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  1. I bought head studs from ARP for my TD-9 92 with D282 engine. And I have installed them along with a new head gasket from Fel-Pro. What are the recommended torque for ARP studs? I didn't get that info from ARP. Original bolt should be torqued to 115 ft-lbs. But studs have fine threads. You guys who installed studs. What torque did you use?? Thanks. Dennis
  2. I was recommended a Holset HX40, by a turbo company. They thought it would replace the old T606 very well. Any thoughts? / Dennis
  3. I looked at the Genuine Diesel page, but didn't say much about the turbo specs. I have tried two different setups. One with a K27 turbo, and one smaller from a Mercedes-Benz truck. The smaller one did work ok, but I didn't like the sound. And the bigger K27 didn't work so well, but had a great engine sound. I made adapters between the manifold and turbo for both models. / Dennis
  4. Hi. Can someone recommend a replacement turbo for the old T606 used on the D282 engine?? I have heard and read, that a T04 turbo would be a great replacement. Anyone who have tried? And if you Google or search on ebay for a T04 turbo, you get a ton of different versions. Thanks. / Dennis
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