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  1. Looked at it this afternoon, needs openers, but rest of drills looked good and has end transport attachment. This one had steel press wheels. It's an online auction, ends tomorrow night. It's at 1550 now with an 8% buyers premium. Openers from shoup are 64 a row, about 3k for parts, guess we'll see how it ends tomorrow.
  2. Looking at a set of 2 14' 6200 grain drills at an auction. Says it has heavy springs, will that do no till seeding? Also has grass seed boxes. Looking for something for seeding cover crops and a little small grain, what do you guys guess that these would bring? Thanks, Robert
  3. I use a tank cleaner like incide out or erase at the end of the season and when I switch from corn to beans. It really helps. I have a summers 90 ft pull type that has 2 rinse nozzles at the top of the tank that really spin and cover 95% of the tank. This sprayer has triple nozzle bodies which I use to clean jets in the spring. I put 200 gallons of clean water in the tank then turn on 1 section at a time. Turn the triple body 1/6th of a turn which will stop flow to that nozzle. Unscrew nozzle and remove screen and use the nozzle next to it as a pressure washer to clean nozzle, cap and screen.
  4. I replaced the blower in my 7120 a month ago, after the cab top is off, there is another panel that must be removed to get to the fan, maybe 10- 12 screws and it comes off
  5. I have a 1586 that did that once baling hay. I had to use a tarp strap to keep it engaged. Got it home that night, pulled the valve to find the three steel balls that hold it engaged were rusty/dirty. Replaced them and cleaned it up and never had a problem again.
  6. I dont know, they said it was what they use in the shop, lol. This will work fine, old one barely was seeping, but now it's time while its apart. Only groove is on dust side, oil side good
  7. Do I need to replace rear cover too? Parts man sent it along. There is a groove in crank, anybody have any luck installing a sleeve? I am thinking about driving seal in another 1/8" to miss groove. Any sealer on od of seal? The top 4 cover bolts were loose, but cover looks good, original made in USA, replacement in China, thanks Robert
  8. Got it split this afternoon. Drive plate demolished. Head is about ready to come off for gasket replacement. Is there any tricks to getting exhaust manifold bolts out intact? Or just twist them off and weld/drill out later? Anyone know what thread injectors are? I made a slide hammer adapter for my 5288 with a 5/8" fine thread nut, but these are smaller.
  9. Only had to go 6 miles, lol. That same rig brought home our H50c Hough payloader from 60 miles away too. Till it breaks, go for broke, right?
  10. It would catch when I started it but as soon as you put a load on it, the tach and all power disappears. I split it under the cab to get at mfd clutches once before, an engine split should be much easier. Have a 10k winch that pulled it on trailer using a snatch block. Trailer didnt really want any more
  11. Son was using 7120 and it just stopped moving, lost tach reading and all hyd functions. I know I've read that there are splines/coupler that let's go, but not sure of the details. Where do I need to split and how involved is the repair? What else needs to be addressed while its apart? The head gasket started leaking this spring as well. We were hoping to get by for haying then get in shop, but looks like other way around, lol, thanks, Robert
  12. Thanks, I'll get to it soon, luckily done planting with the tractor and wont need it till fall. Just had my 7120 stop moving and lost tach, some kind of coupler problem?
  13. How do I adjust regulated pressure? And where do I plumb a gauge to do so?
  14. Planted a few beans for a neighbor today, so I did some checking. In the trans view the S and R pressures were near identical at about 1745 kpa, but O pressure was bouncing from 1600 to 2200ish until I put in gear then O stayed at 2542 while S and R stayed around that 1745. Odd or even gears the pressures stayed at above values. Would that erratic O reading followed by a high reading in gear indicate a faulty transducer or other problems? Thanks, Robert
  15. Yes, shift is a little delayed going into odd gears especially when cold. Usually gets better when warmed up. I've used it on planter for last 6 years and has been this way. PO said the same thing. Where can I check pressure? Transducer is sender for trans pressure, where is it located?
  16. So what does that mean? Have never used pto
  17. Got a minute to check tonight, 05021 was the only code, what does that mean? Thanks
  18. If they break around a bolt hole, u could just leave one tooth out and weld shut. What does the rest of the baler look like? One time I hit a small stump under a window in a road ditch and bent some bands and one bar bad. I straightened hands and cut off bent bar near middle bearing support and just left it out, but this was on a 688 with six bars. We put all new bars and bearings in the next winter. New bars had so much paint on I had to wire wheel them down to bare metal to get bearings to slide on. They were a good baler in their day and should work good for a backup. Dad bought the 688 in
  19. Why do you need new bars? We ran 3 NH 851, 852s and broke a few bars, but to get by just welded it back together. Usually broke by the strap that the follower mounted to. Wasn't perfect by any means, but worked until had more time to fix it right. Even had a br7090 that broke 2 bars in one day, I stripped out an old bar chunk out of the 852 bone pile and cut and welded in a 8" piece at follower end, still working 2 years later when I sold it
  20. Thanks, I'll look tomorrow. Will a fault code be external sensors, solenoids, etc,? Or could it be internal problems?
  21. The trans fault came up on the display on my mx200 Friday while planting. Seems to work ok yet, but shifts seemed a little more harsh than before. Was off Saturday for a while but came back soon after start up, the gear symbol is blinking as well, dont remember if it was on Friday. Is there a way for me to check the fault or does it need to be done by a dealer. It's got 4200 hrs now, 3400 when I got it and always has had a slow shift to odd gears when cold. After warmed up it shifts ok, but still not as tight as going into the even gears, thanks Robert
  22. Pic from machine shed roof last January and Mrs and her ewes in the addition
  23. No existing structure here, my carpenter neighbors built the structure and we did doors, insulation, interior steel, wiring and a 12' square office in corner. This is our lambing barn, run a little over 300 ewes. Main barn built in 08, we added 24' lean on north end last year. 60x100 with 24x100 addition. My wife really enjoys it when it's cold in january/February, she loves her babies!
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