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  1. Farmall H Needle in a haystack search

    Thanks very much. I've learned with the internet anything is possible. That and in the end it is a fairly small world, people can usually relate to one another fairly well.
  2. Farmall H Needle in a haystack search

    They are fairly confident that the town was "High" Prairie alberta. Not the name of the dealership.
  3. Hey there gentleman, A little bit of a odd post but I'm on the hunt for my familys old Farmall H from our farm. From the information I have it was bought by a gentleman from Alberta in about 1999 or 2000 that owns (or did own) a International farm dealership. The tractor was bought from outside Shellbrook Saskatchewan. My uncle can't remember the exact place it went but "High" something Alberta. He thinks High prairie, but could be High River, High Level. It was a wide front H, had a heavier draw bar off of a WD9, tool box on left side of tractor beside engine. Hydraulic control rod was attached to right side of headlight bracket. Little bit of a needle in a haystack situation but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much Dave Mulhall
  4. Bad Condensor???

    Found the problem. 560Dennis post made me start thinking, so I checked the condenser again. At some point in its lifetime someone put a condenser screw in that was way too long. Not only did it not securely and ground the condenser properly but it was rubbing while spinning on the governor plate. Ended up using a distributor on one of my parts tractors and now runs like it should have since I bought it (4 years ago). Something in hindsight I should have probably checked a long time ago? but who would have thought..?? anyway, just a update! Thanks for the help everyone!
  5. Do you still have your loadstar for sale?
  6. Bad Condensor???

    Thanks for that. One of the first things I checked and forgot to mention, but thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Bad Condensor???

    Hey there guys.. I have a McCormick W-6 with distributor ignition. It runs very good when cold, once its warm (half a lap around the 10 acre field pulling a cultivator) it starts missing and gradually gets worse. It doesn't stall out completely but misses really bad after running that long. I replaced the coil with one I had in the shed, replaced the plugs with new autolites, only thing left would be condenser??? I don't know how a bad condenser would act..?? A few years back I rebuilt the carb, and have had it off about 6 times with no change. When its running I pull the choke to see if it gets better and it just smokes black and stumbles, so I don't think its fuel. Could be coil, but I don't think so. I'm running 12 volt with a ballast resistor (and have tried changing the resistor) As always, thanks in advance for all your advice. Dave M