    is there anyway to get the 1086 in the new 2017 PS4? holy crap that is cool.
  12. Who here "fake" farm's ?

    Got it. love it.
  13. Thanks for the reply, do you have an email I can send you a couple pics. Where is Jackson county Iowa, I'm close to council bluffs.

    1. signguy35


      Jackson Co is the furthest east point of iowa.  South of Dubuque.

  14. Who makes decals?

    show me a picture and a size and I will give you a price for me to make one.
  15. Black Stripe 1466 75 model Serial #

    was that the one from Bernard? I saw it earlier this year at our county fair. He did a good job.