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  1. Thanks. I'll keep them in my mind. /Dennis
  2. It is probably a good idea. It was stated in my engine manual, that early engines have 0.875" diameter, and late models have 1.125". Since I have such a low serial number it could be the older model. On the other hand, it could be a good idea to update with newer rods to accept the bigger pins. But you newer know what you have until the engine are apart. Maybe someone in the past already beefed it up a little. Could you give me some tips where to buy overhaul kit? I know Bates Corporation have kits, and also through Yesterdays Tractors. I think I saw a place called Tractor Joe, who also have kits. But there are probably more places. Thanks for the info. /Dennis
  3. Yes you guys probably have a point here. The SD282 are probably a complete exchange unit, and the other one are replaced as a short block, or just the block. So I guess I have to buy an overhaul kit for the one I have serial number on. What do you guys think about the wrist pin diameter? Several kits that I have found are for 1.125" wrist pin diameter, and not for 0.875". And I don't know yet what my engines have. I believe serial no 1369 are a quite low number, so it is probably an old engine. Or what do you think?? /Dennis
  4. Are the SD282 a replacement engine? This is the one crawler I use, (the yellow one). And the other pictures (dirty engine) are from my spare parts TD-9. The problem is that I can't find any serial at all on that engine. /Dennis
  5. Hi. I have an old TD-9 92, who needs an engine overhaul. I do have a spare parts crawler, from I intended to pull the engine from, and overhaul. But I can't find the engine serial number. I found a pad right beside the water pump, and below where it looks like you could fit a distributor. But can't see any number. On the crawler I use I did find the serial, but not on the spare parts machine. Can it be in some other place on the engine?? Thanks. /Dennis
  6. I bought head studs from ARP for my TD-9 92 with D282 engine. And I have installed them along with a new head gasket from Fel-Pro. What are the recommended torque for ARP studs? I didn't get that info from ARP. Original bolt should be torqued to 115 ft-lbs. But studs have fine threads. You guys who installed studs. What torque did you use?? Thanks. Dennis
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